University of Illinois Engineering Team Win Excavator Cab of the Future 3D Design Contest

A student engineering team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has submitted the winning design for an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional 3D printed excavator cab. View the entire article via our website.

Cells only: UIC scaffold-free 3D bioprinting produces intricate tissues

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Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have developed a scaffold-free 3D bioprinting process. However, according to the study published in Materials Horizons, degradation byproducts within the scaffolds can be toxic as well as interfere with the […].

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Novel 3D printing technique uses magnets to create smart materials for soft robotics and medicine

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New research describes a novel 3D printing technique for the production of smart materials that may find use in soft-robotics and advanced medicine. bodyTop Materials 3D Materials Inc biomimetic devices Chinese University of Hong Kong EnvisionTEC Formlabs Lu Lu Magnetic Field-assisted Projection Stereolithography Ping Guo University of Illinois at Chicago Yayue Pan

Student Engineering Team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Wins Excavator Cab of the Future Design Contest

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MILWAUKEE, WI, June 6, 2016 – The student engineering team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( UIUC ) submitted the winning design for an aesthetic and functional excavator cab that will be 3-D printed and on display at IFPE and CONEXPO-CON/AGG at the Tech Experience in March.

3D Platform introduces open market extrusion tools & training materials for 3D printing

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Illinois-based large-scale 3D printer manufacturer 3D Platform has introduced new extruder technology and materials, developed in partnership with French 3D printing reseller Delta 3D Print and Canadian 3D printer component manufacturer Dyze Design. They were created using an ‘open market approach’ in order to advance the End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) and material options available for […]. Materials 3d platform Delta 3D Print Dyze Design End of Arm Tooling EOAT

3D Printed Sugar Scaffolds Could Have an Impact on Bioprinting and Microfluidics

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Medical 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d bioprinting 3d printed scaffold 3d printed scaffolds bioprinting isomalt sugar sugar 3d printer university of illinois Wolfram ResearchIsomalt is a type of sugar alcohol used to make throat lozenges, but it could do a lot more than soothe sore throats – it could help save lives. One of the most difficult parts of 3D. View the entire article via our website.

ORNL's Project AME, First Fully Functional 3D Printed Excavator, Unveiled at Las Vegas Expo

There’s 3D printed Lego construction equipment…and then there’s Project AME, the first fully functional, full-size 3D printed excavator in the world. We have been following Project. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: February 20, 2018

We’ve got a lot of business news to catch you up on in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with an acquisition and a new agreement. 3D printing software provider Beamler has. View the entire article via our website.

Updating Today’s Workforce: 3D Platform & NIU’s EIGERlab Collaborate on 3D Printing Educational Materials

Students on the precipice of graduating can now look forward to a host of new resources as 3D Platform and Northern Illinois University’s EIGERlab Center for Product Development come together in a. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3D Platform 3d printing curriculum 3d printing education 3D printing skillset 3dp unlimited NIU EIGERlab

ASU Partners with Local Motors to Develop High-Tech 3D Printing Materials For Cars

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3D printed car developer Local Motors is teaming up with Arizona State University to research and develop advanced 3D printing materials. The materials researched could be applied to the future construction and fabrication of 3D printed automotive parts.

ORNL – Adding Strength to Additive Manufacturing Materials

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Developing low-cost materials for 3D printing larger, stronger components for the tooling, aerospace and automotive industries is the aim of a new partnership between Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Illinois-based Polynt Composites USA. By ORNL.

Impossible Objects Now Offers 3D Printed PEEK Polymer Carbon Fiber Composite Parts

This week Illinois-based 3D printing materials sciences company Impossible Objects announced that they have developed a method of using PEEK (polyetheretherketone) with their revolutionary. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Aerospace 3D Printing Business 3d print peek carbon fiber Carbon Fiber PEEK CBAM composite materials composite-based additive manufacturing Impossible Objects PEEK

Live Demonstration of ACES Concrete 3D Printing Technology at CERL to 3D Print Barracks: Part 2

I was recently invited to the US Army’s Engineer Research and Development Center’s (ERDC) Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) in Illinois to see a live demonstration of. View the entire article via our website.

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So, where ever in the world you may be; whether you are working on a finite element analysis, buying new additive manufacturing equipment, picking out support material from a delicate build or designing the next big thing-Thank You! 4D Printing: Multi-Material Shape-Change.

New 3D Printing Method Lets Northwestern Researchers Quickly 3D Print Low-Cost, Customized Lenses

Two years ago, researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois called on 3D printing technology to create a novel lens capable of working with frequencies on the terahertz scale. Now, a team. View the entire article via our website.

Northwestern University Research Group Uses 3D Printing to Create Terahertz Lens

The Illinois-based Northwestern University has utilized 3D printing technology to research a variety of vital applications, from 3D printing fuel cells to 4D printing materials on the nanoscale. Now, View the entire article via our website.

