Controlling Laser Cutting with Inkscape by Tech2C

DIY 3D Printing

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3D Printed Lithophane Tutorial from Stratasys Shows How to Turn Multiple Images into One Luminous Work of Art

3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D design tutorials 3d printed lithophane 3d printed lithophanes 3DP Rocks Inkscape lithophane lithophanes Materialise Magics objet connex3 onshape stratasys Stratasys Education Stratasys Education Advisory Board Stratasys Education Innovation series TinkercadThere’s so much that can be done to manipulate images these days; with the amount and variety of digital technology out there, there’s practically no visual effect that can’t be.

Art 77

3D Print Your Own Mobile Bicycle-Powered Air Compressor

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed bicycle accessories Brooks Ruhman Full Spectrum Professional Laser Cutter Inkscape Makerbot 3D Mobile Bicycle-Powered Air Compressor solidworks University of Texas Maker StudioWhen he’s not working at Rusty Taco in Plano, TX, Brooks Ruhman is a student at The University of Texas at Austin. He’s also a maker with a wicked sense of the absurd, and... View the entire article via our website.

Give your 3D Printer a Drawing Lesson with this Instructables Project

3D Design 3D Printing 2d printing 3D printer drawing 3d printing design drawing fun Inkscape instructables XQuartz Instructables contributor Luke Rodley shared a 3D printing project that’s as much a course in 3D design as it is a 3D print job. Rodley’s step-by-step instructions for getting your 3D printer to draw... View the entire article via our website.

Showcasing the Beauty of a Trilobite through 3D Printing

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed fossils 3d printed history 3D printed trilobite 3D printing ancient relics blender Dr. Allan Drummond field museum fossils Inkscape shapeways trilobiteAlas, the humble trilobite will probably never star in its own Saturday morning cartoon or make it into next year’s lineup of Beanie Babies, mostly because it is distinctly unhuggable. It has a. View the entire article via our website.

It’s Easy to Make a 3D Printed Stamp, or Even a Whole Stamp Collection

3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d printed stamp 3D printing tutorial Chris Slyka holiday 3d prints holidays Inkscape make magazine Makezine tutorial OpenSCAD OpenSCAD DXF Exporter printrbot play pronterface Slic3r stampsAs a nostalgic craving for the simpler life has been enticing many people to return to earlier technologies like the typewriter, another trend is on the increase for those who want to work. View the entire article via our website.

Tutorial Tuesday 7: What 3D Design Software Should I Use?

Shapeways Blog

Inkscape + Blender. This design used Inkscape to import a drawing and then create nested offsets (shapes within shapes) of that image. Inkscape is great for manipulating 2D images, but to extrude to 3D and add beveled edges and hinges, the designer had to move to Blender.

Paint-by-Number Meets 3D Printing

3D Printer

Others will require you to trace in Inkscape (or a similar program) and convert to a vector format like DXF that the 3D CAD program can import. Kurt Hamel is a maker that likes to make cool, fun stuff. He also just found an awesome way to turn paint-by-number kits into 3D printing fun. To make it work, Hamel prints one color at a time and then switches filaments. The end result is a multi-colored print that is is limited only by the filament colors in your workshop.

Day 103 - Cheese labels


Today we used Tinkercad , Inkscape , Fontspace , and the technique from Day 27 to make four cheese labels for a party tray.

Upcycle your old Prusa into a laser cutter

DIY 3D Printing

Gcode generation is either by Jtech Inkscape plugin or 305 Engineering’s raster generator. Jon aka. Dr3vil used a parts form old Prusa Mendel and made a close chamber DIY laser cutter / engraver. He documented his project on Thingiverse.

Day 107 - SEGA Sonic cartridge sleeves


Designed in Tinkercad with some help from Inkscape and the internet (specifically, the nice.svg images on Wikipedia here and here ). To fix this we opened the files in Inkscape and did the following: Select image with the arrow tool.

Day 30 - Engage lightswitch


Technical notes: I got the Roddenberry font from Fontspace and used the Inkscape technique described in Day 27 of this blog to import the word into Tinkercad. I miss ST:TNG.

Day 48 - Do it now!


Made in Tinkercad with Inkscape for the letters. Here is a bar to put over important documents that you need to deal with as soon as possible, so that they don''t vanish into the black hole that is the top of your desk.

printrbot GO – suitcase belts and signature panel


I thickened up some of the lines and otherwise “cleaned up” the image file before importing it into Inkscape so I could convert it into a DXF file and use that in OpenSCAD to get something in 3d. Since before I even owned the GO!

Day 123 - "Ticket to Ride" card holder


The logo for the game was put in the bottom with Tinkercad and Inkscape using the method outlined in Steps 4-6 on Day 109 , with a picture from the internet as the starting point. A couple of days ago on Day 120 , we printed some train trays for the excellent game Ticket to Ride.

Day 109 - Sharpie print


I wanted to take Shapeways out of the equation so I found a way to do the conversion step with my two favorite free and easy tools, Inkscape and Tinkercad ; see the instructions below. Open the photo in Inkscape and select the drawing with the arrow tool in the upper left.

If the Easter Bunny had a RepRap…

Simon Kühling

…i’m sure he would print an eggbot (or two).

