What is selective deposition lamination?

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The ASTM standards organization has a definition for sheet lamination– an additive manufacturing process in which sheets of material are bonded to form an object. 3D printing /additive manufacturing continues to evolve, so there are several variations on lamination.

Rapid 2019: Laminated Resin Printing Technology: Callaghan Innovation Presents MicroMaker3D


Many developments are being made on the microscopic scale in 3D printing—with numerous examples on display this week at RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit (May 20-23). 3D Printing 3D printing submillimeter structures Callaghan Innovation Laminated Resin Printing LRP MicroMaker3D prototyping RAPID + TCTNew Zealand is. View the entire article via our website.

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MicroMaker3D Team Introduces New Laminated Resin Printing Technology


A New Zealand company has unveiled a technology that it claims allows for the rapid prototyping of high resolution microscale structures. 3D Printing Callaghan Innovation Laminated Resin Printing MicroMaker3D new zealand Santa Clara LaunchpadMicroMaker3D, part of innovation agency Callaghan Innovation, View the entire article via our website.

Paper and color–a natural for 3D printing

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On the one hand, you think such a 3D printed object can’t possibly handle the potential wear and tear you might expose it too. Mcor Technologies Ltd , a leader in full-color 3D printing , showed its IRIS HD 3D printer.

Getting to Know the Selective Deposition Lamination Method of 3D Printing

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If you are of the opinion that 3D printing is the realm of extruded plastics or jetted polymers, you should invest a few minutes to discover a new dimension to 3D printing: paper.

A visual look at the history of 3D printing

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This graphic gives you a very nice look at what happened when in the 3D printing industry. It begins in 1983, but you can see when it really started to take off, at around 2008. Below the graphic is a brief outline of all the major events. Check it out! Leslie Langnau. llangnau@wtwhmedia.com.

Are 3D printing companies shifting their focus?

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An interesting development is emerging with the major 3D printing manufacturers. In addition to making 3D printing and additive manufacturing machines, manufacturers are adding to and expanding their ability to make your part for you. Now, 3D Systems and Stratasys both have had departments or divisions that offered additive manufacturing services for a number of years. And both companies have made several acquisitions that strengthen their ability to offer services.

Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs

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Recently, UL initiated a number of initiatives that will help designers confidently harness the benefits of 3D printing in a way that’s relevant to their business needs. For training, UL has an initial course, the Foundations of 3D printing, available online through the eLearning modules. Foundations of 3D Printing introduces concepts related to: Print process challenges and considerations. UL, however, is partnering with Georgia Tech on 3D printing emissions research.

Rice University Researchers Continue Work with 3D Graphene Foam


Foam, which is used in industries ranging from packaging and aerospace to infrastructure and sports, can be 3D printed, which can provide better durability and long-term mechanical performance than. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3d print graphene 3D printer prototype 3d printing graphene advanced materials graphene graphene foam journal article laminated object manufacturing laser proof of concept research paper rice university

7 news ways you’ll 3D print parts in 2017

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At the two major 3D printing conferences this year, AMUG and RAPID, companies introduced new ways to additively make parts. Some of these new 3D printing technologies are available now. Researchers in 3D printing are definitely thinking outside the box.

It's No Fairytale: Todd Grimm Shares His Treasure Trove of 3D Printing News at RAPID


This year’s RAPID + TCT was jam packed with new 3D printing technology and was by far the largest 3D printing expo that I’ve personally seen. There was an awful lot to take in. So where. View the entire article via our website.

Better color 3D printing

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Along with that improvement, the printer delivers better color quality on thin-walled models and uses 10% less ink in all color printing modes, which reduces operating costs.

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Get the latest 3D printing developments at the AMUG and RAPID Conferencess

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The users group conference, now in its 27th year, is open to owners and operators of all additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies. For the professional user of additive manufacturing systems, there are two key conferences.

With 3D printing materials, knowledge is power

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The key to a thriving 3D printing / additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) industry will be materials. For example, we printed a part for the oil and gas industry out of 420 stainless steel infiltrated with bronze. Printing resolution is comparable to injection molding.

How to insure a design is 3D printable

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As 3D printing / additive manufacturing becomes a more accepted every day industrial tool, the focus is turning to best practices that help smooth out the kinks in preparing parts for the additive build. But STL is not the right tool to check the design to ensure it can be printed.

