Renishaw’s EVO Project – Additive Manufacturing for Industrial Use

Additive Manufacturing

The new machine, which has a strong emphasis on automation, monitoring technologies and reduced operator interaction, is designed for single material industrial production. The AM250 has an interchangeable hopper system which allows various materials to be used on the same machine.

German RepRap Releases 3D Printer X1000 V2, Featuring Massive Build Space for Industrial Use

3D Printers 3D Printing euromold german reprap german reprap x1000 german reprap x1000 v2 industrial 3d printers X1000 V2 3D printerWe’ve been following German RepRap for quite some time, from the evolution of the X1000 3D printer as it was to be debuted at Euromold 2014 and before, with countless headlines regarding their lineup... View the entire article via our website.

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How the Auto Industry Uses FDM 3D Printed Jigs, Gauges, and Fixtures


The automotive industry is finding that the traditional way of manufacturing tools for the production floor can be made better by implementing 3D printing. Higher demands on production and the need to cut costs without quality are driving forces for the implementation of 3D printing.

MVP and ORNL Introduce First Medium/Large-Scale Thermoset 3D Printer

The 3D printing industry uses a lot of thermoplastics, and you could be forgiven for confusing thermoplastics with thermoset plastics. A thermoset plastic is a polymer or resin that, once cured, View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Magnum Venus Products Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) ornl Thermobot thermoset thermoset plastics thermosetting polymers

3D printing takes off with aeronautics & aerospace


If there is an industry using 3D printing on a broad sp […]. The post 3D printing takes off with aeronautics & aerospace appeared first on Sculpteo Blog - 3D Printing News and Trends. & More 3D Printing aeronautics aerospace aircraft Contest innovation jet engine Made in Space metal 3D printing plane Space space ship

3T RPD is exhibiting at Autosport International, Stand 347, NEC Hall 9

Rapid Prototyping News UK

We have extensive experience of manufacturing components for the automotive and F1 industries using AM. Visit 3T RPD at Autosport International 12 th -13 th January.

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Leapfrog Officially Launches New Industrial Bolt Pro 3D Printer, With Independent Dual Extruders and Office-Friendly Features

3D printer manufacturer Leapfrog was founded over five years ago, and has been busy ever since, coming out with 3D printers for both professional and industrial uses. The company first turned heads. View the entire article via our website.

Introducing Mak3rLEGObot 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

By 3D Printing Industry. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (31313) and additional bricks, motors and sensor, Will created this cool LEGO 3D Printer concept. … The original post Introducing Mak3rLEGObot 3D printer appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

3T RPD – Year In Industry Student makes Regional Finals

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As one of the UK’s leading production Additive Manufacturing (AM) company, 3T RPD is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of engineers through its own apprenticeship programme and by taking part in the EDT Student Year In Industry scheme. About 3t Year In industry YINI

Smile! Meet the 3D printer churning out teeth, nerves and gums for dentists

3D Printing Review

3D printing firm Stratasys’ latest device makes realistic models for the dental industry, rather than people’s mouths. The printer uses the company’s own PolyJet dental materials, promising “life-like gum textures” and various shades of colour in the resulting models.

A Treasure Trove of AEC Insights and Discoveries

3D Perspectives

The truly innovative AEC professionals are looking beyond what’s been done, to what’s being done across other industries. Here you’ll gain insight from experts on the cutting edge of the industrialization of design and construction.

The ‘Google’ of 3dprinting files? 3dfilemarket interviews CEO Seena Rejal

Philip Cotton

He started 3D Industries in 2012 and is set to become a major player in searching 3D content. A mix of technology developments and industry business models will bring about the price points and demand for such adoption. Where do you think the 3dprinting industry will be in 5 years? I think industrial use will also have developed extensively for high-value applications. The ‘Google’ of 3dprinting files?

Sharebot Takes Their FDM to the Professional Level with Sharebot Q

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As a variety of 3D printing processes are being continuously reinvented and expanded upon for both consumer and industrial uses, one company from Nibionno, Italy, has been hitting their stride in the prosumer market. From the Sharebot Andromeda, their professional-grade SLA printer, to the Sharebot 42, their Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-inspired FFF 3D printer, […]. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Featured News Press Release

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A new source for flexible 3D printing materials

Leslie's Blog

It is useful for printing seals, gaskets, custom plugs and flexible hinges. Under the terms of the agreement, taulman3D will carry SemiFlex filament for its customers, and NinjaTek will carry taulman3D products, Nylon 645 and Alloy 910, targeting industrial use. 3D Printers Entertainment Extrusion Industrial Leslie's blog Materials Personal 3D printers fenner drivesLast year, Fenner Drives introduced a novel 3D printing material that has considerable elasticity.

Ceramics 3D Printing - Original Motivation

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For their prints they used a RepRap printer which they modified so it could extrude the ceramic filament. But, I will include just one of the their images for you to whet your whistle. :) Copyright Unfold - Used By Permission Here is also a link directly to Unfold''s Blog.

3D Academy: Drone Technology Takes Flight

3D Innovations

Drones have been a staple of maker communities for years, however as their popularity grows they are quickly becoming a widespread tool used in both the workplace and schools as well. As drones gain in popularity the industry around drone technology is taking shape.

10 Incredible Mining Facts

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Every American uses an average of 40,000 pounds of new minerals each year. 63% of gold is used in jewelry, 21 % in coins, 15% per cent in industrial uses including electronics; and 1 % in dental.

