Arduino Firmware v1.3 Released

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How To Schedule SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Database Backups

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If you haven’t set up a backup process for the databases yet, do so right away, your data is at risk until you do so (even if you are backing up the Archive Folder with the actual vault files, you still need a backup of the database to restore in case of system failure).

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Ahoy! Captain SOLIDWORKS!

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Harper initally majored in music at Florida State University (FSU). I realized that learning the software would help me accelerate the design and building process by keeping me in sync with designers and enabling me to speak in terms related to their work.

University of Waterloo Lab Will Help Shape the Future of Industrial 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

May 24, 2017 – Speeding the adoption of industrial additive manufacturing (AM) equipment and processes on shop floors is one of the key goals of a world-class University of Waterloo facility that received a major funding boost today. By University of Waterloo | Waterloo News.

Replacing LinuxCNC with a Smoothieboard for CNC milling. Not as easy as for 3D printing!


But even though my current hardware setup is much enjoyable, the milling process ends up requiring more manual and careful operations than before. It also was made initally for TinyG and GRBL, though it says it supports Smoothieware.