Metal 3D Printing is Poised to Become a New Manufacturing Paradigm, But Adoption Is Slow


Although metal 3D printing may seem like a new technology, it’s been around since the 1980’s, and used chiefly in production of high value, highly engineered, complex parts and prototypes. Companies. View the entire article via our website.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

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Rapid prototyping (RP) is a group of techniques that are used to produce scale models of a product using 3D printing technology and computer-aided design (CAD) data. Rapid prototyping first emerged in the scene in the late 1980s with the introduction of a technology called stereolithography, which is based on hardening of liquid plastic by exposing it to ultraviolet laser. Rapid prototyping is an additive manufacturing technology. Quick way of prototyping.

Additive manufacturing—after the hype

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How has the all the hype around 3D printing /additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) prototyping and manufacturing endeavors affected you? While investors are making short-sided decisions on 3D printing public stocks, more companies are entering the 3DP/AM industry.

The Process of Prototyping Your Project

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Prototyping is an integral part of the design process, whether it is a crude sketch on your notebook or a model created by a 3D printer. With the technology that is currently available, prototyping is relatively inexpensive, quick and easy. Here is the typical process that you would have to go through, for prototyping a project or product idea. Once you have a satisfactory set of answers, you can think about building the actual prototype. Prototype designing.

AMUG 2016—a unique opportunity to learn and connect

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Most conferences and shows about 3D printing / additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) focus on giving vendors an opportunity to reach potential customers. Legacy Effects uses many 3D printing technologies for film and TV special effects.

Tips for improving 3D printing workflows

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Recently we held a webinar on three of the main software programs available that help prepare a CAD design for 3D printing / additive manufacturing (Magics, Rhino3DPRINT , and Spark). As our presenters noted, 3D printing is not yet living up to its potential or its hype. Part of the problem is the link between software and hardware for 3D printing, which needs improvement. The most fundamental question you can ask is “can your design actually be printed on your printer?”

3D printing and scanning movie expert headlines RAPID keynote lineup

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He is inspiring in the number of ways he and his team use many types of 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems, and they are always crunched for time, so it is fun and fascinating to see how he uses this equipment to meet deadlines.

What’s In A Technology Name?

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This question comes up all the time when talking about manufacturing processes used today, especially those newer to shop floors like 3D printing. (Or Or is that additive manufacturing…or rapid prototyping?). 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing? 3D Printing Technologies.

Mcor Technologies to Inform RAPID 2015 Attendees How to Save 80% on 3D Printing and Prototyping Costs

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Increasing 3D printer material costs are straining budgets and inhibiting use of 3D printing and prototyping technology at commercial and educational organizations. Mcor 3D printed models can be tapped, threaded, hinged, made water resistant and flexible.


Where is 3D printing development now?

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Recently, Gartner released a report on the state of 3D printing for 2017. According to the report, the subjects “on the rise” of the hype curve and that you will be hearing more about include: –3D Printing Workflow Software. –Macro 3D Printing.

Canon aims to make impact in 3D printer market

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Prototype parts: These cogs were printed in resin by a prototype Canon 3D printer that the company says delivers a better surface finish than existing printers. 3D Systems holds key patents on a number of printing technologies.

AFRL – Embracing Opportunity: Additive Technology for Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

For scientists and engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing, can be a powerful tool for rapid innovation. By Marisa Alia-Novobilski | Air Force Research Laboratory | Published January 06, 2017.

AM / RP Technologies

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In the case of lamination systems, thin layers are cut to shape and joined together. As of 2005, conventional rapid prototype machines cost around 25,000. The Audi RSQ was made by Audi with rapid prototyping industrial KUKA robots.

ColorFabb LW-PLA Expanding Foaming Plastic Filament for 3D Printing - Part 1 Testing and experimentation


ColorFabb LW-PLA (Expanding/Foaming PLA) Filament for FDM 3D Printing - Part 1 Hello everyone, Richard here - In this blog post I'll be looking at a new and unique 3D Printing material for the FDM/FFF process. The foamed printed parts look and feel fantastic !

