Low cost DIY print platform made from iPad replacement glass

DIY 3D Printing

User cvbrg on Instructables made a detailed guide how to use iPad replacement glass as 3d printer build plate. Simple glass or mirror will degrade and probably brake after time due to thermal stress, so advanced glasses for tablets like "Gorilla glass" could be much better choice.

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G3DP Project: Mediated Matter & MIT Glass Lab Develop Advanced Glass 3D Printer


From plastics to metals to clays, concrete and biological material, researchers are... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d print glass 3d printed glass 3D printing and additive manufacturing g3dp project glass 3d printer glass 3d printing mediated matter mit mit 3d printing neri oxmanWhen it comes to the selection of materials compatible with 3D printing, things seem to really be picking up as of late.

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HP could disrupt 3D printing industry with 3D printed glass

3D Printing Review

The available position, titled “Robotics Scientist for 3D Printing,” includes the following in the job description: “HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other inorganic materials) onto items that are already mass produced.

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Could bulk metallic glass 3D printing be Desktop Metal’s next move?

3D Printing Industry

When heated, these metals behave more like glass or plastic, meaning they have great potential for use in extrusion-based 3D printing methods. John Hart amorphous metals Andrew Roberts BMG BMGs bulk metallic glass bulk metallic glasses Christopher A. A research paper co-authored by researchers at Yale University, MIT and engineers at Massachusetts 3D printer manufacturer Desktop Metal, demonstrates the possibility of 3D printing amorphous metals.

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ASTERID 1100 3d printer by Plastic Scribbler

DIY 3D Printing

In addition to the Smart controller, the heater cartridge and heated bed the Asterid 1100 also upgrades the print surface to borosilicate glass which provides a ultra flat build surface that has a very low thermal expansion coefficient.

Behind the Product: Glass Vase Mold

Shapeways Blog

Tim’s creativity and capacity to bring together 3D printing and glassblowing has proven to be a success and this can be seen in his newest work of 3D printed steel molds used to create hand blown glass vases. Are others in the glass community using 3D printing?

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This is cool — Michael Mueller’s Premium Strong & Flexible 3D printed glasses

Shapeways Blog

Michael recently shared his Premium Strong & Flexible glasses on Facebook, and we are super excited to share his results with you: Look at that sheen! Michael fitted his own lenses into the glasses. You can find out more about Premium Strong & Flexible plastic here.

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Digi-Fab goes to Pilchuck Glass School

Open 3DP

{Pilchuck Glass School}. In Session 3 of the 2015 summer program at Pilchuck Glass School, a new class on Digital Fabrication was offered. Peeking into the lost-pla investment glass kiln to check on the kiln cast glass}. 3D printed hydroperm molds for kiln casting glass}.

Advancing Manufacturing in the Glass City

Design 2 Part News

Take Pilkington Glass in the suburb of Rossford. In the late 19th century Edwin Ford started making glass on this site to take advantage of the area’s abundant sand a nd natural gas reserves. Other glass makers followed, and Toledo was soon known as the Glass City.

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PLA on glass


A while ago Jordan Miller emailed me to say that PLA can be printed on hot glass. I found a piece of glass the same size as HydraRaptor''s bed that was 5mm thick. As you can see ABS does not stick to glass at 140°C. glass heated bed PLA

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Glass 3D Print build surfaces - are not all the same - and a solution for PETG


Glass damage with PET is not fun :-( In this post I investigated some common glass build surfaces - Starting with a little history to see how we ended up using borosilicate glass and why that's not always such a good choice for 3D Printing.

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Polylactic Acid (PLA): The Environment-friendly Plastic

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Glass Transition. One of the major advantages of PLA is its biodegradable nature and the sustainable process by which it is made, making it the environmentally friendly choice of plastic. Under the right circumstances, PLA can break down into its natural elements in less than a month in contrast to the centuries it will take for traditional plastics to decompose. The post Polylactic Acid (PLA): The Environment-friendly Plastic appeared first on 3D Insider. What is PLA?

The future is still plastics; maybe more than ever

3D Perspectives

In the 1967 movie “The Graduate,” the title character got this career advice: just one word…plastics. Plastic keeps evolving, gaining new properties and new uses. Count on finding more plastic in vehicles. The process doesn’t work if the plastic has exploded or broken to bits.

Recycling Plastic for 3D Printing - Why not the default?


In this post I will be looking at Re-filament Refil PET (Recycled plastic for 3D Printing) In a subject I'm very keen to promote, this time we are looking at recycling of plastic into filaments for 3D Printing. I was rather delighted to win a roll of Refil Re-filament PET plastic.

