Fillamentum Industrial releases a selection of new materials, including Flexfill TPE

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Fillamentum Industrial, the performance application brand of Czech 3D printing filament producer Fillamentum, has introduced a selection of new materials including flexible Flexfill TPE, carbon fibre reinforced CPE, carbon and aramid fibres reinforced Nylons, and PP.

Trends and Innovation in the Energy & Materials Industry

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If there is one constant in the Energy & Materials industry it is the onward march of change. Recently, a panel of Dassault Systèmes experts came together to answer some of the most urgent questions facing the Energy & Materials (E&M) sector today.

Looking Ahead: The Energy & Materials Industry of 2025

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What will the Energy & Materials industry look like in 2025? Sustainability, competition, and workforce of the future technology are shaping the energy & materials industry of 2025. As this trend plays out, the effects across the E&M industry will be profound.

3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 Materials Company of the Year Update

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The best 3D printing materials of 2019? Continuing with our nomination updates, we’re here to see who is currently in the running for the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards Material Company of the Year. Materials 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards 3D printing industry awards 3DLAC AP&C Carpenter Technology Corporation Colorfabb Elementum 3D Filamentive Fillamentum Fusion Filaments GE Additive Mcpp Prusa Research Prusament The Virtual Foundry Ultimaker

Fillamentum establishes industrial material brand with release of Vinyl 303 filament

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Czech 3D printer materials brand Fillamentum has launched another new FFF filament. Named Vinyl 303, this material is made from PVC, presenting excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, fire retardancy and high mechanical performance. The material was developed by Fillamentum in collaboration with RESITECH GERMANY GMBH, a plastics specialist, and it is an industrial material – […].

Know Your Materials: ULTEM

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ULTEM is a thermoplastic material that is known for its high strength and heat-resistant properties. It is used in various industries ranging from aerospace to food production. FDM Technology 3D Printing Materials Know Your Materials

RPS supplies industrial 3D printing with Advanced Laser Materials

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RPS is a UK industrial 3D printing specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. Since October 2010 the company has been in a materials development partnership with Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), a subsidiary of leading 3D printer provider EOS. Materials Advanced Laser Materials ALM laser sintering RP Support RPS stereolithography

EOS 71

Know Your Materials: ABS

Modern Tech

Consumer goods and automotive are the first industries that come to mind. Although, many industries have taken advantage of the unique combination of UV resistance, vivid colors and glossy finish that set this material apart.

Know Your Materials: Specialty ABS

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Stratasys ABS thermoplastic materials have been used primarily to create durable parts and prototypes. Specialty ABS materials take prototypes to a whole new level by making them functional. They are changing the game for many industries.

OLED, QLED, and TFT-LCD Technology – The Latest Breakthroughs in the Display Materials Industry

BIS Research

The cathode ray tube technology has been dominating the display industry for years. Commercialized in the year 1922, the technology was the display of choice for every application in the display industry. Application of Next-Generation Display Materials.

Material of the Month: PA12

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Since we now offer two Multi Jet Fusion Plastic materials (see new material announcement ), PA12 has reclaimed its industrial name to clearly differentiate it from PA12 Glass Beads , which contains 40% glass beads for added stiffness and durability. Material.

Glass 63

Material of the Month: Versatile Plastic

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Materials. Check out the Material Data Sheet and the Material Safety Data Sheet for Versatile Plastic. We hope you enjoyed this first installment of our Material of the Month: Versatile Plastic series. Got a question about this material?

Next-Generation Anode Materials – The Latest Innovation in the Battery Industry

BIS Research

. Research and development focused on bringing technological advancements are the driving force behind the tremendous growth and expansion of the chemicals industry and the introduction of advanced and more efficient battery systems.

Introducing Our Two New Materials!

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the midst of expanding your business or a first-time creator experimenting with a new product, your idea deserves the highest quality materials. This material offers high stiffness and high structural integrity.

Glass 64

Meet Our New Rubber-Like Material!


