Kansas State University: 3D Freeze Printing Used to Create Batteries


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed batteries 3D printed energy storage 3D printing graphene aerogels Kansas State University3D design and printing can be integrated into nearly any industry today, but researchers around the world persist in using it to harness energy, and especially for storage—as in the ubiquitous. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys to Host Kansas Roadshow Series


These events are scheduled to take place in Wichita and Kansas City, Kansas, and will give those interested in 3D printing a great opportunity to see how the manufacturing and design industry is utilizing this fast-growing technology.

3D Printed Hand Helps Kansas Boy Enjoy Birthday Gift

3D Printer

Hudson Borton, 3, is an ordinary boy from Shawnee, Kansas, except for one thing, he is missing a hand. 3D printing has done it again. Thanks to 3D printing, Borton was able to enjoy one of his favorite birthday gifts, a new bike.

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Kansas State University researchers develop AI system for 3D printing process monitoring

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Researchers from Kansas State University’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) have developed a new quality monitoring system for the 3D printing process. Research Dr. Shing Chang kansas state university LulzBot Mini 3D printer support vector machine Ugandhar Delli

Developing the Community in Kansas in More Ways Than One

The Solidworks Blog

This is something Eric Spurgeon , a longtime SOLIDWORKS user, entrepreneur, and leader of the South Central Kansas SOLIDWORKS User Group, understands well. A packed house at the South Central Kansas SOLIDWORKS User Group! He still lives in Kansas today.

Inside the 3DEXPERIENCE Center: Dassault Systèmes Executives Underscore Importance of 3D Printing & Advanced Manufacturing in Kansas


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Aerospace 3D Printing Business Education Exclusive Interviews 3dexperience 3DEXPERIENCE Center 3DExperience platform airbus collaboration Dassault Systèmes Jeff Smith Kansas Michel Tellier MRAM Wichita State UniversityOn Thursday, 27 April, Wichita State University and its National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) held the grand opening of the new 3DEXPERIENCE Center as the school’s Innovation Campus. View the entire article via our website.

Print Your Own World Series Trophy: 3Diligent Announces a Contest to Honor World Champion Kansas City Royals


3D Design 3D Printing 3d design challenge 3d design contest 3d printed trophies 3d printed trophy 3d printing contests 3diligent baseball kansas city royals world seriesI don’t know what a championship is like, since no sports team has won a championship in my city in my lifetime. I imagine it’s nice, though. I was living overseas the last. View the entire article via our website.

DEF 2015 Recap II: Grand Rapids, Troy, Kansas City


Our latest stops have brought us to Grand Rapids, Dearborn, and Kansas City in the last few weeks with very positive turn outs. Kansas City was the next stop and also saw a great turnout at the Arrowhead Stadium!

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Roadshow - Kansas City and Wichita

CATI Tech Notes

CATI and Stratasys are co-hosting 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Roadshow events in Kansas City and Wichita. Kansas City, MO. 48th Place Kansas City, MO 64112. There is no cost to attend these events and a meal is included. Event Highlights Include: A 3D Manufacturing Exploration around new additive design and prototyping applications, solutions, and the impact on manufacturers.

Australian researchers use 3D printing to make food more palatable to dysphagia sufferers  

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Research Bronwyn Hemsley Campden BRI Columbia University Deakin University kansas state university Redefine Meat University of Queensland University of Technology SydneyResearchers from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Deakin University in Australia, have used 3D printing to create meals that are designed to be tastier and safer to eat for people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia).

3D modelling drives productivity at U.S. Department of Energy

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Department of Energy’s (DoE) Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) is using 3D printing to drive manufacturing speed and productivity. 3DP Applications honeywell Kansas City National Security Campus Sandia National LaboratoriesA new initiative at the U.S.

It’s official, 3D printed graphene aerogel is the lightest material in the world

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Developed at Kansas State University, the. Materials Chi Zhou Dong Lin Graphene graphene aerogel kansas state university Qiangqiang Zhang Qiangqiang Zhang Lanzhou University University at BuffaloA 3D printed graphene aerogel has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the "least dense 3D printed structure."

3D printing to help diagnose patients with anemia

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bodyTop Medical & Dental anemia kansas state university Microfluidics research smartphoneAccess to healthcare and treatment and also diagnostic facilities can be difficult in remote regions. From rural areas to underdeveloped countries, not everyone lives in.

