The Latest SOLIDWORKS Tools and Techniques

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a First Article Inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection software that streamlines and automates the creation of ballooned inspection drawings and inspection reports (AS9102, PPAP, etc.).

Beyond BIM Symposium – Innovations in Geometry and Collaboration

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Current practice in architectural and engineering design involves workflow methods that can have many stages and steps that challenge the efficacy and quality of the design and construction process. Knowledge-based design and production of semi-standard Facade Systems. Keynote Speaker: Filippo Lodi – Head of Innovation an d Knowledge Management, UNS tudio.

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Creating the Innovation Platform for the Future

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No, it needs to transform into a platform that renders many of your less creative tasks obsolete. One example of how you will benefit from this technology involves its ability to provide knowledge based on existing data. Instead of engineers and designers telling their CAD system what to do, the CAD tools will evaluate appropriate options based on information you provided. Innovation is an ideative process; you don’t invent something in a vacuum.

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