Day 42 - Catan numbers


The numbers were made using Inkscape and Tinkercad, with the font-extruding technique from Day 27. We play Catan a lot at the dinner table and everything gets a little rough around the edges. Our number disks in particular looked a little shabby so we made some spiffy replacements.

Day 38 - 3-SPACE Afinia fan cover


The JMU logo was based on the true JMU athletic logo font , and the letters were brought into Tinkercad to combine with the fan cover after using the method of Day 27 to get non-text paths for letters from Inkscape

Laser Cut Circuit Boards

Nothing Labs

I''ve had my laser cutter ( Full Spectrum 40-watt CO2 ) for about 1.5 years - and over that time have spent a good amount of time trying to make circuit boards on it. To be clear - I wanted to cut circuit boards. Others have used their lasers to remove resist - to ultimately chemically etch boards.

Step by Step Guide to Creating 3D Printed Cookie Cutters with Christmas Motifs

3D Printing for Beginners

You can create.svg files with any vector graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator or one of the free alternatives such as InkScape or similar. About a year ago, I published a tutorial on how to create 3D printed cookie cutters with seasonal motifs.

Designer Portrait: Model Train Designer Kees-Jan van Vessem Builds Incredibly Detailed Scale Model Worlds


Typically, he starts drawing the models in 2D (with Inkscape ) and then transforms them into 3D models by using 3D modeling software like FreeCAD. With 3D printing, you can create entire new worlds.

Day 93 - Pig and Veg toothpicks


The images at the tops of the toothpicks were extruded from files found in an icon pack at after tracing a bitmap and then exporting to.svg format in Inkscape. For the holidays, here are some toothpicks that you can use to label foods according to if they contain meat (bacon!),

Great Software for 3D Printers

Thornburg Thoughts

Here are a few free titles that I think should be on your list: Inkscape (Mac, Windows, Linux) [link]. Inkscape is primarily a drawing program for two-dimensional designs. Drawings created in Inkscape can be saved in the SVG (scalable vector graphic) format so they look great at any magnification. You While I will largely use OpenSCAD as an extrusion tool for Inkscape, it is, in fact, a full 3D modeling program that builds models from text commands. It

Day 60 - Peano curve


Technical notes: The image of the Peano curve was opened in Inkscape and then "Path/Trace Bitmap" was applied before saving as an.svg file that Tinkercad could import and extrude. Today we have a space-filling Peano curve with a dish-like indentation just because it looks cooler that way.

Day 27 - Duck & Block resolution testers


Type the text you desire with the font tool in an Inkscape document. From within Inkscape, open the.eps file (press "ok" without changing settings). With the 3-SPACE class looming closer and closer, my "at home" and "at work" are pretty mixed up. So again I''m printing at home for work.

Aztech Scenic Design: Taking 3D Printing To The Limit

3D Printing for Beginners

And also I use Inkscape/Gimp to get vector drawings to import as sketches into Fusion360. What can you do with a 3D printer today?

More 3D printing in the Math Classroom

Thornburg Thoughts

The software I recommend is Inkscape – a free two dimensional drawing program with a special plug-in that allows your shapes to be extruded into a 3D tile. My previous blog explored the eight elements of the Common Core math standards: 1.

Day 70 - Snowflakes, part 1


Technical notes: Today''s print is a simple example showing how to import a picture you find online into Tinkercad, via Inkscape. Open the graphic in Inkscape. Lots of tiny snowflakes for some kind of winter/holiday use.

Tutorial Tuesday 25: Easy Pendant Creator Walkthrough

Shapeways Blog

Here’s what the image looks like in our favorite graphics software, GraphicConverter (you could also use Inkscape , Gimp , Illustrator , Photoshop , etc).

Intro to V Carving


Many programs like InkScape and CorelDRAW can output these formats. If In a couple weeks we are going to do a CNC V Carving night at Pumping Station One. We We hope to fabricate a number of designs on the CNC router.

NGSS Infographic

Thornburg Thoughts

I used Inkscape to create the graphic over a period of a few weeks as we were preparing for one of our NGSS workshops. Well, this is my current attempt to distill some of the core ideas in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the form of an infographic. Let

Mendel90 files


On my todo list is to add scripts to make images of all the STL files, PDFs from the SVG files using inkscape and produce the BOMs in spread sheet format using OpenOffice. I have put the Mendel90 files on GitHub.

Which hobbed bolt for a filament feeder? My homemade one!


Sorry for the drawing, I did not find a quick way to make it completely regular in Inkscape.

MakerHome: Day 156 - Olee's designs


Technical notes: We used the photo --> Inkscape --> bitmap --> SVG --> Tinkercad chain to make this, just like in Day 109. MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year. Welcome to MakerHome. Current mission: If youre new to 3D printing, where do you start?

MakerHome: Day 216 - Tiling space with a weird squiggle


Delete Reply Scott Elliott April 30, 2014 at 10:02 AM The first sketch was created in InkScape by drawing a spiral, duplicating it, and rotating the duplicate around the origin. MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year. Welcome to MakerHome.

MakerHome: Day 313 - Designing a Penny Trap with Tinkercad


If you want to be all fancy you can decorate this cylinder by downloading pictures of the front and back of a penny, doing a bitmap trace, saving in.svg format with Inkscape , and then importing into Tinkercad (see Day 109 ). MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year.