Simulation First Initiative Helps Honeywell Engineers Find Optimal Parameters for 3D Printed & Machined Parts


Honeywell FM&T, an engineering, manufacturing and sourcing enterprise that’s part of aerospace company Honeywell, manages and operates the Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) for the US. 3D Printing 3d printing simulation software 3d simulation algorithms Honeywell Kansas City National Security Campus national security campus Sandia National Laboratories SimFirst Simulation First strategic partnership us department of energy

More Than One Way to Skin a Leg — 3D Printed Covers for Prostheses Coming From KSU Students


A group of 27 second-year students at Kansas State University’s Interior Architecture and Product Design Studio are heavily involved in a project to design 3D printed prosthetic “skins” which will ultimately be fitted over... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Health 3D Printing 3d printed student design projects Dustin Headley Kansas State University prostheses prosthetic covering prosthetic legs prosthetics

Airbus and Dassault Systèmes Inaugurate Wichita State University Sites Focused on 3D Technologies & Aerospace Innovation


Today in Kansas, aerospace takes another great leap forward as new innovation sites at Wichita State University cut their ribbons: Airbus and Dassault Systèmes are officially residents at the. View the entire article via our website.

Graphene Aerogel Now Holds Guinness World Record for Lightest 3D Printed Structure


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed graphene 3d printed graphene aerogel 3d printed graphene aerogels aerogel graphene Guinness Book of World Records guinness world record Guinness World Records Kansas State University Lanzhou University University of BuffaloThere’s a Guinness World Record category for just about everything these days. There’s a record for largest collection of stuffed crocodiles, and a record for fastest text message typed.

oVert to scan over 20000 vertebrates for free download and 3D printing

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The openVertebrate (oVert) project is scanning between 20,000 and 30,000 fluid-preserved vertebrate specimens from institutions across the US and making them freely available to 3D print on the MorphoSource platform, a platform hosted by Duke University. Funded by a US National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, oVert has brought together research institutions who will CT scan the specimens, […].

Researchers Develop Machine Learning Method to Monitor 3D Printing Process for Defects


3D Printing Science & Technology 3D print defects defects in 3D printing journal article Kansas State University Lulzbot Mini 3d printer machine learning process monitoring research paperAll sorts of issues can occur when a 3D printed part has a defect, and researchers around the world continue trying to find new ways to detect these defects before they cause too many problems. Now, View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing Transitions: Mohammad Ehteshami to Retire From GE Additive; Jason Oliver Steps in as CEO


3D Printing Business CEO Dover Corporation ge GE Additive Heidelberger Drucksmachinen AG Jason Oliver Mohammad Ehteshami University of KansasGE Additive today introduced Jason Oliver as its new CEO, in an announcement that came also with the news that Vice President and General Manager Mohammad Ehteshami will be retiring later this year. View the entire article via our website.

Lighter-Than-Air Graphene 3D Printing Spurs R&D Tax Credit Opportunities


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d print graphene 3d printed graphene 3d printed graphene aerogel 3d printed graphene aerogels 3D printing tax credits graphene Graphene 3D Lab graphene 3d printing IBM Kansas State University local motors mit Northwestern University tax creditsGraphene is a single-atomic layer of carbon atoms. Organized in a hexagonal lattice, it is considered a “wonder material” that contains an array of properties unparalleled in other.

Wait…Let Me 3D Print a Cosplay Selfie


3D Design 3D Printing 3D Scanners 3d photobooth 3d print photobooth 3d printed cosplay 3D printed cosplay selfie 3d printed portrait 3d printed sculpture 3d printed selfie comic con cosplay cosplayers glow in the dark kansas city selfie selfies sketchfab

Almost a Spider: Advanced 3D Imaging Reveals a New Type of Arachnid that Lived 305 Million Years Ago


3D Scanners 3D Software 3d ct scan 3D imaging 3d scan fossil 3d x-rays arachnids Berlin's Museum für Naturkunde Diamond Light Source Idmonarachne brasieri Imperial College London Russell Garwood spiders SPIERS software University of Kansas university of manchesterThe ancestors of spiders started to appear more than 318 million years ago. There are 45,000 different species of spiders alive today and they can be found on every continent save Antarctica, making.

Scientists Research Materials & New Processes for 3D Printing Ultra Light Graphene Aerogels


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D printed conductive materials 3d printed graphene 3d printed graphene aerogel 3d printed graphene aerogels aerogel graphene Kansas State University printed graphene aerogels University at BuffaloThe doors that 3D printing has opened, one after the other—and at such an accelerated speed—are astounding and seemingly infinite. With incredible designs being produced in nearly every sector from. View the entire article via our website.

Science in the Age of Experience Focuses on Digital Pathway from Concept to Production with Additive Manufacturing Symposium


This week in Chicago, Dassault Systèmes is hosting Science in the Age of Experience as the company’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform continues with its forward momentum. Dassault, which recently opened. View the entire article via our website.

Keeping Nuclear Weapons Secure with 3D Printing at the National Security Campus

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In order, to accomplish this goal of security in the United States by the Department of Energy, the Kansas City-based National Security Campus, managed by Honeywell, is constantly working to manufacture non-nuclear components with the goal of reducing the nuclear stockpile of the U.S.

