Out of Shape 8: Conquering the Guinea Pig Armor

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Albeit delayed, I closed out the year with an iteration of my latest design challenge: guinea pig armor for my friend over at MiniWarGaming. His name is Donny — the guinea pig that is, not the friend.

Designer Spotlight: Cynthia Breheny – President Guinea Pig & Co.

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Cynthia Breheny’s President Guinea Pig & Co. How did you come up with the shop name President Guinea Pig & Co.? shop on Shapeways is full of whimsical designs which are illustrated not only by super cute product shots but also in the inspiration behind the products.

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Tesseract Design’s 3D Printed Mini-Headphones For Pets: When Guinea Pigs Need to Rock!


Oregon’s Tesseract Design is one of those companies that is obviously confident in their abilities both to encourage and foster tackling challenging projects with their clients, and then go right to the drawing board — or... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed headphones animals commercial headphones oregon pets Tesseract Design

Employee Spotlight: Laura Cominotto (Marketing Manager)

DASI Solutions

So I figured that I could be the “guinea pig” and … Continue reading → Employee Spotlight dasi solutions employee our peopleI had this idea to have a monthly employee spotlight on our blog… but I was worried that people would be hesitant or not know what to say.

Noe Ruiz’s Mini Computer available on Adafruit

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Noe Ruiz’s latest post on the Adafruit electronics shop is the ideal gift for the tech-obsessed guinea pig that has everything: a tiny 3D printable PC that runs old school Mac applications on Raspberry Pi.

Guinea 143

Out of Shape 7: Rodent Armor On-Demand

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After having chatted with the fantastic MiniWarGaming team at NOVA Open, we discussed how ridiculously fun it would be to design 3D printed armor for a guinea pig. What does a girl do without an actual guinea pig to model on? Buy a vegetable with the same proportions as said guinea pig.



We discussed the possibilities of people being able to measure a dimension on their own, how to share the files, and who might be a good group to be the guinea pigs to see if the process helps. A Bit of MBD With My Bite…. How many people work through their lunch?

Announcing the winners from the Shapeways + DJI Take Flight contest!

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Pickup (and drop); waterballoons, packages, balls, confetti, a smaller drone, or give your guinea pig an aerial tour of the neighborhood!”

Robot Miners of the Deep

3D Perspectives

Nautilus was granted a mining lease in 2011 by Papua New Guinea for an area called Solwara 1 in the Bismarck Sea in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. By Catherine Bolgar.

Tesseract Design develops 3D printed headphones for pets


Maybe your guinea pig loves to listen to smooth jazz in the middle of the night? If any of these cases apply to you, then you’ll be interested to learn that the Oregon-based company Tesseract Design has recently developed customed-made 3D printed headphones for dogs and guinea pigs.