The Best of Tutorial Tuesday: Create Mind-Blowing Designs With Parametric Modeling in Grasshopper

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When you’re ready to step into more complex, even organic-looking parametric design, then it’s time to look at Grasshopper. Grasshopper is a plug-in that comes standard with the powerful 3D modeling software Rhino. Getting Started with Grasshopper.

Tutorial Tuesday 18: Parametric Modeling With Grasshopper

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When you’re ready to step into more complex, even organic-looking parametric design, then it’s time to look at Grasshopper. Grasshopper is a plug-in that comes standard with the powerful 3D modeling software Rhino. Getting Started with Grasshopper.

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FATHOM Introduces Open Source Software Project for Generating 3D Lattice Structures

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3D modeling 3d printed lattice 3D printed lattice structure 3d printed lattice structures aaron porterfield DfAM FATHOM Grasshopper 3D internal structures lattice structure mechanical properties open source powder bed 3d printing RhinoCalifornia-based FATHOM, which expanded its on-site managed services and announced important partnerships with Stratasys and Desktop Metal last year, is introducing a fascinating new open source.

Top 20: Most Popular 3D Modeling & Design Software for 3D Printing (2017 Update)


Creating a printable design is the crucial first step in the 3D printing process – and everyone seems to have a different opinion on which software is the most suitable for getting this job done. So what’s the most popular 3D modeling software for 3D printing? Read on to discover the top 20!

Winners of purmundus 3D design challenge 2017 announced

3D Printing Industry

Design Adam Pajonk Antti Korpi Benjamin Els Clemens Rieth Corinna Ray Covestro Danit Peleg Danit Peleg 3D Dorothea Lang Dorothee Clasen Dynamic Algae FH Münster filaflex Fluid Morphology formnext 2017 Go3D Ltd Grasshopper AFO InFoam Printing Luc Morroni Manuel Opitz Mecuris GmbH Moritz Mungenast Olga Khuraskina Oliver Tessin Sascha Praet Tobias Gutheil TU München Viktoria Blum

How-To // 3D Printing Topography

Studio Fathom

A newly updated plugin for Grasshopper allows users to create high resolution 3D topography of anywhere in the world, based off the most recent NASA scan data (open source, of … Read More. blog 3d printing design Grasshopper How-To Maps nasa Rhino seattle Topography

xPrint System to Offer 3D Printing ToolKit of the Future for Computer Human Interaction Researchers

3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D Software Science & Technology 3d printed art 3d printed art competition 3d printed fashion 3D printed human computer interaction models 3D printing hydrogels 3D printing liquid materials BioLogic grasshopper mit mit media lab MIT’s Tangible Media Group Rhino Tangible Media Group Tangible Media Group of the MIT Media Lab xPrintThe brilliant minds have been working overtime at MIT again, much to our benefit.

3D Printed Virtual Reality Headset Adds Appealing Form to High-Tech Function

3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed virtual reality headset 3d printed vr headset Grasshopper 3D Masaharu Ono Rhinoceros 3D Samsung Gear VH shapeways virtual reality headset for smartphones vr headsetWhen Shapeways designer Masaharu Ono began conceiving of his elaborate, 3D printed virtual reality (VR) headset, chances are that he didn’t find much inspiration on the web. An image search of “VR headset” reveals... View the entire article via our website.

Computational Design Student Creates 3D Printed Spider Joints

3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing australia computational design computational design society digital fabrication grasshopper higher ed mass customization panel system Rhino spider joints student design university university of new south walesNazmul Azim Khan is a second-year student in the Computational Design program at the University of New South Wales.

New 3D Printed Eyewear Collection, Biz Eyes, Uses Eye-Catching Exchangeable Rings

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed eyewear 3d printed frames 3d printed glasses Biz Eyes glasses frames grasshopper Nasim Sehat RhinoHas anyone else noticed that eyeglasses have become the new must-have fashion accessory? It used to be that even a decade ago most people who wore eyeglasses needed them, or worked in industries where... View the entire article via our website.

Designer Spotlight: The Moiré Magic of Lynne MacLachlan

Shapeways Blog

I mostly use Rhino and its algorithmic plugin, Grasshopper. I am so familiar with these now I can work in an uninhibited way and also create my own personalized Grasshopper tools. Products and Design Art Designer Spotlight Grasshopper Jewelry Rhino strong and flexible

Generative 3d modeling for 3d printing workshop by parametric | art at Budapest 3D Printing Days

Algorithmic Art

The workshop will be concerned with the development and optimization of a 3d printed generative sculpture using Rhino and Grasshopper combined with Meshlab, and iterative and or evolutionary methods are to be used for system optimization.

Art 76

2b3d Budapest 3D Printing Days

Algorithmic Art

This conference and expo with workshops was for all the people who are interested in high-tech gadgets, like desktop 3D printers, parametric design, 3D printed unique design objects, additive manufacturing, generative architecture, parametric 3D modeling with Grasshopper and other 3D arts.

Turning a Smart Idea into 3D-Printed Reality: A Simple Keychain That Makes Life Easier


Recently, I’ve been developing a workflow with Grasshopper and Rhino, and have been exploring parametric approaches to 3D modeling.”. Thanks to his skills using Rhino and Grasshopper, Barney slowly turned his smart ideas into a finished 3D model.

Sand 53

A Self-Transforming Lampshade: Welcome to the World of 4D Printing!


This quick yet surprising metamorphosis of the ZooM lampshade was made possible by programmable material and generative design software called Grasshopper. ZooM is a classic 3D printed lampshade: probably a perfect match for your dining room.