Women in 3D Printing events coming this July

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Now encompassing 18 chapters across four continents, the summer schedule starts with events in Canada, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and Kansas. Women in 3D Printing, the California-based organization supporting gender diversification of the global additive manufacturing sector, is bringing communities together through a slew of events this month.

NIAR Increases Capabilities with New Metal 3D Printer, Industrial X-Ray CT


This spring, 3DPrint.com was on site when Airbus and Dassault Systèmes became official residents of the Innovation Campus at Wichita State University (WSU) in Kansas, with a combined goal of. View the entire article via our website.

Design Students Customize 3D Printed Skin for Prosthetic Limbs

3D Printing Industry

A unique program at Kansas State University has students design ‘prosthetic skins’ for six different individuals with existing prostheses. By Tarun Tampi.

Kansas 114

NIAR, SAE International Developing New Polymer 3D Printing Standards for the Aerospace Industry


For some time now, Wichita State University (WSU) in Kansas, and specifically its National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), has been working to innovate the aerospace industry by way of 3D. View the entire article via our website.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Is Here - Attend Our Design Innovation Summit

CATI Tech Notes

Kansas City, KS. Sporting Club Kansas City. Join CATI at our 4th annual Design Innovation Summit and be the first to see SOLIDWORKS 2015. The CATI Design Innovation Summit is an interactive learning experience focused on helping you design and make better products.

Survey Suggests More Growth Ahead For Midwest Economy

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The survey covers Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota. Japan’s recent decision to raise the tariff on frozen beef imports will significantly harm Kansas and Nebraska, according to Goss, because Nebraska ranked No.

K State Team 3D Prints Device for Anemia Detection in Developing World

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The latest comes from Kansas State University researchers who have turned a smartphone into a blood sample analyzer.… By Michael Molitch-Hou. As Prof.

SOLIDWORKS User Groups for the Midwest in August 2016

CATI Tech Notes

August 30 th 6:30-9:30PM Kansas City SOLIDWORKS User Group MRI Global 425 Volker Blvd Kansas City, MO 66203 Click here for details. Well as things really heat up out there we have a few user groups popping up in August. Check out these listings for more information.

Spirit AeroSystems Using Robotics for Quality Inspection of…

Design 2 Part News

Spirit is implementing the new robotic NDI technology at its headquarters location in Wichita, Kansas, and plans to use similar technology at its Prestwick, Scotland, facility. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Spirit operates sites in the U.S.,

Register for our 5th Annual Product Development Forum

CATI Tech Notes

Kansas City, MO. Courtyard Marriott Kansas City at Briarcliff. This May CATI will host our 5th Annual Product Development Forum.

The future of 3D Printed Ceramics with NCECA

Shapeways Blog

What else did we do while in Kansas City? Kansas City maker Jo Kamm, Maker Village KC co-founder, Nick Ward-Bopp and friends! Of course, we couldn’t leave Kansas City without checking out the legendary BBQ. Technology is not a replacement for hand crafted.

3D Printing Helps Smart Phones Detect Anemia

3D Systems

To further the cause of early detection and prevention, Dr. Mei He and graduate student Kimberly Plevniak of Kansas State University Olathe have set out to develop a smart phone POC for anemia detection with the help of 3D printing.

WillowFlex 3D printing filament to lead Organic Material Evolution

3D Printing Review

The material is a result of a collaboration between Berlin-based organic materials company BioInspiration; Kansas USA-based bioscience social enterprise Green Dot; and 3D printing filament developer, 3d-k.berlin.

Meet the Fifth Grade 3D Designers of Trojan’s Tinker

Shapeways Blog

At Southeast of Saline Elementary school in Kansas, art and technology teacher Kinsy McVay challenged the students in his 5th grade art class to design and market their own 3D printed creations. “I Joining Creativity and Technology in Early Education.


CATI Tech Notes

Recently I was able to attend two local user group meetings in the Kansas City area. The Kansas City SOLIDWORKS User Group had their quarterly meeting in late November and was well attended by over 25 attendees. This group has been going strong for over 10 years and had presentations from Todd Blacksher from TMCO in Lincoln, NE. He showed how using DriveWorks Express can really speed up your common designs and is included in every license of SOLIDWORKS for FREE!

National Institute for Aviation Research Joins ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence as First Strategic Partner

Additive Manufacturing

Wichita, Kansas, August 21, 2018 –Today, global standards leader ASTM International announced that Wichita State University’s ( WSU ) National Institute for Aviation Research ( NIAR ) will join its Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence as its first “strategic” partner.

Educational Resources for Students 3D Printing from Home

Shapeways Blog

See our previous feature of 5th grade designers from Kansas ; pictured above). 3D technology has become a highly valuable subject in schools.