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Airobotics Making Completely Autonomous Drones A Reality

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Airobotics has produced a fully automated, industrial grade, on demand, and multipurpose flying drone. In 2014 he decided to make drones for industrial uses. Airobotics’ fully automated drone uses a UAV system to function without manual operators.

Rapid Prototype – Back to the Basics

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You can use any material that is available to build prototypes. But crude models using household material may not have the required level of detail, and may not be suitable to be used as a test case. Plastic or metal objects can be produced using this method.

Your Questions about FDM Nylon12 Carbon Fiber Material Answered

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

SG: Can you give us a typical industry use case example? An Interview with Zehavit Reisin, VP, Head of Rapid Prototyping. Sam Green: Zehavit, so summarize for us what is the new Nylon12 Carbon Fiber material?

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Tooling – Repeating the Pattern…

Additive Manufacturing

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has successfully developed and tested a novel sand casting technique to quickly design complex patterns to fabricate components for industry partner Emrgy Hydro , makers of hydropower devices designed to generate electricity from slow or shallow water flows.

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NinjaTek Unveils Two Industrial 3D Printing Materials at CES 2016

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For CES 2016, the Fenner Drives subsidiary has launched two more filaments to be released in Q1 2016 that it hopes will see strong industrial use. … The original post NinjaTek Unveils Two Industrial 3D Printing Materials at CES 2016 appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

Will 3D Printing be the demise of Plastic Injection Molding?

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Some observers of the plastics manufacturing industry, especially those with a vested interest, would like to have you believe that 3D printing is going to be the demise of injection molding. By Denny Scher.

Most Read Articles from Last Week – November 15

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By 3D Printing Industry. Using a DLP 3D Printer to Print a Working Speaker. The creators of the LumiPocket 3D Printer have just posted an Instructable on using their DLP 3D printer to create a working mini speaker.

Deloitte Highlights Manifold Opportunities with 3D Printing

3D Systems

Following the paper’s outline, the ability to 3D print end-use parts and ready-to-use tooling, first “reduces the capital required to achieve economies of scale. Deloitte Highlights Manifold Opportunities with 3D Printing Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 13:17.

Why You Need to Try This Innovative Material

Shapeways Blog

We wouldn’t want that to mean that you miss out on one of our most advanced and interesting materials — one that you have the opportunity to put to innovative new uses: HP nylon plastic. And it performs outstandingly for functional uses.

Workshops for Warriors: Rebuilding American Manufacturing One Veteran at a Time

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Active duty members getting ready to transition, they’re not getting any sort of training out of the military so they can be successful in a specific industry.

6 Facts About Drones You Need to Know

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The military uses drones almost as big as cars to transport inventory and keep an eye on hostile territories. Delivery services make use of large drones to deliver any number of parcels. The insurance industry is also investing heavily into drones to speed up the inspection process.

Free Additive Manufacturing Introductory Course


The course content will cover not only the essentials of the technology itself, but also how it relates to your business, focusing on business changes required, industrial uses and factors to consider when evaluating 3D printing options.

Wearable Sensors Make Workplaces Safer

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Another aspect of the study used sensors on bands on the wrist or body, or on necklaces, designed to avoid being invasive while employees worked , but which could signal problems by setting off an alarm via vibration, light or sound. By Catherine Bolgar.

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CATI Tech Notes

Use honeycomb internal structures for model material reduction without losing strength! The honeycomb sandwich construction is one of the most valued structural engineering innovations developed by the composites industry.

Our Community Makes History: Congrats on 5 Million Strong & Flexible Prints!

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And what that means for the industry is that since 2010, Shapeways and EOS have created and now grown 3D printing “software as a service” for everyday people. While the overall 3D printing industry largely focuses on enterprises and industrial uses, Shapeways exists to take the power of that innovation and put it in the hands of people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.

3D Printing:Then and Now

Rapid Prototyping News UK

This accretion of layers, one on top of another and then bonded together using lasers or heat, remains the basis of the various AM technologies today. As a pioneer in AM, 3T RPD continues to innovate to keep itself at the forefront of Industry 4.0,

CRP USA Exhibitor with Energica Ego and Windform 3D Printing at the Luxury Technology Show 2015

Additive Manufacturing

This manufacturing process used by CRP makes it quick and easy to obtain prototypes and functional, high-performance components. CRP USA will be exhibiting at the Luxury Technology Show in Hollywood Los Angeles, on September 30.

How to Make a Prototype

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While prototypes can be made from just any material available at hand, several industries use rapid prototyping machines to create sophisticated working scale models of final products before mass-production. Refine and hone your idea till you get to a stage where you can take it to the next level and build a real prototype that others can touch, feel, and use. Depending on what it is, you will be using either plastic or metal to build it.

Stratasys Rolls out Industry Certification Program in North America, Designed to Bridge the Additive Manufacturing Skills Gap

Additive Manufacturing

NASDAQ: SSYS), a global leader in applied additive technology solutions, today rolled out a new industry certification program in North America – designed to more effectively bridge the skills gap it observes in the additive manufacturing industry.

New ASTM Additive Manufacturing Standard Focuses on Directed Energy Deposition

Additive Manufacturing

In the directed energy deposition process, focused thermal energy is used to fuse materials by melting as they are they are being deposited. DED is used in industry for repair, rapid prototyping and low volume part fabrication. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.,