Simulating a Cleaner World, From Molecule to Metropolis

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Engineers are using sophisticated models to clean plastic debris from oceans, optimize airflow in smog-filled cities, and make vehicles lighter and more efficient. trillion pieces of plastic, which lies halfway between Hawaii and California, is roughly twice the size of Texas.

The Importance of 3D Design for (Efficient) Manufacturing

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A CAD file is either a digital 2D or 3D model of your product. Aside from these benefits, using CAD makes it possible to simulate the movement of a part through production processes.” ( Vista Industrial ).

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3D CAD Speeds Up Product Development

3D Innovations

Engineers are increasingly using 3D CAD to develop product designs and models, visualizing concepts, exploring new design ideas, and simulating how a design will perform in the real world. So it is not to say that 3D digital design is meant to replace physical prototyping, but it is bringing advantages throughout the design workflow that include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools for virtual simulation/testing, using the same data as for physical prototyping.

The Benefits of 3D CAD to the Design Process

3D Innovations

3D CAD is design software used to develop designs and models for 3D objects. Engineers use this type of software to visualize concepts, explore new design ideas and simulate how a design will perform in the real world. Using the 3D digital design throughout the design workflow has many advantages which include using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for virtual simulation/testing and in conjunction with using the same design data for physical prototyping.

You Could Save Lives by Taking the “Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge”

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The Challenge has attracted a lineup of impressive judges from a wide range of organizations including Hawaii space exploration analog and simulation (Hi-SEAS IV) mission, International Committee of the Red Cross , Refugee Open Ware and 3D Printing House.