Trading Ovens for 3D Printers: Beirut’s theBAKERY Makes History in Eyewear, Art & Robotics

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printed eyewear 3d printing in the middle east 3d printing shop Beirut Guillaume Crédoz heated 3d printing bed lebanon middle east The Obsessive Drafter theBakerytheBAKERY may no longer be producing confectionery treats, but the spirit of creativity is certainly still housed within, along with production of materials that aren’t edible, but are certainly. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — October 31

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i.materialise Expands into UAE with 3DVinci Partnership

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3DVinci Creations offers affordable 3D printing solutions though its own Additive Manufacturing Centers in Dubai, UAE and Beirut, and Lebanon to bring production closer to users in the region. By Davide Sher.

UAE 112

We Expand Our 3D Printing Platform to the Middle East!


The agreement brings the i.materialise platform to 3DVinci Creations , a provider of affordable and accessible 3D printing technologies with Additive Manufacturing Centers in Dubai, UAE and Beirut, Lebanon.

The Week in 3D Printing

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MEANWHILE IN SYRIA, Vice brought us the moving story of Ibrahim Mohammad, a refugee who’s working to bring relief to Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon — in the form of 3D printed limbs.

What is a drone?

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They were used in the Vietnam War (1955-1975), the War of Attrition (1967-1970), Yom Kippur War (1973), Lebanon War (1982), and the Gulf War (1991). There was a time when all that the word drone meant was a male bee. But we technology-loving people also happen to be heavily inspired by nature and so a gadget that looked and behaved much like the bees was christened a “drone”.

Richards SolidWorks Blog: What a Nice Feeling - Typepad

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But when you get a call for help from a student (I have had many of these lately) from faraway places like the Philippines, Switzerland, Lebanon, Chile and Texas, I stop everything in order to focus my efforts upon the needs of that young person. Richards SolidWorks Blog. Richard Williams. About Me. Contact Me. Categories. Analysis. Current Affairs. Designing without limits. Ecology, Environment, Mother Earth. Educating Yourself. Engineering Related Items. Reviews and Reports.