From the Olympics to the Latest Industrial Applications and Automated Mass Production: formnext powered by tct Set to Showcase the Future of Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

This year, visitors will once again flock to formnext powered by tct to be part of a leading think tank in the world’s additive industries.

All About Polyethylene (PE) Plastic

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Polyethylene or “PE” is a thermoplastic that also happens to be the most common plastic. It accounts for roughly 34% of the total plastics market. There are different types of polyethylene that are used in different applications. Low-density polyethylene is used in plastic bags and packaging. Diazomethane was not a preferred material for industrial applications because it was known to be very unstable. Applications of Polyethylene.

Formnext 2019, ROBOZE Innovations are Ready to Revolutionise the Additive Manufacturing World

ROBOZE, an international player that designs and produces the most precise 3D printers in the world for industrial applications, is getting ready to amaze Formnext 2019’s visitors with its. 3D Printing Sponsored Argo 350 destressing heat tresatment heated build high temperature polymers High-Temperature Plastic PAEK PEEK PEI robooze Ultem

Metal 3D Printing Helps Innomia Increase the Production of Auto Parts by 17%

With both safety and weight/fuel efficiency concerns being high priorities for automobile manufacturers, plastic components are being used in modern cars more than ever. Unfortunately plastic. 3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed car parts automotive Czech Republic Direct Metal Laser Sintering DMLS eos EOSINT M 270 industrial applications Innomia Magna metal 3d printing Skoda

Figure 4 Direct Digital Molding – Production Materials


This material has thermo-plastic like mechanical properties and exceptionally long term environmental stability. It test strip necks and then snaps like a proper thermo-plastic, which is the expectation of plastic parts produced using vacuum casting and injection molding.

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3D printed silk PLA material seeks clinical trials in Australia

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As a corn-based and biodegradable plastic, PLA, the material used in almost every desktop 3D printer, has been researched for its potential industrial applications. Research Alan Lau fibroin Hong Kong Polytechnic University pla Professor Alan Lau silk Swinburne Swinburne University of Technology

Introducing Our Latest Metal Material: Copper

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3D printing isn’t all about plastic. While we at Shapeways offer our customers a wide variety of cutting-edge plastics, we have always been committed to providing access to the highest quality and variety of materials, including metals. Copper is a precious metal that can be used in a wide variety of applications due to its unique properties. 3D Printing Industry 3D printed metal copper materials

Terminology: 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing?

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That is, they create a part from an additive process rather than a subtractive process (such as carving parts out of wood or milling from plastic, etc.). What is the difference between the terms “3D printing” and “additive manufacturing”?

2017 Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Speaker Preview


For nearly 30 years, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has dedicated itself to the education and progression of additive manufacturing’s uses and applications. Transitioning from a Plastics Job Shop to a Metals Production Shop.

DSM Brings Additive Manufacturing One Step Closer to Industrial Production with New Carbon Fiber Filament

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FFF technology is growing rapidly, for use in both prototyping and industrial applications,” said Hugo da Silva, Vice president of Additive Manufacturing at DSM. Novamid® ID1030 CF10 is designed for printing functional prototypes and industrial applications.

OR LASER and Heraeus to Collaborate on Metal Materials Development for AM

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The main remit of this agreement is for these two German companies to collaborate on the development of optimized metal powdered materials for additive manufacturing applications with the ORLAS CREATOR platform.

Electronic senses to touch us all

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The next trend in industry is taking B2B to B2C. Industrial products and services have long been in a league of their own—too big, too dangerous or too expensive for consumers. Promoting something as “industrial strength” has long implied that it’s as serious as you can get.

Numerous World Premieres at Formnext 2019: Industrial System Solutions and Innovations Along the Entire Process Chain

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Formnext 2019 opened with a very high level of visitor interest, numerous world premieres, a multitude of modern technologies, applications, and materials and many more highlights.

Calling All Makers: Announcing the First-Ever White House 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge


Once a technology that was incredibly expensive and used primarily for industrial applications, 3D printers are now available for about the cost of a laptop, and in some cases even less. Originally Posted by Stephanie Santoso on on October 30, 2014.

Review: what materials can be 3D printed?