Plus, this rubber-like material is now available in the US! Our Research Project Manager Giovanni Vleminckx has been working hard on getting this material ready for production, which is still fully flexible like the old TPU, but now even more resistant to abrasion and wear.

EOS Adds Three Polymer ALM Materials for Industrial 3D Printing to its Current Portfolio of Materials

Additive Manufacturing

High-performance materials broaden the range of applications, particularly in the aerospace industry. The following new materials will be available as from March 2018 onwards. ALM HP 11-30: Carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 11 material.

EOS 87

3DGence introduce new HF printing module for reinforced materials on INDUSTRY F340

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3DGence, a Polish 3D printer manufacturer, has expanded the capabilities of the INDUSTRY F340 3D printer with a new High Flow (HF) printing module. As the fourth module compatible with the INDUSTRY F340, this accessory is the first to be equipped with nozzles of a 0.6 Materials 3DGence Clariant Dominik Fitowski DuPont Filip Turzy?ski ski HF printing module INDUSTRY F340 Miko?aj

Know Your Materials: Antero ESD

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The electrostatic dissipative capability makes this material a better fit for prototyping electronics, compared to Antero 800NA. These qualities are critical in space and industrial applications. FDM Technology 3D Printing Materials Know Your Materials

New Production-Grade MakerBot Materials

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Getting industrial-grade jobs from a smaller footprint makes 3D printing real ABS much more convenient. Let's take a look at these new materials and what they mean for desktop 3D printing. Stratasys MakerBot 3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Composite Materials: PolyJet Technology

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PolyJet 3D printers use this process to create parts with a high level of detail and realism because they can print in multiple materials/colors at once and at a higher resolution than other print technology like Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

Fraunhofer ILT Heads Up AddSteel: Development of New Materials for the Steel Industry through Additive Manufacturing

The North Rhine-Westphalia Leitmarkt project AddSteel has just been announced, targeting digitalization of the steel industry. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Metal 3D Printing Aconity GmbH AddSteel Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. This project launch marks the beginning of a three-year project headed. View the entire article via our website.

Swinburne Developing World's First Industry 4.0 Testlab for Manufacturing 3D Printing Carbon Fiber Composite Material

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3D Printing at Swinburne University of Technology resource center australia Austria carbon fiber collaboration composite material digital twins Factory of the Future Fill industrial 3d printing Industry 4.0 Organizations like Swinburne University of Technology in Australia know that collaboration is important when it comes to developing innovations in the 3D printing field. Two years ago, the university.

AM Material Sales Growth

Wohlers Talk

The following graph shows the 16-year material sales growth trend in additive manufacturing. In 2016, an estimated $903 million was spent on all materials for AM systems worldwide, including industrial machines and desktop 3D printers.

Working with metal materials for additive manufacturing

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Perhaps more than any other manufacturing process, additive manufacturing works best when you match the material to the right additive process. Some of the challenges, though, are: –many additive processes suggest proprietary versions of materials.

The State of 3D Printing in Industrial Goods, Part Five

After exploring the end users, manufacturers and service bureaus involved in the 3D printing of parts for general industrial applications, we’ll be taking a look at the metal materials that.

Free video webinar on 3d printing in medical industry

DIY 3D Printing

Here is a new free video webinar by Tyler Reid of GoEngineer on 3d printing in medical industry. It is a great overview of current state of affairs in materials (types, certifications, features and sterilization), prototyping, fixtures, tooling, teaching aids, and production parts.

3D Printing Technology Transforming the Automotive and Aerospace Industry

BIS Research

The establishment of 3D printing is contributing significantly to the manufacturing industry and has resulted in the growth of related service providers. At present, the primary market for 3D printing includes industries manufacturing automobile and aerospace parts.

Master Class: Chuck Hull on the 3D printing industry

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An important way to gain mastery is to learn from the master developers or users, those who developed a technology or an industry, or those who took a technology to a new level. Materials. The big driver in stereolithography is always the materials,” said Hull.

