SOLIDWORKS Technology Day for the Canadian Government

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On Wednesday June 7th , Javelin is joining forces with the SOLIDWORKS Technical Management team to host a special event that is reserved for the Canadian Government sector. Seating is limited and will be reserved for SOLIDWORKS users in the Canadian Government sector. .

Indian Government encourages advanced manufacturing with new plan

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The Indian Government is formulating a plan to improve its manufacturing output from the current level of 16% to 25% of GDP. Business Girish Shankar India Indian government industry 4.0 The project places. National Policy for Advanced Manufacturing Ramesh Abhishek

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Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: A feasibility study of mass customisation governance

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Today we introduce the second study, “A feasibility study of mass customisation governance: regulation, liability, and intellectual property of re-distributed manufacturing in 3D printing”, which is being led by Dr Phoebe Li at the University of Sussex.

New report: Mass customisation governance

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Mass customisation governance: regulation, liability, and intellectual property of re-distributed manufacturing in 3D printing ” describes results of their work undertaken during the 2016 round of 3DP-RDM feasibility studies. We’re pleased to be able to share the final project report from the feasibility study led by Dr Phoebe Li at University of Sussex.

Do We Need a Governing Body?

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3D printing is like putty, constantly morphing and changing to suit the needs of many, but does it need more legislation? As 3D printing has had. 3D Printing 3DP Applications additive manufacturing committee arizona technology council legislation

Queensland Government Drops 3D Printed Gun Bill

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Such regulation is now off the table in Queensland, an official response to the bill from the state’s government.… … The original post Queensland Government Drops 3D Printed Gun Bill appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

UK Government Report Says 3D Printing is a Threat to National Security, and That Should Scare You

The Ministry of Defence is a government department within the UK that takes responsibility for managing the nation’s official defense policy and their various armed forces. However it also has. View the entire article via our website.

Israeli Government & Aerospace Business Consortium Target 3D Printing Titanium Components

A consortium of groups, led by Elbit, Israeli Military Industries, and Orbit, will begin by focusing on exploiting existing printers used to manufacture aerospace parts rather than develop new printers–but the Israeli Ministry of... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed aerospace components 3d printed titanium atid Avi Hasson consortium Elbit israel Israeli Military Industries Israeli Ministry of Economy Orbit titanium

South Korea’s 3D Printing Rokit Gets a Government Boost

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We learned just the other day that Rokit, South Korea’s leading 3D printer manufacturing company, was visited by members of the Korean Government’s Ministry of Strategy & Finance. By Mark Lee and Park Hyeong Yeol.

World Cities Summit Hosts Government Leaders & Innovators Solving City Planning Challenges

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To grow cities more responsibly, sustainably and satisfyingly for residents, government leaders from around the world are coming together to discuss shared challenges, and potential solutions, at the 2016 World Cities Summit. Click to Tweet: Govt Leaders & Innovators Gather at @WCS_16.

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Power management firm Eaton to use 3D printing in US government hydropower project

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As part of their government contract, Eaton is set to manufacture and test new, low-cost integrated hydropower turbines and generator sets, before testing a scaled-down test generator next year. US power management firm Eaton is applying additive manufacturing to generating low-cost hydropower for the Department of Energy.

Chinese Government to Put 3D Printers in All 400,000 Elementary Schools by Next Year

Education is probably one of the areas that will benefit the most from 3D printers in the long run. The problem though is getting the machines into the schools in the first place. With prices... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printers schools 3d printing education 3D printing global market china china 3d printing elementary education kinpo group president obama Simon Shen us vs china xyzprinting

The Department of Defense & Youngstown Business Incubator Weigh In on 3D Printing in the US

As additive manufacturing continues to see increased use around the globe, national strategies for adoption of the technology are becoming a bigger focus for governments seeking to ensure that they. View the entire article via our website.