Oak & Dust: Eyewear Designed For You


I made my CAD models in Rhino/Grasshopper. 3D Printing Featured Design cork eyewear frames glasses Grasshopper industrial design laser sintered polyamide Rhinoceros Switzerland

Adrian Gögl is the First Nominee for the i.materialise Designer of the Year Award


3D Printing Challenges Event AmniosyA award best champion competition cork designer Designer of the year eyewear frames glasses Grasshopper industrial design jury laser sintered polyamide rank Rhinoceros Switzerland trophy winner What an exciting week!

5axismaker is next generation of desktop manufacturing machines

DIY 3D Printing

The company that is developing it also created open source Grasshopper script that allows programming of this 5-axis machine. I really dig this concept of five axis multi-tool!

University Students Change the Game With Parametric Chess Piece Designs

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At the University of Arts in Braunschweig (HBK), students were tasked with designing a full set of chess pieces using Grasshopper , a Rhino plugin that uses parametric design, in their first-year Digital Crafting class. 3D printing chess pieces is nothing new.

Space Weaver 3d prints ultra lightweight woven structures from carbon and fiberglass

DIY 3D Printing

Space Weaver isa DIY 3d printer that makes woven 3d structures from carbon fiber and fiberglass. The machine is based on hacked Shapeoko CNC and custom design gantry.

Design of the Week: Ivania 2


It’s our understanding that the arm was designed in Rhino3D using the Grasshopper plugin for generating the complex structures, then 3D printed in ABS plastic. This week’s selection is Evan Kuester’s Ivania 2, a prosthetic arm.

Budapest 3D Printing Days exhibitor application and 3d print design contest

Algorithmic Art

In the last 2 years, parametric | art generative 3d print studio and GigamaX 3D Printing Technology have exhibited on the show, and they also did some interesting interactive workshops about open-source 3d printing and parametric design with Grasshopper for 3d printing.

Kate Szabone on Giving Jewelry Customers Creative Freedom

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We were both learning parametric design with Rhino/Grasshopper. Kate working on an algorithm in Grasshopper/Rhino. Designing in Rhino/Grasshopper is just the first step in making the parametric design.

3D Printed VR Headset Will Mesmerize Your Eyes

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He modeled this headset in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. The emergence of technology such as virtual reality, drones, and gadgets have always prompted a new market opportunity for designers to design custom 3D printed accessories and modifications for them.

Day 317 - Vaas Vase


Technical notes, Rhino/Grasshopper flavor: I came across this model while looking for some demo Grasshopper files to use in Rhino , to use in the unlikely event that I have enough free time this summer to learn how to use either of those things.

Turning Mathematics into Colorful 3D-Printed Art


All Francesco’s objects are the result of procedural work: they are all programmed at a very low level, using Python within Blender or Grasshopper and C++ within Rhino. Francesco de Comité is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Lille (France).

Art 60

Tutorial Tuesday 34: Thickening 3D Models With Blender

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Blender is free 3D modeling software that includes capabilities that rival expensive professional modeling programs like Maya, Zbrush, 3ds Max, and Rhino, including subdivision modeling, animation, rendering, character modeling, sculpting, and even visual programming like Grasshopper.

4 Badass Female Designers Using Coding to Create

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Designed flat using our OpenSCAD Pentomizer code , [it was] then curled around an elliptical cylinder with our Grasshopper wrapping code to make a bracelet shape.”

Designer Spotlight: Florian Bendl

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It was since long clear that generative design was what I was interested in, leading me to Grasshopper. This week we are highlighting Florian Bendl, designer behind Math_Art_Nature.

Desirable Facial Prosthetics


Using Rhino 5 and parametric plug-in Grasshopper, we can constantly tweak our models in simple ways to accommodate subtle facial movements. A New Zealand designer has created a way to develop highly personalized 3D printed prosthetic noses.

The routes of the future

3D Perspectives

Lisbon-based designer David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves has developed two electric-assist bikes , the Grasshopper and the Cruiser , for use in Portugal’s hilly capital. The Grasshopper is a foldable electric bike that can be used with a car or with public transportation,” he says.

Tutorial Tuesday 44: Make It Personal With Text Wrapping in Fusion 360 Sheet Metal Tools

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If you want to try wrapping ring text with Rhino and Grasshopper instead, check out our walkthrough Tutorial Tuesday 19: Wrapping a Thing Around Another Thing. Want to design a personalized 3D printed ring for a loved one, but not sure where to start?

Creating a Community of 3D Educators at Construct3D

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Data-Driven Rhino/Grasshopper Workshop with Andres Gonzalez // Photo: Josh Ajima. These days 3D printing and digital fabrication are key elements of college and K-12 curricula. Students “learn through making” while developing crucial 21st-century skills in hardware, software, and 3D design. These efforts are happening at hundreds of institutions around the United States. The thing is, there’s often just one faculty or staff member leading the 3D effort, working alone.

Best 3D Modeling Software for Mac: 3D Printing with Mac OS


Additionally, the well-known Rhino plugin Grasshopper is not available to Mac users for the time being. Not all 3D modeling software is available for every operating system. That’s why we compiled a list of the most popular 3D design programs for Mac users. Read on to discover the top 20!

Remembering a Revolution: Francis Bitonti and Dita’s Gown

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We were using Maya, Rhino, Grasshopper, and a bit of Python for different operations – a cobbled-together workflow that I still use to this day from software that’s not really intended for industrial design.

Optical Illusion: Decoding Two.Parts’ Minimalist Ceramic Lighting Fixtures

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I’ll employ Grasshopper for specific purposes, but I don’t use it to generate core designs. Two.Parts debuted its futuristic minimalist 3D printed ceramic pendant lights last year, and critical acclaim and industry recognition soon followed.

3D Printing for Fashion: Interview with Alexis Walsh

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It took countless hours of YouTube video tutorials, trial and error, and reading online troubleshooting forums before feeling comfortable with Rhino and Grasshopper.