Designer Spotlight: Matthias Kreimeyer of Micro Boat Hobby

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Mostly FreeCAD , which is very close to professional CAD systems and has a similar logic. I based my hobby mostly on converting commercial plastic kits. Products and Design 1:200 scale Designer Spotlight FreeCAD RC boats RC Cars scale models

Best Linux distribution for 3D printing?

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For example, using Freecad, you can design your parametric CAD geometry with ease, generate a computation mesh and setup your simulation problem in Salome_Meca in a few minutes. I researched a bit for a best Linux distribution focused on 3d printing and found CAE Linux.

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Designer Portrait: Model Train Designer Kees-Jan van Vessem Builds Incredibly Detailed Scale Model Worlds


Typically, he starts drawing the models in 2D (with Inkscape ) and then transforms them into 3D models by using 3D modeling software like FreeCAD. FreeCAD (the software he is using) is free to use and a great starting point. With 3D printing, you can create entire new worlds.

TRiBOT will give you 3d printing, CNC milling and injection molding in one machine

DIY 3D Printing

Capable of printing multiple plastics at temperatures up to 400 degrees C. pounds) spool of plastic plastic weld rod or printer filament. This means no filling with pelletized plastic in between each part.

Project Snowflake - A 3D printed LED Light sculpture


Then you can fit each LED into the 3D printed modules, if they are a little tight, heat the plastic slightly with a hairdryer - they should click in and stay firmly fitted. * Project Snowflake * This project started Christmas 2015.

3D Printed Drone Parts Made Easy

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This is one of the more common plastic filaments used in general 3D printing. Excellent examples of free options for CAD tools include Blender , FreeCAD , and SketchUp. It’s now possible to 3D print just about anything, including human body pieces.