US Government Proposes ITAR Amendments to Choke off Distribution of 3D Printable Gun Models

Early last month we covered a story which could ultimately have major implications for those living here in the US. Cody Wilson and his company Defense Distributed filed a suit against the US State... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printed Guns 3D Printing 3d printed guns 3d printed weapons cody wilson defense distributed itar itar 3d print itar amendments itar proposals liberator obama president barack obama regulation state department

Voxel8 Chosen by Mitre Corporation to Use Electronics 3D Printer in Government Array Antenna Project

All those thinking about participating in challenges, competitions, and other venues that get startups ‘out there’ should take note of Voxel8 and their recent success. In a nod to the superb benefits of putting... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing 2014 MassChallenge 3d printing electronics electronics 3d printer The Mitre Corporation voxel8 voxel8 electronics printer

Government contributes over $2M to medical 3D printer center in Québec

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The Québec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ) and the CHU Québec-Université Laval network of hospitals has launched a project to open a $2.874 million (USD) medical 3D printing center. Medical & Dental Canada CHU of Québec-Université Laval CRIQ Dominique Anglade François Blais medical 3D printing center Quebec Quebec city Québec Industrial Research Center Québec Research and Innovation Strategy 2012-2022 Québec-Université Laval u

3D Printing Training Among Mandatory Australian Government Courses, Some More Helpful Than Others, for Indigenous Job Seekers

3D Printing Business Education 3d printing australia 3D printing benefits 3d printing sustainably Aboriginal australia Australian government indigenous indigenous communities Project Plastic Fantastic sustainability unemploymentWhile it’s easy to see the many varied benefits of 3D printing in more dense, urban areas, it’s not always as visible in the far-flung, underdeveloped corners of the world. There. View the entire article via our website.

Voxel8 to 3D Print Antenna Arrays for Government Sponsor

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Today, the MITRE Corporation has announced that Voxel8 will be prototyping array antennas for a government sponsor using their flagship electronics printing device. … The original post Voxel8 to 3D Print Antenna Arrays for Government Sponsor appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

Catalonian government to invest €28million in Barcelona Global 3D Printing Hub

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The Catalonian government in Barcelona, Spain, is to invest €28 million (The equivalent of over $30m USD) into a Global 3D Printing Hub at the. Education Accio Barcelona BarcelonaTech Campus Diagonal Besòs Catalan Catalonia Catalonian Institute of Bioengineering Diagonal Besòs Fira de Barcelona Global 3D Printing Hub HP IAAC Ibec industry 4.0 Poblenou Polytechnic University of Catalonia Renishaw Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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New Zealand Professor Granted Government Funding to Develop Synthetic, Bioprinted Wood

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business Science & Technology 3d bioprinting 3d printed cells 3d printed wood bioprinting bioprinting cells government funding new zealand new zealand 3d printing research seed funding sustainability synthetic wood University of Canterbury wood wood 3d printingNew Zealand: a land renowned for sheep, Middle Earth, stunning scenery — and innovation.

Australia: Titanium Medical Implants Cure Patient Ills, But Stress the Wallet as Government Ignores Rebate Issues

While many patients experiencing chronic pain around the world are very open to the idea of using 3D printing technology in medicine—as are their surgeons—some large and powerful entities like. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business Medical 3D Printing 3d printed ribcage 3d printed sternum 3D printed titanium implants anatomics australia B Braun csiro Paul D'Urso University of Salamanca

With In-Q-Tel Funding, Fuel3D to Develop 3D Scanning for US Government

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What the company will use that funding for has not yet been disclosed, but the Harvard spin-out has openly announced a plan to prototype satellite arrays for the government through a separate project. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

think3D Tapped by Provincial Indian Government to Open 3D Printing and Design Facility in Medical Device Park

3D Printing Business Medical 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d design 3d printing and government 3D printing facilities 3d printing facility 3D printing platform AMTZ Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone desktop 3d printing government government funding india investment make in india manufacturing medical device medical devices medical technology metal 3d printers metal 3d printing rapid prototyping reverse engineering think3d

VIRTUAL SINGAPORE: Creating an intelligent 3D model to improve experiences of residents, business and government

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By giving the city-state’s citizens, businesses, government agencies and research community dynamic 3D visualizations of wildly diverse scenarios, it can be used to plan everything from emergency evacuations to a perfect night on the town.

US Military Might: Will 3D Printing Provide the Technological Leg Up?