How to make a solar water desalination and purification still from a plastic bottle and 3d printed ring container

DIY 3D Printing

CreatorLes made this interesting project which uses waste plastic bottles and simple 3d printed part to make a solar still that can be used as an cheap water desalinator or purifier. He also presents a method of ppurifyingwater without need for 3d printed parts and three (glass?)

3T RPD Launches Buy-online site for plastic products

Rapid Prototyping News UK

3T RPD, the UK’s leading supplier of 3D printing also known as Additive Manufacturing , has launched a new consumer website allowing customers to order their plastic 3D printing online. buyonline and see your plastic 3D print come to life.

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.-World’s First Success in Development and Formation of Platinum-based Metallic Glass Powder for 3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing

Platinum-based metallic glass powder material (Photo courtesy of Tanaka Holdings Co., This marks the world’s first formation of platinum-based metallic glass using 3D printers. The potential of platinum-based metallic glass.

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3D Printing With Potato Power — Do Potato Based Plastics Work Well As Filament?

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This bioplastic is made in the northwest of Ireland by Biome Plastics and they sell it through the website, 3DomFilaments. It can also be sanded and has a high enough Glass Transition temperature to allow it to be normally sanded and even tumbled in various mediums.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS): A Tough and Diverse Plastic

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Each one of these monomers serve to impart an advantage to ABS: acrylonitrile provides chemical and thermal stability, butadiene increase toughness and impact strength, and styrene gives the plastic a nice and glossy finish. ABS plastics became widely available in the 1950s.

10 Stunning 3D Prints in Polyamide (Nylon Plastic)


Since this nylon plastic comes in 26 different finishes and can be used so universally, we thought it was about time to pay attention to some of its outstanding designs. Polyamide is the all-rounder when it comes to 3D printing materials.

Frame Punk’s 3D Printed Glasses


Our frames are all made from a specific type of polyamide plastics which has a flour-like appearance in a raw state. Still, we wouldn''t sell the glasses printed on our own 3D printer as the quality is not good enough.

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XSTRAND™ a new material for functional prototyping and tooling applications

3D Printing Industry

Owens Corning, a leading supplier of glass fiber for composites, has developed the XSTRAND™ line of fiberglass 3D printer filaments to fulfil manufacturing’s demand for functional […]. Materials 3NTR ABS composite material Electronics FDM FFF fiber glass fiber reinforced plastic Filament functional prototyping GF30-PA6 GF30-PP Owens Corning PA6 PP Raise3d tooling Ultimaker XSTRAND XSTRAND filament Zortrax

Owens Corning fiberglass reinforced 3D printing filament boosts performance

3D Printing Industry

Materials Arnaud Moenne-Loccoz cold test extreme sports Fiberglass GF30-PP glass fiber high performance plastics Nicolas Puget Owens Corning Rossignol skis ULTEM XSTRAND XSTRAND filamentFunctional prototypes are an important application for industrial 3D printing. Materials used in components for aircraft, automotive, electronics or sports – must be reliable and cost effective for product development.

Layer-at-Once Plastic Sintering

Wohlers Talk

Speed Part (Sweden) has developed a process called Selective Mask Sintering that sinters an entire layer of plastic powder at once. The company uses glass-filled nylon powder, an infrared lamp, and masks to produce each layer. Loughborough University (England) is also working on alayer-at-once plastic sintering process. The masks are generated using a Xerox photocopying process and represent the inverse of the cross sections being produced.

New Year New Plastic


It has a relatively high glass transition, 100-114°C, again depending where you read. The general rule of thumb to make plastic weld to itself is that the average of the temperature of the hot part and the cold part has to be higher than the melting point.

Technical Possibilities for Making 3D Printed Engineering Components Based on Reused Polypropylene


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3D printing in engineering Delft University of Technology glass fiber polypropylene PP recycled plastic research paper The New Raw tu delftFrom bacteria and metamaterials to shape-shifting and support-free, the innovative researchers at TU Delft have worked with a wide variety of 3D printing materials over the years. Now, their focus is. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printed Prototypes Demonstrate Smart Windows That Can Keep Your Car Cool in the Sun


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3d print optics 3d print windows 3D printed plastics clear 3d printing filament glass Objet 3D printer plastic 3d printing post processing prototype smart technology smart window Stratasys 3D printer Stratasys Objet30 Pro 3D Printer transparency University of Delaware

A Versatile, Flexible Plastics Process That You May Never…

Design 2 Part News

“A Versatile, Flexible Plastics Process That You May Never Have Heard Of “ By Design-2-Part Magazine. These mandrels can be made in a matter of hours, making them extremely cost effective compared to the tooling required for other plastic processes.