Impossible Objects Presents Model One 3D Printer, Tells Us Their Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing Will Compete with Injection Molding

Today at RAPID + TCT, Illinois-based Impossible Objects is introducing the Model One, its new pilot machine and the latest 3D printer claiming to transform manufacturing as we know it — and. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business A Few Questions For carbon fiber CBAM composite-based additive manufacturing fiberglass Impossible Objects Jabil kevlar Model One ornl PEEK RAPID + TCT RAPID 2017 Ultem

Impossible Objects Secures $2.8 Million for Composites 3D Printing

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As desktop 3D printing begins to evolve, the race to fill the growing materials market has begun to take off, with numerous companies seeking to push new 3D printing filament with qualities that match those possible with traditional manufacturing. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

The Spiderman of 3D Printers Has Arrived

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For his last semester at the Illinois Institute of Technology, undergrad Sebastian Morales brought his A+ game, deciding to divert from the predetermined curriculum and to pursue his own research project. 3D Printers 3D Printing Industry news Materials By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Advanced Ceramics 3D Printing in the Works from HotEnd Works

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3D Printers Industrial Materials North America Production PrototypingBy Davide Sher.

NASA announces Phase 3 winners of 3D printed Habitat Challenge

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In conjunction with the Bradley University of Peroria, Illinois, the Habitat Challenge invites proposals for 3D printed off-world structures that can be made with the kind of materials available on Mars. 3D printed buildings on Mars are a stage closer with NASA’s announcement of the latest results in its 3D Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge.

Print-On-Demand Bone Could Quickly Mend Major Injuries

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These scaffolds, made of both natural and synthetic materials, work like the framing of a building. Or, at least, that’s how it should work—unlike in an autograft, stem cells don’t always turn into the needed bone or cartilage because of the scaffolds’ material makeup.

New Home of Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

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President Obama announced yesterday the selection of an Illinois consortium led by UI Labs, a nonprofit research and development group led by the University of Illinois, to lead the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDI). The DMDI Institute will address the life cycle of digital data interchanged through design, engineering and manufacturing.

The Future of Manufacturing with 3D Printing Event


Troy, Michigan Schaumburg, Illinois Cincinnati, Ohio St Charles, Missouri. World leading Stratasys 3D printing partner Fisher Unitech is excited to announce The Future of Manufacturing Event series highlighting the benefits manufacturing is seeing with the utilization of 3D printing.

3D Printed Antenna Knowledge Base

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No plating or environmentally harmful materials are used in the process. Lewis , the Hans Thurnauer Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and director of the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory at Illinois. “To

Additive Manufacturing Users Group to Install New Board

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AMUG members elected these individuals during the annual conference that was held in Chicago, Illinois. The 2020 AMUG Conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois, from March 22 -26. MILWAUKEE, WISC.,

3D printing upgrades joint replacement

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But new advances in materials, and gains in precision, have led to a resurgence in ankle replacement as an alternative to fusing the joint and severely hampering a patient’s long-term range of motion. San Diego surgeons are using custom guides and models to make their work more precise.

Bioprinting in 3D: Looks Like Candy, Could Regenerate Nerve Cells

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The nanotechnology-inspired material could help regenerate damaged nerves for patients with spinal cord injuries, says Tolou Shokuhfar, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering at Michigan Tech. Graphene is a wonder material,” she says.

3D Printed Injection Mold Seminars Stress Economic Benefits

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The plastic molds are used to test designs in final injected plastic materials prior to mass production using the final metal mold. It will be held on Tuesday, September 27 at Fisher Unitech’s facilities in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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Made in America – Surface Finishes (IL)

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Surface Finishes provides custom design, fabrication and finishing services or will make your parts complete from an engineering drawing.Aurora, Illinois. Surface Finishes has operations in Addison and Aurora, Illinois.

Stratasys Employee Perspectives: Print Optimization Engineer Amy Sissala

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Amy Sissala is a Senior Print Optimization Engineer at Stratasys who is always eager to learn how new machines, processes, and materials work. Amy studied Architectural Engineering at the Illinois Institue of Technology and later received her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue at Hartford. My current job at Stratasys offers a new material, machine or process every few months which is a great fit. .

What’s in a name? Thoughts on Stereolithography terminology

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Re-introducing technical distinctions between these photopolymer processes will ensure better end-user understanding and satisfaction when choosing the process and materials that best serve their needs. Charles, Illinois, a fully owned subsidiary of Shanghai Union Technology Corporation, marked our expansion into North America. By Jim Reitz, General Manager of Union Tech, Inc.

Shapeways EDU Fall 2016 Grant Winners!

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The Shapeways EDU Grant provides $1000 in printing support, awarded twice a year to university-level students and professors whose proposals push the boundaries of 3D printing materials and technology. Robert Hemlich – DePaul University, Illinois. We are pleased to announce the Fall 2016 EDU Grant Winners.

The future is still plastics; maybe more than ever

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Where we are in material sciences is another age in breakthroughs.”. Those high-tech composite materials you hear about are plastic reinforced with carbon fiber to combine the benefits of plastics—light weight—with dramatically increased strength.

Novel 4D Printing Method Blossoms from Botanical Inspiration

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Materials science and mathematics combine to enable the printing of shapeshifting architectures that mimic the natural movements of plants . Clark Professor of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Kat J. McAlpine, Wyss Institute Communications.

3D Platform Set to Unveil the Future of 3D Printing at IMTS 2016

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3D Platform large format additive manufacturing machines will handle material throughput as high as 55kg/hr per gantry. across and 2m in height with nozzle sizes up to +4.5mm, 3D Platform machines increase the throughput of the materials while decreasing the 3D print time for each project.

I Wanna Go Fast - Our 3D Printed Slot Car Race at RAPID