Aerospace: Powder-Bed-Based Laser Melting with Metals (LaserCUSING®)

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LaserCUSING from Concept Laser in satellite technology. The Koreasat-5A and Koreasat-7 antenna supports will be the largest volume parts so far produced by powder-bed-based laser melting of metals from Europe to be in orbit. Photo courtesy of Concept Laser GmbH).

Manufacturing Technologies Growth Trends and Forecasts

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Here, we take a look at the growth trends from CNC machining, 3D printing and vacuum casting for 2019 and look onwards for forecasts. The post Manufacturing Technologies Growth Trends and Forecasts appeared first on Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Production.

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Major Metal 3D Printing Developments and the R&D Tax Credit

Recent technological developments and industry trends are greatly bolstering the value of 3D metal printing. 3D Printing Business Metal 3D Printing Boeing Dreamliner desktop metal Directed Energy Deposition electron beam freeform fabrication ge GE Additive laser metal deposition lens Norsk Titanium selective laser melting selective laser sintering single pass jetting

SLM Solutions and Identify3D Cooperate to Develop End-to-End Integrity for Additive Manufacturing in the Digital Supply Chain

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As SLM Solutions looks to the future of metal AM and many of its customers focus on production with selective laser melting machines, the integration of Identify3D will provide a solution for data protection and licensing from design to manufacturing.

SLM Solutions Presents Additive Manufacturing Trends and Technology at Aviation Forum 2014

Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Dieter Schwarze, Chief Scientific Officer at SLM Solutions and one of the inventors of selective laser melting, accompanied the workshop “Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) – Future perspectives for a business in transition!”

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Accolades for Concept Laser CEO

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” The award recognizes the outstanding entrepreneurship that has made Concept Laser successful since the company was founded in 2000. 3D Printers Additive Manufacturing Directed Energy Deposition Leslie's blog News concept laser

SLM Solutions scoops prestigious award

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The Lubeck-based company produces Selective Laser Melting systems and is a global leader in the metal-based additive manufacturing business. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Scanners Press Release Select Last Melting SLM Solutions

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Renishaw – How Much Can You Recycle Metal Additive Manufacturing Powder?

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For additive manufacturing (AM) using metal laser melting, the properties of the powder and the machine parameters that are used to process it are closely related. The fine metal powder that we use for laser melting can be costly, so waste should be avoided.

Frank Herzog, Founder of Concept Laser, Wins 2015 Award for Entrepreneur of the Year in Additive Manufacturing

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“European CEO” recognizes Concept Laser’s extraordinary growth. Award for Best CEO in the Additive Manufacturing Industry 2015 (Photo courtesy of Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels). ” (Photo courtesy of Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels). Concept Laser GmbH.

ConceptLaser-Digitization in Dental Technology

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Increasingly, however, laser-melted implants, abutments, crowns and bridges are being used in the dentistry field. The company uses conventional denture production methods like 3-axis DSC milling machines and, since 2005, CAD/CAM techniques such as laser melting of metals.

Concept Laser Reports Further Revenue Growth in the First Half of 2015

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Large-scale laser melting systems boost incoming orders and revenue in the first half of 2015. Lichtenfels, September 04, 2015 – Concept Laser’s 15th anniversary in 2015 is a brilliant performance – and it has the figures to prove it. ABOU T CONCEPT LASER.

NextGen spaceframe by EDAG - trends in the technology of laser melting of metals in automotive manufacturing


User views on metal additive manufacturing

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Honeywell , for example, uses Arcam’s Electron Beam Melting (EBM) additive manufacturing technology to build parts for aerospace use. Don Godfrey of Honeywell going over how the company uses electron beam melting in the production of aerospace parts.

Additive Manufacturing: Moving Aviation Forward

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One example of this trend is in the aviation industry  something I know quite well as the general manager for New Product Introduction at GE Aviation. This is a model jet engine using the selective laser melting technique.

3Diligent’s New 2019 State of Metal 3D Printing Report Documents Growth of Metal 3D Printing and New Processes

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Document Explores Metal 3D Printing Trends and Catalogs Existing and Emerging Processes Providing Readers with a Comprehensive Guide for Metal 3D Printing Projects.

Concept Laser: A Breath of Fresh Air at the IDS 2015

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New, the M2 cusing from Concept Laser, also with 2 x 200 W laser technology, for dental laboratories. As central service providers, they use laser melting with metals for the industrial production of custom-fit and inexpensive dentures. Concept Laser GmbH.

Mapal Relies on Additive Manufacturing for QTD-Series Insert Drills

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In this pioneering role, Mapal now relies on additive tool solutions with LaserCUSING systems by Concept Laser. Additive manufacturing from metal powder using laser melting systems by Concept Laser makes entirely new design approaches possible. Why Concept Laser?

