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It has a relatively lower impact strength (as seen in the bar graph below) but a higher impact resistance than glass. A bullet-proof “glass” is an example of such an application. Acrylic is also lighter than glass, with a density less than half that of glass. The result of that process was the creation of an acrylic sheet, which ended up separating from the glass. Medical : Acrylic has a favorable compatibility with the human tissue.

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Human Body Experience. Used mostly in architecture, these huge 3D printers deposit a concrete combination of glass fiber, recycled material and cement. It is a mixture of plastic and 40-50% recycled wood chips. Glass. Printing Method: Eco-friendly material, glass 3D printing to the point where we are now, is carried out by conventional 3D printing means. Composed of 90% of ground and silicate, glass is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

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These materials called Shape memory materials (SMM) can be efficiently programmed to act in a certain way when they are heated above their glass transition temperature (Tg). The field called 3D Bioprinting uses a bioink, made from human tissues and cells to 3D print the needed organ that will not only be fully functional but also compatible with the human recipient. Scientists believe that 3D bioprinted tumor cells will accurately represent the human conditions.

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