NinjaTek Unveils Two Industrial 3D Printing Materials at CES 2016

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For CES 2016, the Fenner Drives subsidiary has launched two more filaments to be released in Q1 2016 that it hopes will see strong industrial use. And NinjaTek is calling the materials Cheetah™ and Armadillo™. News Materials 3D Printing FDM/FFFBy Michael Molitch-Hou.

Polymaker introduces Polymaker Industrial™ product family for industrial customers

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Polymaker, the Shanghai-based 3D printing materials company, has launched a new range of products: the Polymaker Industrial™ family. Polymaker Industrial™ targets industrial customers looking for. Materials

Material advances in metal 3D printing

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Materials have always been key to 3D printing success. But metal materials are enabling new designs as well as new mechanical properties. This year, it was materials. Several research groups have forecast strong growth in this part of the industry.

Exploring Exotic 3D Printing Materials Used in Prosthetics

Shapeways Blog

Those familiar with 3D printing materials know that polylactic acid (PLA) is an extremely popular material. PLA is is great for a wide range of applications, but there are other material options out there as well. This material property can be quite beneficial.

The Best CNC Materials for the Medical Device Industry


The medical device industry covers an enormous line of products, but even so, there are often overlapping material requirements between applications. Learn about medical industry materials that offer low moisture, high heat-resistance, low corrosion, high hardness, and more

With 3D printing materials, knowledge is power

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The more you know about available materials, the easier it will be to get the final build results you seek. The key to a thriving 3D printing / additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) industry will be materials. And users continue to question the high costs of some materials.

Luke Kelly, Carbon VP of Finance tells 3D Printing Industry about new MMD component and materials program

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Carbon, the firm famous for commercialization of continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) 3D printers, has announced a materials program and hardware additions for its latest SpeedCell system. Aimed at the market for industrial scale manufacturing, the SpeedCell system is to acquire a meter mix and dispense (MMD) resin supply instrument complete with a large intermediate bulk container (IBC), […].

Introducing Three Tough SLA Plastic Materials

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Shapeways is excited to announce the launch of three new SLA Plastic materials that provide extreme durability, high resolution and detail as well as a smooth surface. Our SLA Plastic launch includes the following three acrylate-based materials: Accura® 60.

Additive Manufacturing Materials Talent Insight

Recently, at AMPM2019 Conference in Phoenix, Additive Manufacturing industry experts identified materials as one of the main challenges of the 3D printing industry and its growth. Developing more. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Sponsored 3D design jobs 3d jobs 3d printing jobs 3d printing jobs site 3d printing recruitment 3D printing war for talent additive manufacturing jobs i-AMdigital recruiting war for talent

MagicFirm Europe Releases Industrial ZYYX Pro Desktop 3D Printer and Three New Printing Materials

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D print monitoring 3D printing in engineering 3D printing nylon filament 3D printing toolhead automatic bed leveling desktop 3D printer HEPA filter industrial 3d printer industrial 3d printing Magicfirm Europe multi-material professional 3D printing sweden toolhead zyyx ZYYX 3D Printer ZYYX Pro 3D printer ZYYX Pro filament

Meet the Next Generation Energy & Materials Workforce

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Is the Energy & Materials Industry Ready to Attract the Workforce of the Future? The Energy & Materials industry is facing a generational shift with a large portion of workers in mining, power, and oil & gas soon to reach retirement age. Energy & Material

EOS releases four new materials for SLM 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Hannes Gostner, EOS’ Director Research and Development said, “At EOS, the development of systems, materials, process parameters, […]. German OEM EOS has released four new metal powder for use in SLM 3D printing.

EOS 86

Twist Light Reinvents the Lighting Industry

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What started out as an exploration into the flexible properties of different materials soon became a revolutionary product for Boston-based industrial designer Evan Gant. I can switch between materials, colors build volumes, etc.

Know Your Materials: PC and PC-ABS

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PC and PC-ABS materials are known for being industrial-grade thermoplastics that are widely used in the automotive, medical, electronics and telecommunication industries. Being able to combine customization, strength and heat resistance set these materials apart.

3D Printing Industry Review of the year: February 2019

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 3D Printing Industry was present […].