Will.i.am calls for ethical stance on 3D-printing human bodies

3D Printing Review

has called for “new morals, new laws and new codes” for 3D printing, a technology he says is evolving so rapidly that we will soon be able to print humans (+ interview). Humans – as great as we are – are pretty irresponsible. Will.i.am

Guide to Unusual 3D Printing Materials


Human Body Experience. It is a mixture of plastic and 40-50% recycled wood chips. Usually used directly in the printing process, wax is a very fragile material that, in principle, has no place as a 3D rendering material because of its extreme fragility. Human Body Experience.

The 3D Printers Are Coming: Dig More Coal?

RPM Tools

They work a lot like the 2D printers that render a PCs words and pictures as images on paper. Thus the original and still common alternative name of additive manufacturing. The machines print head squirts and melts plastic or metal powders not only to specific dimensions and shapes but increasingly specific material compositions. Some of these plastic-printing machines sell for as little as $500, cheaper by far than first generation 2D paper printers.