High-Tech Solutions Focus on Fixing Eye Problems in Developing Countries

The Solidworks Blog

SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi tries on a pair of Aldens adjustable glasses designed using SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Plastics. How do the glasses work? SOLIDWORKS eye problems glasses plastics

Onsite User Visit: Reinventing the Prescription Lens

The Solidworks Blog

Nightmare scenario for those who wear contact lenses or glasses: lost contacts/broken frames away from home with no backup. Adlens has taken the centuries-old static lens design and developed it into an adjustable solution with help from SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

Why You Need to Try This Innovative Material

Shapeways Blog

A group of designers experiences HP nylon plastic for the first time. We wouldn’t want that to mean that you miss out on one of our most advanced and interesting materials — one that you have the opportunity to put to innovative new uses: HP nylon plastic.

DIY 3D Printing: Protoprint will produce filament from garbage in.

DIY 3D Printing

Protoprint is a social enterprise based in India that empowers waste pickers with the technology to produce 3D printer filament from waste plastic. Wearable Arduino based display on 3d printed glass. DIY 3D Printing. Manufacturing revolution on your desktop. Pages. My projects.

Isolate the hot end with Kapton and fight plastic leaks


This makes life much easier ;) Regarding burns and better heat insulation, an improvement would be to add pieces of glass fiber or kapton tape wrapped around a thin metallic wire mesh. Simply use kapton on your hot end !


The Solidworks Blog

Though Back to the Future predicted the existence of drones, mobile devices, digital payment, hands-free game consoles, Nike self-lacing sneakers, video communication technology, hoverboards, and video glasses, even Doc and Marty McFly couldn’t anticipate the future of CAD.

DIY 3D Printing: Cost reduction and time saving blow mold.

DIY 3D Printing

Blow molding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow plastic parts, such as bottles and other containers. Click here for more posts in category: cost reduction , industrial , mold , plastic mold , stratasys. Wearable Arduino based display on 3d printed glass.

It’s clear – you can 3D print transparent parts on a desktop FFF machine

3D Printing Industry

A challenging project, due to the inhomogenity of melted plastic, Glick’s experimentation successfully creates focusing lenses, and clear blocks that replicate the effect of etched glass. In a new project from Fenneclabs, self-professed maker Tomer Glick has demonstrated how to make transparent parts on a desktop FFF 3D printer.

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4th of July: Top 10 Countdown of Patriotic 3D Prints!


These 80’s Shade Glasses In Red, White & Blue – Made with ABS material. #7. 3D Inspiration Additive manufacturing 3D model 3D Print 3D Printing additive manufacturing countdown design Mass customization material Materials plastic sculpteo

The Bronze Age Meets the Digital Age in the Art of Tim Belliveau

Shapeways Blog

Glass blowing is an exercise in precision. To make an object, blowers manipulate glass that’s been heated to more than 2,000 degrees fahrenheit, carefully sculpting and shaping it with a blowpipe and torch. For many artists, working with glass is almost like a form of engineering. “We

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Danny van Ryswyk’s Dark Wonderland: Master Artist Shares How He Hand-Paints Polyamide 3D Prints


“White Rabbit” is printed in polyamide , a white plastic with a slight grain to its surface. Danny van Ryswyk cleans the plastic dust from his figure, and thoroughly dries it before painting. When the sculpture is finished I sign it and place it under an antique glass dome.

The Full List of 3D Printing Materials Available at Sculpteo


Here comes the list : Plastics. Charged Plastics. Plastics. When it comes to 3D printing materials, plastic is the most common among consumer-level printers. This is a result of plastics low cost and low melting points, among other things. Charged plastics.

ZMorph 2.0S 12 Toolhead 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

HEATED BUILD PLATFORM hardened glass 5mm, silicone heater 140W, temperatures up to 145 degrees. INTERCHANGEABLE TOOLHEADS plastic 3mm, plastic 1.75, plastic dual head extruder, ceramics, food (chocolate or paste etc.),

China leads the way (maybe) in low cost 3d printed houses

DIY 3D Printing

The company owns 77 national patents of construction materials, such as glass fiber reinforced gypsum and special glass fiber reinforced cement. Using concrete, instead of plastic, WinSun wants to revolutionize the way homes and other structures are built.

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Indestructamendel - Polycarbonate 3D Printing with Prusa Mendel


Don''t confuse Polycarbonate with Acrylic or Plexi-glass, they shatter and crack, Polycarbonate tends to just bend and deform and after much effort will eventually stretch like very hard rubber until it eventually breaks.

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