3D Printing Chuck Hagel Department of Defense DoD government military military 3d printing Reagan National Defense Forum space US army us government US military us navy The military and technology go hand in hand.

UAE Government Plans to Lead in 3D Printing and The Fourth Industrial Revolution Overall

It’s a good thing that Dubai is so over the top, so luxurious, and so full of glamour that we’ll very likely never tire of hearing about the vastly wealthy city state, as well as the plans the UAE. View the entire article via our website.

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Sigma Secures Government Funding to Redesign Aerospace Products Using 3D Printing

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The government program was set up to invest in business that develops innovative technology for the aerospace sector. … The original post Sigma Secures Government Funding to Redesign Aerospace Products Using 3D Printing appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Scott J Grunewald.

Dark Matter – Artist Morehshin Allahyari Tweaks Iranian Government With 3D Printing

Morehshin Allahyari, born and raised in Iran, moved to the United States in 2007, and that move spurred her to begin a virtual, and often critical, examination of her native land. Allahyari says the... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Editorials / Opinions 3d printed art 3d printed sculpture 3d printing politics art Dark Matter In Mere Spaces All Things Are Side By Side Iran Morehshin Allahyari

You Don’t Want to Miss the 2nd Annual AM for Government 2014 Conference

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December 8th to the 10th in Washington DC the 2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government 2014 conference will gather large business leaders, government agencies, entrepreneurs and DoD representatives to discuss the future of additive manufacturing and what it means for US industry.

Learning About Government Contracts:  Autodesk Names Carahsoft as MGR

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a well-known government IT solutions provider, announced that it has been named master government reseller by Autodesk. … The original post Learning About Government Contracts: Autodesk Names Carahsoft as MGR appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Andrew Wheeler.

Plans for UK’s first spaceport welcomed by Reaction Engines

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British aerospace company Reaction Engines is embracing government plans to create the UK's first spaceport. Aerospace BAE Systems British Government Martin Sweeting Orbital Access Reaction Engines Sir Martin Sweeting Spaceflight bill Surrey Satellites UK spaceThe Oxfordshire based company is currently developing engines with the use of.

South Africa’s government invests R17 million in metal 3D printing startup

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South Africa's Industrial Development Corporation is investing R17 million (the equivalent of over $1.2 million USD) in Metal Heart, a startup to make metal 3D printers for. Business 3d metal 3D metal printing 3D printing startup Additive manufacturing Additive Manufacturing Center of Competence additive manufacturing roadmap D.J. de Beer Metal Heart South Africa South African Department of Science and Technology W.B. du Preez

AML Technologies Receives Grant from Australian Government to Commercialize Its Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing Process

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Metal 3D Printing 3d metal printing 3D printing entrepreneurs 3D printing titanium additive manufacturing grant AML Technologies arc welding australia commercialization government funding grant large-scale 3d printing large-scale metal 3d printing metal 3d printing nickel-based 3d print robots startup steel 3d printing tech startup welding Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

Australia Has Big Hopes for a New Metal 3D Printer: LightSpEE3D Coming to CDU Thanks to Government Grant

3D Printers 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d printed automotive parts 3d printing applications in automotive 3d printing australia 3D printing in remote areas 3d printing metal australia Australian government Charles Darwin University government grant grant LightSpEE3D metal 3d printer metal 3d printing SpEE3D

Why Do My Engineers Keep Leaving?

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Written by: Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager Have you been a victim of Engineer “Job Hopping”?

Wamore Streamlines Inspection and Goes Paperless with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

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Customer Stories SOLIDWORKS Inspection Tips & Tricks defense systems government solutions Innovation Inspection inspector gadget mechanical design mechanical engineering parachute SOLIDWORKS sustainability

Australian Researchers Lack Support From Government, Turn to Crowdfunding to Fund 3D Printed Ears

When you consider the industrial uses for 3D printing, the potential is staggering, whether you are examining the ways in which the technology is being used in aerospace, automotive, or a wide range. View the entire article via our website. Featured Stories 3d bioprinting 3d printed ear 3d printed ears 3d printed medical devices 3d printed prosthetics 3d printing australia australia bioprinting crowdfunding FutureHear Hear and Say Centre Pozible Queensland University of Technology