Tutorial Tuesday 7: What 3D Design Software Should I Use?

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Each 3D design software has its own unique personality; different programs are good at different parts of the design process. Inkscape + Blender. This design used Inkscape to import a drawing and then create nested offsets (shapes within shapes) of that image.

Day 107 - SEGA Sonic cartridge sleeves


Designed in Tinkercad with some help from Inkscape and the internet (specifically, the nice.svg images on Wikipedia here and here ). To fix this we opened the files in Inkscape and did the following: Select image with the arrow tool.

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If the Easter Bunny had a RepRap…

Simon Kühling

…i’m sure he would print an eggbot (or two).

Laser Cut Circuit Boards

Nothing Labs

I''m very interested in how it goes if anyone tries this process with a board designed using EAGLE or other real software. I''ve had my laser cutter ( Full Spectrum 40-watt CO2 ) for about 1.5 years - and over that time have spent a good amount of time trying to make circuit boards on it.

Designer Portrait: Model Train Designer Kees-Jan van Vessem Builds Incredibly Detailed Scale Model Worlds


Typically, he starts drawing the models in 2D (with Inkscape ) and then transforms them into 3D models by using 3D modeling software like FreeCAD. With 3D printing, you can create entire new worlds.

Great Software for 3D Printers

Thornburg Thoughts

Here are a few free titles that I think should be on your list: Inkscape (Mac, Windows, Linux) [link]. Inkscape is primarily a drawing program for two-dimensional designs. It is an amazingly powerful tool that even automates the process of drawing complex objects like gears. Drawings created in Inkscape can be saved in the SVG (scalable vector graphic) format so they look great at any magnification. You

Aztech Scenic Design: Taking 3D Printing To The Limit

3D Printing for Beginners

I used my same crazy process. I would say that I would spend only around 5% of my time on the machines and I would focus a lot more on post-processing my 3D prints. And also I use Inkscape/Gimp to get vector drawings to import as sketches into Fusion360.

Intro to V Carving


This is a time consuming process and can be difficult to do well. You can often shortcut this process by using masking materials. You If the design has multiple colors you can cut one color, paint, remask and repeat the process.