University of Louisville Invests in 3D Printing

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The truth is, the maker has to be actively involved in the part building process from the start to finish, and several problems can crop up in the middle of a manufacturing session which the maker must know how to deal with.

The Business of Making Things: FirstBuild™ Microfactory Opens in Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Additive Manufacturing

LOUISVILLE, Ky. Through the FirstBuild™ Microfactory *, which officially opened today in Louisville, Ky., The easy-slide oven door also includes a “peek” feature, allowing cooks to visually monitor progress without disrupting the cooking process.

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AFRL Researchers Push Limits in High-Temperature, Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

In conjunction with researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and the University of Louisville, the team successfully printed the highest-temperature capable, reinforced polymer composite parts using additive manufacturing.

UL, UofL Create Center to Train Workers for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

and LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 12, 2015 — UL LLC , a global safety science organization, and the University of Louisville are launching a 3D printing training facility called the UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center ( UL AMCC ). NORTHBROOK, Ill.

GE and Local Motors Partner to Create a New Business Model for the Manufacturing Industry

Additive Manufacturing

Through co-creation and the FirstBuild microfactory , which officially opened July 24 in Louisville, Kentucky, the FirstBuild on-line and local community members can design products and help solve engineering challenges that will fast track community-driven innovation to market.

Groundbreaking 3D printing training center to open at leading research facility

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The University of Louisville and UL, a safety science company, are launching a training center for professionals to learn about additive manufacturing, adding to Louisville’s growing list of 3D printing facilities.

Sigma Labs and 3DSIM Sign Technology Development Agreement for Metal AM

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We continue to expand our presence and are setting the stage for higher growth going forward, as our customers gain confidence in our In-Process Quality Assurance™ (IPQA®) approach to guaranteeing quality on any AM part produced.”. SANTA FE, N.M. January 27, 2016 – Sigma Labs, Inc.

Rise of 3D Printing Factories and a Future without Work

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They've recently opened a 3D printing factory inside UPS international hub in Louisville USA with one hundred 3D printers and plans to increase to a thousand. Technological unemployment (or desourcing ) is defined as a process of unemployment being caused mainly by technological advances.

Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs

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UL is working with key industry stakeholders such as AmericaMakes, Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Louisville. Foundations of 3D Printing introduces concepts related to: Print process challenges and considerations. Begin your search by selecting a processing method, material type or manufacturer/supplier and Prospector dynamically generates your results and related material data sheets.

GE Appliances Unveils $100-plus Million Washer Investment…

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LOUISVILLE, Ky.––GE GE is investing $100-plus million in a new top-load washer design and expanded manufacturing capability at its laundry plant in Louisville, Kentucky. Instead of having to make 500 blue jelly beans and then 500 of green, our new process allows us to make two green, one red, two blue and so on, so we can quickly and efficiently respond to customer demand with the washer model they need.”.

3D Printed Spoon Gives Visually Impaired Child New Handle on Independence

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Whitworth turned to 3D printing to develop a customized spoon on the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer at UPS store 0830 , located in Louisville, Kentucky. Anthony celebrated his 4th birthday last month using his Stratasys 3D printed spoon to eat a piece of birthday cake.

Industry Giants Partner with Makers to Foster Innovation

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In fact, for several of these companies, it’s made them completely re-evaluate their product development processes and might bring about monumental changes in how they set upon the task of innovation and design.

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Research Heralds 3D-Printed Organs and even Hearts

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Williams, director of the bioficial organs program at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. Written by Catherine Bolgar. Few would have guessed the trajectory from 1970s inkjet printers to 3D printed organs consisting of human cells, yet, that’s where we’re headed.

FirstBuild-The Dawn of a New Ice Age: Meet Opal, FirstBuild’s Crowdsourced Countertop Ice Nugget Maker

Additive Manufacturing

Rolling out almost any consumer product is an intricate process that usually involves lengthy market studies and costly R&D. Opal prototypes at FirstBuild’s microfactory in Louisville, Ky. By Terrence Murray, GE Reports.

3D Printing in Healthcare

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The boy underwent successful heart surgery in the Kosair Children’s Hospital, Louisville Kentucky. The process is not only more accurate, but also less invasive than creating physical molds of the mouth. A 14 month old boy born with congenital heart defects needed emergency heart surgery to survive. His pediatrician prepared for this difficult surgery by studying a 3D model of the boy’s heart to understand its defects, anticipate problems, and figure out a surgical plan.