PLA is a class of environment-friendly plastic which is entirely made out of natural products, hence the organic plastic or bioplastic name. PLA also resists sunlight (UV) better than ABS plastic. A cool, versatile, easy, and useful plastic that needs no oil at all.

The Basics of Stereolithography: Benefits, Limitations, and Buying Guide

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The abbreviation ‘SLA’ technically refers to the Stereolithograph Apparatus, a machine that converts liquid resin to solid plastic. While FDM used spools of plastic filament, SLA uses a liquid resin solution.

Progressive Improvement ??? Monitoring New Manufacturing Methods


What many people dont realize is that 3D printing (which refers to several processes, the most common of which is called fused deposition modeling) has been around in industry for a while  some of our staff has been aware of and interacting with the technology since 93! Practically for industrial applications however, the only widespread use for additive manufacturing is rapid prototyping.

Oerlikon Selected as Lead partner for European Introduction of Carbon’s 3D Printers

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One of the main advantages it offers for plastic part production procedures is its advanced DLS Technology, enabled by CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) an exciting new 3D printing process, not just for prototyping but also series production. Birmingham, GB, TCT-Show – 28.

Dissolvable PVA Filament: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

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The amount of remaining acetate-containing groups (called ‘esters’) determine the properties of the final PVA plastic. In its natural state, PVA is a colorless (white) and odorless plastic. Applications.

Metal 3D Printing Meets Industry: APWorks Paves the Way.

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Taufkirchen, November 2016: Everyone is talking about plastic 3D printing for industrial manufacturing. On the other hand, industrial applications show the possibilities metal 3D printing today already provides for various industries and products.

White House Welcomes Makers to Participate in Design…

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3D printing uses a digital design file generated on a computer to produce an object by placing successive layers of material such as plastic or metal. 3D printing is now being used across a broad range of fields, including biomedical, health care, fashion, food, engineering, automotive, and various industrial applications. “White House Welcomes Makers to Participate in Design Challenge for 3D Printed Ornaments” By Rebecca Carnes, Design-2-Part Magazine.

What Materialise Is Bringing to Formnext 2017

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The company will announce exciting new software automation tools and will be showcasing its latest technology developments in manufacturing and digital supply chains, both in plastics and metal. The vision of Industry 4.0

Formnext 2018 to Become International Guiding Star for Modern Industrial Manufacturing Methods

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On an exhibition area of more than 36,000 square meters, 550 exhibitors will present numerous innovations, world firsts, and trailblazing industrial applications. Additive solutions for numerous user industries.

The Properties of Flexible TPU Filament, How to Work with it, and Best Brands

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In this article, we discuss the unique characteristics of TPU filaments, their applications, how to work with them, and the best brands currently available in the market. TPE is essentially a plastic with rubber-like characteristics. Applications.

NatureWorks New Ingeo™ PLA Formulation for 3D Filament Offers Heat and Impact Resistance Rivaling ABS and Processes and Prints with the Ease of PLA

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This Ingeo 3D grade offers PLA filament manufacturers the opportunity to expand sales into the industrial prototyping and additive manufacturing market with a unique, cost effective product that will delight customers with its overall quality, printability, and part performance.

OR LASER Takes Its Metal AM Offering to the Next Level

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Frankfurt, Germany; 15th November, 2017: formnext powered by TCT is happening right now in Frankfurt when the great and the good of the 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry congregate in Hall 3 at the city’s Messe. As Industry 4.0

Materialise Introduces the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, the Most Complete Software Suite for the 3D Printing Industry

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Materialise’s open, neutral platform allows users to create high-quality applications regardless of their design software, technology or material. This new software suite combines the functionality of multiple applications into one complete set of business solutions.

Normal Founder & CEO Nikki Kaufman to Speak at Additive Manufacturing Conference 2015

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Says Kaufman, “People have been talking a lot about 3D printing–and there a lot of trinkets and toys and prototyping– but this is an awesome consumer application.”. Entrepreneur and 3D printing advocate will discuss how technology is revolutionizing retail.

Prodways to develop new 3D printing powders with plastics company A. Schulman


French 3D printer manufacturer Prodways has entered into a strategic partnership with Ohio plastics company A. The pair will attempt to achieve greater and faster development of new industrial applications.

