Shapeways Goes to India: Maker Fest Ahmedabad

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Perched on the western side of India sits Ahmedabad University, the site of the fourth annual Maker Fest Ahmedabad. This past weekend Shapeways attended the three-day event which welcomed over 30,000 attendees from Gujarat and around the world. The author at Maker Fest.

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How Hasbro is Dealing with IP through Partnership with Shapeways

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Through their new websiteSuper Fan Art ,the giant toy maker has licensed and is selling 3D Printed versions of their popular My Little Pony line. The Legal retail Toys Hasbro Shapeways One of the challenging questions in 3D Printing is how to handle IP.

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Shapeways at National Maker Faire

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Last week, the second-ever National Maker Faire was held at the White House in Washington DC. Shapeways crew members, Vicky Somma and J ohn Fitzpatrick, were live on the scene on behalf of the Shapeways team. Remember: You too can be a part of the Shapeways Crew!

Blow Their Minds With a Maker Kit

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Makers can be hard to shop for because, often, if they want something, they’ll make it themselves. That’s why we created the Maker Kit. When a maker finds a new material — or a new tool — it can be a life-changing moment.

Introducing Shapeways Collective

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Shapeways means so much more to our community of makers than just a factory for producing things and a store for selling them. Others talk about Shapeways at markets, conferences, and wherever you gather with others passionate about model trains, home decoration, or whatever it is you make. You can also drop us a note if you’d if you’d like to start a Shapeways Meetup in your region. The post Introducing Shapeways Collective appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

Shapeways Blog - Eindhoven Maker Days featuring Shapeways

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3D Printed Game Boy is a Hit at Maker Faire New York

You never know what you’re going to see at Maker Faire. I’ve attended Maker Faire New York every year since Make Faire came to New York, and it’s been wildly different every year. View the entire article via our website.

Welcome to Shapeways Magazine

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The Shapeways Blog has always been a place to celebrate our community. So, with input from dozens of Shapies, and in response to the work of thousands of community members, we conceived of Shapeways Magazine. The new Shapeways Magazine is a place to find exactly what interests you, and deepen your knowledge of your craft. Shapeways Magazine is still a work in progress, so we’ll be refining it with your suggestions.

It’s Finally Here: The Shapeways 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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The whole Shapeways family has worked tirelessly to put together an unbeatable selection of customizable finds for your family and friends, gifts you can’t find anywhere else. What also makes Shapeways gifts so special is that you can Say You Made It.

HP Nylon Plastic Now Open to All Makers!

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Our testing and evaluation of this new technology started back in 2016 when Shapeways partnered with HP and received the very first prototype printer in the field. The post HP Nylon Plastic Now Open to All Makers! appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

Maker Faire 2017: Truly the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth

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Last weekend was Maker Faire , that special two days when makers from all over the world gather to dazzle and educate all those lucky enough to snag a ticket. What I was particularly curious about was the maker process itself, and of course, 3D printing.

Maker-Made Gifting at the Fat Cat Holiday Market

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Last Sunday, Shapeways teamed up with one of our favorite Maker spaces, Fat Cat Fab Lab , to host the 2nd Annual Holiday Market. Twenty-five Makers from the New York City area set up shop for the afternoon to show off unique handcrafted and 3D printed products.

You’re Invited: Join Shapeways’ HP Early Access Program Today

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Now, we’re happy to announce that we’re welcoming a new round of makers to join the Early Access Program — instantly. For veteran Shapeways community member Oskar van Deventer of Oskar’s Puzzles , dimensional accuracy is everything.

Documenting Open Source Hardware with Shapeways

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The event itself was held at the great new(ish) FatCat Fab Lab in Manhattan (which is also the home of a hot shot game — gifs above — that was the talk of the NYC Maker Faire), and drew creators from all across the city.

Shapeways and DJI Take Flight

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Today we are excited to announce that we have partnered with DJI, the market leader in easy-to-fly drones, to further enable the Shapeways community to create unique 3D printed accessories for drone products.

Join Shapeways in Paris this weekend for Maker Faire

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Shapeways hosted its first DIY 3D making party!

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This past Wednesday, November 11th, we invited our community members and local NYC Makers to join us for a DIY Holiday Gift Making party at our office to try out our newest creator apps and CustomMaker.

What I learned from exhibiting at my first Maker Faire

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By Vicky Somma, a Shapeways Crew member and owner of the shop TGAW. Earlier in March 2015 I had a booth at my very first Maker Faire! The Nova Mini Maker Faire in Reston, Virginia. Vicky Somma at the NoVa Mini Maker Faire. Shapeways prints ready to go to the faire.

Shapeways comes to the Maker Faire Bay Area next week

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Shapeways Blog - Maker Faire Bay Area Roundup

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Test New 3D Printing Materials with Shapeways Pilots

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Makers know that that shouldn’t stop anyone from having some fun. With its new Pilots page, Shapeways has embraced this same ideology, giving some customers the ability to work with fun new features and materials. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

National Week of Making and Shapeways

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The maker movement is no secret anymore and that’s a good thing. Our CEO Peter Weijmarshausen is at the White House for the Maker-to-Manufacturer Stakeholder event today to discuss the needs of makers looking to turn their ideas into full-time commitments. Shapeways is also proud to have sponsored the Department of Education Career and Technical Education Makerspace Makeover Challenge contest.

