Arduino Firmware v1.3 Released

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How To Schedule SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Database Backups

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SET @sqlCommand = 'BACKUP DATABASE ' +@DBNAME+ ' TO DISK = '''+@BackupFile+ ''' WITH INIT, NAME= ''' +@BackupName+''', NOSKIP, NOFORMAT'. SET @sqlCommand = 'BACKUP DATABASE ' +@DBNAME+ ' TO DISK = '''+@BackupFile+ ''' WITH DIFFERENTIAL, INIT, NAME= ''' +@BackupName+''', NOSKIP, NOFORMAT'.

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Using Grbl’s Spindle PWM to Control a Servo


endif void spindle_init() { #ifdef VARIABLE_SPINDLE SPINDLE_PWM_DDR |= (1<<SPINDLE_PWM_BIT); // Configure as PWM output pin. Keep routine small, fast, and efficient. // Called by spindle_init(), spindle_set_speed(), spindle_set_state(), and mc_reset().

What Does the Carrier Deal Mean for American Manufacturers?

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W e talked to Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Inititiative , for a different perspective on what this kind of deal means for American manufacturers. By Jeff Yoders, MetalMiner.

Ahoy! Captain SOLIDWORKS!

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Harper initally majored in music at Florida State University (FSU). How Dan Harper Navigated his Unique Entrepreneurial Voyage from Boat Captain to Tech CEO with SOLIDWORKS. Captain Daniel A.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Accuracy (?)

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This was the beginning of NAFEMS, or the N ational A gency for F inite E lement M ethods and S tandards. A common concern I hear when presenting SOLIDWORKS Simulation is whether or not the results are accurate.

Replacing LinuxCNC with a Smoothieboard for CNC milling. Not as easy as for 3D printing!


It also was made initally for TinyG and GRBL, though it says it supports Smoothieware. I was running LinuxCNC for the last years and I wanted a smaller setup, with room for improvement.

On the right path


E.g. class Line: def __init__(self,x,y): self.end = (x,y) def do(self,hydra): hydra.feedto_xy(self.end) It was then trivial to get HydraRaptor to draw the outlines with a pen using a for loop :- for seg in outline:

Cooking with HydraRaptor


I needed to assemble some PCBs recently, so I set about making a temperature controller for my SMT oven. First I had to replace the solid state relay on HydraRaptor. Solid state relays are triacs with an optically coupled input, zero crossing switching and built in snubbers.

Auto bed leveling


def __init__(self, p0, p1, p2): "Construct from three anti-clockwise points" # # Calcluate the normal vector # v1 = p1.minus(p0) v2 = p2.minus(p0) normal = v1.cross(v2) if normal.z <

Ever decreasing circles


I wrote some test code in Python to check that my firmware was working properly. This turned out to be incredibly easy using the socket and struct modules. I have not written a lot of Python before but it never ceases to amaze me how much more productive it is compared to C++.

Measuring temperature the easy way


I have been asked for more details on my temperature measurement scheme so I have consolidated some of my previous articles :- The objective is to measure temperature from room temperature to about 250°C using a thermistor. The thermistor resistance is a extremely non linear.

Temperature drop


My extruder controller is working much better after I cured the motor noise problem. The 10 bit SAR ADC also seems to work better than the 16 bit sigma-delta version did. With the 16 bit one there was a lot of noise on the readings, even when the motor wasn''t running. I had to average over many samples to get a consistent reading which delayed the response. With the 10 bit ADC I just read it and compare it with the temperature set point value to decide if the heater should be on or off.

RepRap: Blog: Automatic documentation and project evolution

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If you want to play with it, you can clone Prusa Mendel repository switch to development branch and run git submodule init; git config -l; git submodule update for initialization of submodules (ThingDOC is submodule). RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Wednesday, March 16, 2011. Automatic documentation and project evolution.