Ames Laboratory's Metal Powder Manufacturing Technology Opens Up New Material Possibilities for 3D Printing

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Ames Laboratory Researchers Use 3D Printed Manifold in Advanced Magnetocaloric Cooling System

The Ames Laboratory, a national laboratory with the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science and operated by Iowa State University, works to solve our world’s pressing issues. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D printing cooling devices Ames Laboratory CaloriCool CaloriSMART Department of Energy DOE Iowa State University magnetic Manifold neodymium magnets

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International consortium develops 3D printable alloy for more eco-friendly refrigerators

3D Printing Industry

An international materials research project has yielded a 3D printable metal alloy that can make cooling systems, like those used in refrigerators, more eco-friendly and efficient.

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Ames Lab research 3D prints practical catalytic objects for chemical study

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By adding this quality to the material, researchers can make devices that facilitate the study of chemical reactions, practical to the synthesis of new chemical products, sensing […]. Slowing Iowa State University J. Adding to the potential of 3D printed objects, research at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory has proved the ability to make objects with instilled catalytic potential.

$3 Million Awarded to Collaborative Metal 3D Printing Research Team

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ISU Students 3D Print Intake, Dashboard, Heel Cups for This Year’s SAE Racecar—the CR-21

3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed automotive components 3d printed car parts 3D printed dashboard 3D printed heel cups 3d printed intake 3D printed racecar components Iowa State University SAE International Formula racing Society of Automotive Engineers stratasys stratasys fortus 450mc ULTEM 1010 3D printing material

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Ames Laboratory Develops One-Step 3D Printing Process to Create Customizable, Chemically Active Catalysts

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3d printing processes american chemical society Ames Laboratory catalyst chemistry commercial 3d printer customized 3D printing Iowa State University journal article laser cured resin monomers polymerization research paper resin sla 3d printer stereolithography us department of energy

Ames Laboratory Awarded $5 Million to Improve Metal Powders For Advanced Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

But the use of metal alloys for additive manufacturing has lagged due to lack of both materials and process development. Department of Energy Office of Science national laboratory operated by Iowa State University. Division of Materials Science and Engineering.

Stratasys Rolls out Industry Certification Program in North America, Designed to Bridge the Additive Manufacturing Skills Gap

Additive Manufacturing

The program was developed alongside a consortium of leaders across education – including The Wentworth Institute of Technology, Dunwoody College of Technology, Iowa State University, UC Irvine and Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Students Build Lighter, Faster Formula SAE Competition Cars with Stratasys 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

For Cyclone Racing, an automotive racing team from Iowa State University (ISU), it’s 3D printing. This year it means that the Iowa team created their best Cyclone yet – the CR-21 – using design for 3D printing. What’s in your toolbox?

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The Week in 3D Printing: Florida Man Wins, Explosive Prints, Wearables for Plants, Safer AM, and a 3D Printed Burn

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A group of researchers at Purdue University developed a specialized printer with a mobile print bed (rather than a moveable nozzle), which builds an ignitable nanothermite material out of layers of other nanomaterials. Photo courtesy Iowa State University.

QuesTek Wins Six SBIR/STTR Awards to Optimize Legacy Alloys and Design New Alloys Tailored for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Army to develop technologies and design new alloys specifically tailored to the unique processing conditions and material-related challenges of Additive Manufacturing (AM). QuesTek Innovations LLC ( ) is a global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME).

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New Home of Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

RPM Tools

Specifically, the combination of advanced materials, high performance computing resources, modeling and simulation tools, and additive manufacturing practices is allowing large and small enterprises alike to design and build otherwise impossibly complex shapes and systems while significantly reducing manufacturing costs and cycle times, Johnson added. The DMDI Institute will address the life cycle of digital data interchanged through design, engineering and manufacturing.

You Won’t Believe This Cube Was 3D Printed in One Piece


Kurt uses Polyamide as a 3D printing material for his designs. I’ve always lived in Iowa (USA). I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Architecture, then did some graduate work in graphic design, specializing in computer graphics and 3D modeling.