EOS, Technology and Quality Leader In Additive Manufacturing Continues on its Course of Success and Growth

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This material is ideally suited for the manufacture of injection molding tools that are used to make medical products or products made of corrosive plastics. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM-based production, and provides long-term solutions for industry.

EOS 60

List of the best 3D Printer Manufacturers

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3D printing as an industry has been growing quite significantly over the past couple of years. The traditional leaders of the manufacturing industry have also kept their eyes on this new technology and have invested substantially in R&D. Be it metal 3D printing or simply plastic 3D printing used in non-industrial applications, there are plenty of companies in current times that make 3D printers for a wide variety of applications.

13th Rapid.Tech – First “Automotive Industry” Trade Forum Features High-Profile Speakers

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Additive Manufacturing – Potential and Challenges for the Automotive Industry. Erfurt, February 2016: Additive Manufacturing processes and 3D Printing have become well established in the automotive industry.

Why Infrared Heating Stands Apart

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Infrared ovens are said to deliver more precise heat application, greater speed, and superior control over key industrial heat treatment processes. . What manufacturing process today does not require the application of heat at some point? By Ed Sullivan, Design-2-Part Magazine.

Inside 3D Printing Berlin 2015: 3D Printing Takes Off

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Strategies for The Third Industrial Revolution. International and national industry experts and representatives from leading companies will also present at next year’s conference which is expanding from two to three tracks. All industries can benefit from this experience.”

America Makes Announces Complete, Qualified Database of Material Properties for Fused Deposition Modeling® (FDM®) Additive Manufacturing of ULTEM™ 9085 Resin

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The qualification of the ULTEM 9085 material and the establishment of the material properties database by the rp+m-led team are huge steps forward for AM, particularly within the aerospace and defense industries,” said America Makes Executive Director Rob Gorham. “On

Types of Lubricants (Liquid, Solid, Gas, and Semi-Solid)

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Besides industrial applications, lubricants have some interesting domestic applications as well. They are also used in medical applications like ultrasound therapy. The popular applications of bonded coating of solid lubricants are cylindrical brushes, separator cage of rolling bearing, and electrical brushes. PTFE also happens to be non-toxic and hence is suitable for use in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. What are lubricants?

DSM Sharpens Focus on Additive Manufacturing

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This will help customers to find exactly the right materials and production systems for their applications. The aim is to help customers find exactly the right materials and production systems for their applications. Taking AM into the industrial manufacturing mainstream. “AM

formnext 2015 Becomes Innovation Driver for Product Development and Manufacturing

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The exhibitors’ innovations and latest developments are testimony to the tremendous dynamic that has evolved from this important combination of technologies for the entire industry.

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Thermwood Adds Important New Features to its LSAM Print3D Additive Manufacturing Software

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Unlike most other slicing software which generates net shape programs for small thin print beads and only works with.STL files, LSAM Print 3D works with true CAD file formats commonly used in industry, including solids, surfaces and meshes.

NanoSteel-Engineered Iron-based Alloy Powders for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Applications Requiring High Hardness and Wear Resistance

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AMazing ® : At this time is industry more comfortable working with additively manufactured steel parts as opposed to additively manufactured carbide, ceramics or even other tool steels? What industries, applications and situations would be best served?

10 Best Long Range Drones of 2018

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This is why it’s most popular among filmmakers and for industrial applications. The plastic materials are okay, but other UAVs use better quality. This guide takes you into the world of long range drones with high-quality cameras.

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Rapid.Tech 2015: An Industry-Specific Approach for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Involving Automotive, Aerospace, Dentistry, Medical Technology and Toolmaking

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We take an industry-specific approach to the topic – both scientifically and practically – focusing primarily on the areas of automotive and aerospace engineering, dentistry, medical technology and toolmaking, and covering all the key aspects including machines, materials, design and use.

Concept Laser GmbH-A World First: Additively Manufactured Titanium Components Now Onboard the Airbus A350 XWB

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A connecting element used in the Airbus A350 XWB made it to the final round of the “2014 German Industry Innovation Award” Additive manufacturing in aircraft construction is gaining ground. This is especially attractive given the cost pressures in the aviation industry.