3Diligent’s New 2019 State of Metal 3D Printing Report Documents Growth of Metal 3D Printing and New Processes

Additive Manufacturing

Document Explores Metal 3D Printing Trends and Catalogs Existing and Emerging Processes Providing Readers with a Comprehensive Guide for Metal 3D Printing Projects. Binder Jetting – Sand Print-to-Cast, Full Sinter and Infiltrated. Sheet Lamination. Print-to-Plating.

MicroMaker3D unveils new Laminated Resin Printing tech for 3D printing tiny structures


New Zealand’s Callaghan Innovation unveiled Laminated Resin Printing (LRP) – a new 3D printing technology that enables rapid prototyping of high-resolution microscale structures. 3D Printing Technology

DOMO Chemicals and ZARE Boost Sinterline® 3D-Printed Parts Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

As manufacturers move from prototyping to serial production, 3D-printed parts makers are demanding higher mechanical and thermal performance standards from their suppliers.

3D Printing Market by Technology

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The Market has been evolving as a technique to create 3D models and prototypes, in many industries, namely, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer products- in order to investigate the possibility of completing a project in lesser time and with few resources. 3D printing manufacturing is also found to be quicker and less expensive. It describes the demand for 3D printing technology in various regions.

Four Key Takeaways from the Wohlers Report 2015


It’s not easy to summarize a 300+ page report in the span of a blog post, especially one as thorough and educationally deep as Wohlers Report 2015 on the state of the 3D printing industry. More than twenty 3D printed implant products have achieved FDA clearance for use.

Aurora Flight Sciences Maximizes the Benefits of 3D Printed Composite Tooling

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

It’s no secret that the aerospace industry has been using AM technologies such as FDM for decades, but Aurora has been among the AM leaders for far more than mainstream prototyping with applications such as composite tooling , production parts, and even the world’s first jet-powered UAV demonstrator.

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Artist Robert Lazzarini Discusses CubePro in the Arts

3D Systems

When did you first get into 3D printing? I started using rapid prototyping around 1995 for a group of sculptures that were based on objects in my studio. The very first models that I made used a technology called Laminated Object Manufacturing.

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Made in America – HST Materials Inc. (IL)

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HST offers a superior customer experience, product expertise and quick prototype turnaround. Prototyping. Ultra-fast prototyping is provided using their Atom Flashcut dieless knife cutting table. Slitting & Lamination. HST Materials Inc.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing advice #Day 8 3D4M Facilan C8 and Pongostore PLA


December advent calendar - modular Christmas tree 3D Printing advice #Day 8 For the background and i ntroduction - Day #1 Post click here Yesterday - Day #7 Post (water bottle rocket) was printed in Prusa research Easy ABS-T and Filamentive Recycled RPLA. Does it smell when printing? -

Made in America – Tech Etch (MA)

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Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturing – Tech-Etch manufactures high reliability flexible printed circuits on polyimide substrates using advanced manufacturing processes.

Building ABS on a lasercut/fabbed Darwin

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I''ve managed to put together one extruder from the bits of lasercut prototypes Ponko have been cutting for me. I''ve loaded it with ABS and am now printing components with it, as you can see in the photo, as well as a classic Mighty RepRap Power Ring.

How to Smooth PETG Prints

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Next to the ever-popular ABS and PLA filaments, PETG is probably the third most widely-used filament material in desktop 3D printing. What are the best ways to smooth a PETG print? Although PETG prints are also very strong, its scratch-resistance is not quite up to par with ABS.

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MIT’s Future Shoe Can Transform Itself

Additive Manufacturing

It’s mind-bending enough to 3D print shoes and other textiles. To create the Minimal Shoe, Guberan, Clopath, and Tibbits decided to 3D print extruded plastic—using fused deposition modeling—in programmed patterns onto stretched textiles. By DJ Pangburn — Nov 2, 2015.

All About Acrylic Plastic

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It is often used as a laminated layer over Polycarbonate (PC). Acrylic Prototypes using CNC and 3D printer machines. 3D Printing. Acrylic is also available in a filament form which can be used with 3D printers to create prototypes using computer-aided design files. The 3D printer basically heats the acrylic filament and then deposits it according to the design of the prototype. Acrylic manufacturing and 3D printing using acrylic tends to produce toxic fumes.