Porsche green-lights 3D printed spare parts for classic cars

3D Printing Industry

Using a combination of SLM 3D printing for metal parts and SLS 3D printing for plastic parts and tooling, Porsche has added a number of spare parts to its catalog, ensuring that its cars will […]. Transport Digital spare-part initiative Ford Escape Ford Louisville Lincoln MKC Mercedes-Benz Porsche Porsche Classic SUV SUVs Volkswagen Wayne McKinney

SLM 87

AMUG Awards Two Scholarships

Additive Manufacturing

Katherine (Kate) Schneidau, who is pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Louisville, has been awarded the Guy E. Bourdeau Scholarship Katherine (Kate) Schneidau Muskegon Community College Randy Stevens Scholarship University of Louisville

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Groundbreaking 3D printing training center to open at leading research facility

3D Printing Review

The University of Louisville and UL, a safety science company, are launching a training center for professionals to learn about additive manufacturing, adding to Louisville’s growing list of 3D printing facilities.

Research Heralds 3D-Printed Organs and even Hearts

3D Perspectives

3D printers apply layers of melted plastic to create complex objects, from the silly to the serious, including personalized prostheses such as eyes, ears or knees. A step beyond plastic parts is a biological-synthetic combination. Cells are trickier to work with than plastic.

UPS To Launch On-Demand 3D Printing Manufacturing Network

Additive Manufacturing

and Fast Radius’ On Demand Production Platform™ and 3D printing factory in Louisville, KY. Collaboration with SAP will add an Industrial-strength Solution for Supply Chain Management as Part of On-demand Network.