‘The world’s first 3D printed petition’: Life sized elephant to be printed in Amsterdam

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The WAP wants to discourage Dutch people from riding elephants when holidaying in tourist destinations like Indonesia, Nepal, India and Thailand. Van Tubergen, noted Dutch designer, discusses the process: With a regular 3D printer, it takes months to print such a large object.

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3D printing creates a flute which makes beautiful sounds

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You’ve probably already heard examples in the traditional music of southern India, Indonesia and Turkey. The keyboard of a standard piano has 88 white and black keys, each a semitone away from its neighbour. These are the building blocks of pretty much all the music we listen to.

DJI Shipping FAQ and How to Get Free Shipping

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This process is a lot faster than you might think because they expedite it with air travel. Additionally, the huge order quantity tends to slow down the shipping process in general. If you want to get a new product as soon as possible, order it as soon as it is released and use DJI Select to prioritize the shipping process. China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand.

3D Printing: The Verge of the Next Industrial Revolution


Recently a 20-year old student in Indonesia saved General Electric millions in development and manufacturing by designing a crucial aircraft part that was 83% lighter but still met the safety and design criteria found in the aerospace industry.

Jack Meyer Tells us How He Teaches Students to Design and Print Award Winning 3D Printed Metal Jewelry


I then went on to work with my creative director and our factory in Indonesia to develop a better way of communicating designs for manufacturing. (At Which part of your jewelry design process is the most complex or difficult, and how do you handle this difficulty?

SIA Engineering Company and Stratasys to Form Additive Manufacturing Joint Venture

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The 25 ventures with original equipment manufacturers and strategic partners in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, United States and Vietnam increase the depth and breadth of the Company’s service offerings.

Trump hypes jobs relocating back to the US. Are they?

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That includes some types of chemical processing, some types of plastics,” said Paul. “I’ve But by the early 21st century, the writing was on the wall — the factory closed down and production was shifted mostly to China, as well as Vietnam and Indonesia.

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How robots will reshape the U.S. economy

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Robots help companies automate the most mundane and repetitive parts of their processes, freeing skilled workers to focus on more business-critical tasks. By Jim Rock, TechCrunch. Few doubt that our future — both immediate and long term — will be heavily impacted by robots.

Aerospace: Powder-Bed-Based Laser Melting with Metals (LaserCUSING®)

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Koreasat-7 is set to go into orbit in 2017 at position 116º East in order to provide coverage for South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and India. The component validation process also revealed a low porosity rate on the finished component of < 1%. Design to suit the process.