Additive Manufacturing Education Is Helping To Bridge The Workforce Development Gap

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been working to improve their students’ education within additive manufacturing starting with their CAD/ MET (Mechanical Engineering Training) program.

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Top 6 Reasons Universities Are Buying 3D Printers


Photo credit: University of Iowa 3d printer [link]. Don’t get left behind in the race to buy a 3D printer! It is now one of the top products being budgeted for by universities.

3D Printing for Physics: Small Prints, Large Impact


is a research scientist at the University of Iowa. Working With – and Discovering – the Unknown On a regular basis, James Wetzel works with materials and concepts that a large number of people have never heard of. I’ve spent a small fraction of that in raw materials.

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3D Printing for Physics: Small Prints, Large Impact


is a research scientist at the University of Iowa. On a regular basis, James Wetzel works with materials and concepts that a large number of people have never heard of. I’ve spent a small fraction of that in raw materials. James Wetzel, Ph.D.

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Chicken VR at the Maker Faire

Tales of a 3D Printer

Sunday night we returned with far fewer button-making materials, tired and happy kids, and an Editor's Choice blue ribbon! One week ago, we loaded our rented van with kids, chicken crafts, and our HTC Vive, and headed off to the San Mateo Maker Faire.

STEM Education in Space

Thornburg Thoughts

The balloon headed west, and landed a day later on a farm in Iowa where a kind farmer found it and sent it to me. This material is generally released under a Creative Commons copyright, making it perfect for free classroom use.

Machine Tool Distributor Inks Partnership with Industrial 3D Printing Company to Meet Customer Demand

Additive Manufacturing

Built on a foundation of fairness, after-sales support, and hard work, the company has grown to more than 170 employees covering eight office locations in 14 states including Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Top 10 Posts of 2016: Personalized Cars, Lighter Weight Plane Parts and a New Look & Feel for Fashion

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

2016 was a big year for 3D printing, from breakthrough full-color multi-material solutions to new advanced materials for outer space and next generation 3D Demonstrators that enable new manufacturing paradigms.

GE Selects More Than 400 Schools to Receive 3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing

Iowa State University. Essentially “grown” from the ground up, additive components generate far less scrap material and are typically lighter and more durable than traditional forged parts because they require less welding and machining. By David Wilson | GE Additive.

Upcoming CATI Training Classes for August 2016 – Featuring SOLIDWORKS Drawings

CATI Tech Notes

A lot of material is covered in a short time, but our instructors are there to make sure that no one is left behind. In order to obtain the full potential of the powerful tools provided by Computer Aided Technology (CATI), over 70 training classes are offered in August 2016.

PostProcess Announces Expanded Channel Partner Coverage Across North America

Additive Manufacturing

This was critical selection criteria as PostProcess post-printing solutions enable scalability of all materials and all technologies. Four New Channel Partners Accelerate Growth. . BUFFALO, N.Y.,

Fabrisonic-Patented Solid-State Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Welding Technology Bonds Layers

Additive Manufacturing

The Formation systems were based off of a 1kW welding module which limited the materials that could be welded. This inability to weld relevant engineering materials limited initial commercial success. What dissimilar materials can be bonded?

Metal 3D printing could benefit from smooth-flowing Ames Laboratory powders


Department of Energy at Iowa State University, is hard at work manufacturing the perfect metal powders. 3D Printing MaterialsThe famous Ames Laboratory, run by the U.S. While that innovation may seem small (atomic, in fact), its implications for the 3D printing industry are colossal.

Apple announces plans to repatriate billions in overseas cash…

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Over the last decade, Apple has invested billions of dollars in data centers and co-located facilities in seven US states, including North Carolina, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and a recently announced project in Iowa. Apple works with over 9,000 American suppliers — large and small businesses in all 50 states — and each of Apple’s core products relies on parts or materials made in the US or provided by US-based suppliers.

America’s Manufacturing Renaissance

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NAM reports the top five states for manufacturing growth are Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Alabama. Kamas says the growing port is an asset that allows manufactures to move materials and product in and out of the city “at a tremendously low rate.”.