Concept Laser: Additive Manufacturing with a Digital Process Chain in the Blok Group

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The Blok Group relies on maximum build envelope for laser melting of metals. Investment in two laser melting systems from Concept Laser for a wide range of 3D printing components. Image source: Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels). Concept Laser GmbH.

Yndetech Builds Fast-Growing Dental Implant Business in Italy with 3D Systems’

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Today we are printing a complete portfolio of dental devices with this laser melting technology using 3D Systems’ cobalt-chrome material, including bridges, abutments, and implant bars,” explained Emidio.

Italy 60

Concept Laser Founder and CEO Frank Herzog Named Finalist of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Prize) 2015

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His inclusion in the “circle of the best” is another milestone in the anniversary year of Concept Laser GmbH. Frank Herzog is regarded as a pioneer in the field of powder bed-based laser melting. ” (Image source: Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels, Germany).

SLM Solutions Reflects Continued Growth for First Half of 2015

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Dr. Markus Rechlin, CEO of SLM Solutions Group AG, explained business trends, “Focus on the core of our business with Selective Laser Melting® technology is paying off.

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Redesigning Medical Instruments Using 3D Metal Printing

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By Concept Laser. To change this trend, Sutrue developed an instrument which automatically passes any curved needle with a suture through the tissue of a patient. The component itself is printed by ES Technology on an Mlab cusing from Concept Laser in the space of three to four hours.

3Diligent Releases Complete Guide to Metal 3D Printing

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Powder Bed Fusion – Electron Beam Melting. CEO to Speak in Chicago on Metal Printing Processes at 3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour . Los Angeles, Calif.

13th Rapid.Tech – New Trade Forum “3D Metal Printing” Explores Potential

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He will compare the microstructure and mechanical properties of components produced by laser melting of water-atomised 316L stainless steel powder with those produced from gas-atomised powder.

Rapid.Tech – Additive Manufacturing in all its Facets

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12th Erfurt conference and trade fair: comprehensive expertise, the latest trends and state-of-the-art technology. Frank Cooper (Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, GB) will focus on the direct metal laser melting (DMLM) of precious metals.

Concept Laser and RSC Engineering GmbH Announce a Strategic Partnership for Engineering of Laser-Fused Components

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Partnership Between Concept Laser and RSC Engineering for Additive Design. Lichtenfels, December 8, 2014: Concept Laser and RSC Engineering GmbH (Cologne, Germany) have announced a strategic partnership for engineering of laser-fused components. Concept Laser GmbH.

The world’s largest 3D-printed drone is also its fastest…

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“The world’s largest 3D-printed drone is also its fastest, clocking in at 150 MPH” By Rick Stella, Digital Trends.

Formnext-with a Special Show on “Audi Toolmaking”, formnext is Offering Unique Insights into product Development in the Automotive Industry

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The special show will take visitors on a journey through the history of toolmaking at Audi to current production techniques, including the latest trends in product development and a look at Industry 4.0. The metal printer uses a laser melting process.

Concept Laser GmbH-A World First: Additively Manufactured Titanium Components Now Onboard the Airbus A350 XWB

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6, 2014: Laser melting with metals is increasingly gaining in importance in aircraft manufacturing. The arguments for the laser melting of metals in aircraft construction are geometric freedom and weight reduction. Claus Emmelmann, CEO, Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH, Hamburg.

New Joint Industry Project Announced Between TWI and Lloyd’s Register Energy to Advance Laser Additive Manufacturing

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Global trends indicate that the additive manufacturing market is set to grow by 390% in the next seven years, with Lloyd’s Register Energy’s 2014 Technology Radar survey suggesting that additive manufacturing will have a major impact in the oil and gas industry in the next five years.

Concept Laser Presses Home the Point in 3D: In parallel rather than sequentially – economical series production in the “AM Factory of Tomorrow”

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Concept Laser launches new modular machine architecture with numerous innovations that can be interlinked however you want. Unique features: Up to 4 x 1,000 W laser power, build envelope 400 x 400 x >400 mm 3 , automatic tool changeover and time-saving coating process.

13th Rapid.Tech – “Electronic Engineering” Trade Forum Debut

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This is why they are among the key technologies for turning global trends such as Industry 4.0, Krüger from LPKF Laser & Electronics AG will give an overview of the most important technologies for the production of MIDs (mechatronic integrated devices).

13th Rapid.Tech – First “Automotive Industry” Trade Forum Features High-Profile Speakers

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Marc Vetterli, Inspire AG (Switzerland), will present the results of an industry project in which an innovative vehicle air conditioning system was produced using selective laser sintering (SLS) and optimised material.

Classic Car Meets Future Technology: VW Caddy Fitted with 3D-Printed Front-End Structure

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In view of the growing trend towards electrification in the automotive sector, for example of drive train and actuators, heat management as well as the reduction of design space and overall weight were crucial points when designing the front-end section.