GE Affiliate, FirstBuild, will use Crowdsourcing and Stratasys 3D Printing to Invent Next Generation of Home Appliances

Additive Manufacturing

The partnership combines co-creation and micro-manufacturing to build and commercialize the next evolution of various GE appliances and accessories by leveraging 3D printing, and other advanced manufacturing processes in an open innovation approach to engineering.

SME Announces Winners of the 2016 SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing Competition

Additive Manufacturing

July 5, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – SME , working with Stratasys , sponsored a student additive manufacturing competition at the 52nd annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, June 21-23. By SME. DEARBORN, Mich.,

Printed Smiles: Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Making a Mark in Dentistry

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The process involves creating a person’s individual tooth model out of wax, putting it inside a ceramic casing, melting wax, and finally pouring this molten metal into the cavity or cast it has left. The scanning process is definitely a lot less invasive and more accurate.

2016 RAPID Additive Manufacturing Conference Preview


Specifically, it will look at the material and process developments required for increased adoption, how companies can embrace designing for 3D printing, expanded applications in manufacturing tooling, and an ROI analysis of the technology’s value along an entire supply chain.

Printed Smiles: Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Making a Mark in Dentistry

3D Printing Industry

The process involves creating a person’s individual tooth model out of wax, putting it inside a ceramic casing, melting wax, and finally pouring this molten metal into the cavity or cast it has left. The scanning process is definitely a lot less invasive and more accurate.

SME RAPID 2015-Day 3 Highlights and Notables

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DDM Systems -Fascinating lamp process for additively manufacturing cores for investment casting. EBAM is also the fastest deposition process in the metal 3D printing market, based on documented deposition rates ranging from 7 to 20 lbs. Editor’s Corner.

ASTM-Dr. Brent Stucker of 3DSIM Joins ASTM International Board of Directors

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chief executive officer and a co-founder of 3DSIM LLC, a company focused on commercializing algorithms for predictive modeling of additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes, has been named a director on the ASTM board. In addition to 3DSIM, Stucker is also the Clark Chair of computer-aided engineering and a professor of industrial engineering at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., January 8, 2015—Brent Stucker , Ph.D.,

Inside 3D Printing London 2015: 3D Printing for Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

include 3D printing experts Professor Brent Stucker of University of Louisville and Tom Chiang of Bell Helicopter. Professor Phill Dickens is looking forward to a great mix of examples of where 3D Printing is being used as a manufacturing process and how it is developing for the future. An example of this will be a presentation on how 3D printing needs to be linked to existing manufacturing processes to gain maximum benefit.

SME, Stratasys Announce Winners of FANUC-Inspired SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing Competition

Additive Manufacturing

SME and global additive manufacturing leader Stratasys have announced the winners of their cosponsored 2019 Additive Manufacturing Competition , held during the 55th annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, June 24-28.

UPS To Launch On-Demand 3D Printing Manufacturing Network

Additive Manufacturing

and Fast Radius’ On Demand Production Platform™ and 3D printing factory in Louisville, KY. SAP customers will be able to digitize and simplify the production part approval process through SAP and their orders can be seamlessly routed to UPS for production and delivery.

QuesTek Wins Six SBIR/STTR Awards to Optimize Legacy Alloys and Design New Alloys Tailored for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Army to develop technologies and design new alloys specifically tailored to the unique processing conditions and material-related challenges of Additive Manufacturing (AM). EVANSTON, IL, January 10, 2017 – QuesTek Innovations, LLC was recently awarded six separate projects from the U.S.

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GE-Hack Your Fridge With FirstBuild’s Smart Pitcher

Additive Manufacturing

Now, just months after FirstBuild launched with a microfactory in Louisville and an online community that can share and build digitally, the collaboration has already rolled out its first product, the Smart Pitcher.

The Cities Leading A U.S. Manufacturing Revival

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And domestic auto makers are have become major players in the Southeast—Ford employs some 14,000 in the Louisville, Ky., This process began with the loss of more than 90,000 aerospace jobs since the end of the Cold War. By Joel Kotkin and Michael Shires, Forbes.

The Reshoring Challenge: Why and How CEOs are Moving…

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But it is finding that its workers, both new and old, have a big learning curve ahead of them in absorbing how to master the knitting process, which is new to the company. Others have suffered unintended outcomes: GE made a splash by moving the production of water heaters from China to its Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky—and then proceeded to sell the entire appliance division to Haier of China. It’s a process.”.

How Does America “Reshore” Skills That Have Disappeared?

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Furstoss foresees an unprecedented range of efficiencies in this future, as computer modeling and 3-D printing help factories speed up the testing of new components, eliminating waste in the process. “It By Todd Oppenheimer, .