Shapeways Blog - Introducing Castable Wax: Our Newest Maker.

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Build your maker business with Shapeways and 3D printing

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Onshape + Shapeways Meetups

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We invited the Shapeways community over to tour the factory and listen to a presentation by Onshape about their cloud based CAD app. Onshape offers a free plan to makers that gives access to all their professional grade parametric tools. Presentation after the tour here in New York.

Wolfram and Shapeways Meet Up

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Last Thursday, Shapeways and Wolfram Research came together for a Meetup at the the Orange County Makerspace. The Meetup was centered around a dialogue between makers and software engineers on available tools for using code to make 3D printable models.

A Talk With Jeff Brown, Shapeways’ ‘King Toy’

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The scale modeling community here at Shapeways just keeps amazing us with the things they’re creating. How did you buy or make model cars before you discovered Shapeways? Before Shapeways I sometimes had to buy a whole kit just for a special part.

Shapeways Education Grant Stories: Jonathan Gerhard’s 3D Printed Visualizations of Topological Homotopies

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Want Shapeways to sponsor your school project this year? We love helping students unlock their full potential with 3D printing, and we are proud to have contributed to Jonathan’s work using Shapeways prints as a tool for grounding abstract mathematical concepts.

Black Friday Sale Is Here!

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Black Friday starts now at Shapeways! Design with Shapeways is Also On Sale. Take 25% off your initial price † for Design with Shapeways services. Happy Holidays from Shapeways! The Design with Shapeways 2018 Holiday Promotion has no cash value.

Your First Shapeways Print: Tips and Tricks for Success

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Dhemerae will never forget her first Shapeways print: It was 2012, and the print was a sculptural cross between origami and Platonic solids that I had already printed large-scale on my university’s ProJet 660 sandstone printer and would later evolve into my college thesis.

Come Meet Our Makers at the Fat Cat Fab Lab Holiday Market!

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This Sunday, Shapeways is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Fat Cat Fab Lab Holiday Market and some of our favorite shop owners will be selling their unique products in person! Looking for a unique, last-minute holiday gift from the most creative community in New York City?

At 3D/DC, Gauging Trump’s Impact on the Maker Movement

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Nation Of Makers (@NationOfMakers) March 2, 2017. Former President Obama was a vocal proponent of the Maker Movement, hosting the White House’s first Maker Faire , establishing the National Day and National Week of Making , and launching Nation of Makers , now a non-profit organization. The Congressional Manufacturing Caucus, Congressional Maker Caucus, U.S President Obama was never alone in his pro-Maker Movement initiatives.

This 3D-Printed Rotary Clock Project is Perfect for Aspiring Makers

Matias Mamone, proclaimed in the introduction of his 3D-printed rotary clock project page that he was neither “a designer or an engineer,” it’s pretty clear that this humble maker... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d hubs 3d printing 3d-printed rotary clock Adafruit DS1307 RTC Arduino Mini EasyDriver Sparkfun i.materialise RTC shapewaysWhile Instructables contributor, NespLab, a.k.a.

Jewelry Makers in New Orleans at SNAG Nexus 2017

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Last week, we went to New Orleans to meet hundreds of jewelers from around the world and showcase some amazing Shapeways jewelry designers at the 2017 Society of North American Goldsmiths Nexus Conference. Several of them are already part of the Shapeways community.

Shapeways Joins Hundreds of Startups in Support of Net Neutrality

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This week, Shapeways is proud to join over 800 of our fellow startups and tech companies in support of net neutrality. Federal Communications Commisson, Ajit Pai, reiterates the importance of a fair, open internet to Shapeways and the entire Shapeways community. Shapeways has long supported net neutrality because we understand how critical an open internet is to our success and to the success of every Shapeways user.

Leo the Maker Prince – how to engage a generation into 3dprinting

Philip Cotton

When asked about the future of Leo the Maker Prince, Carla is excited about where the book will take her. Carla has also featured in a six day residency programme at the Museum of Arts and Design that was sponsored by Shapeways. [link].

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World Maker Faire 2016 New York Round up!

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It’s the time of year to kick-start your making — a sentiment that was entirely evident at New York’s World Maker Faire 2016! Last weekend, we ventured up to the New York Hall of Science to set up our booth at “The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth” aka Maker Faire. This year, our booth featured two 3D designed and printed dresses by Nervous System, as well as designs from several other Shapeways community members.

Why I’m a Maker: Peter Heldal

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I settled on Graphic Designer shortly before I found Shapeways. I am super excited about the opportunities that Shapeways gives in terms of designing things and not worrying about the sales, manufacturing, shipping and customer service. What does being a maker mean to you?

DJI Drone and Shapeways Announce the Search and Rescue Design Contest Winners

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Early this summer, Shapeways and DJI challenged designers to create 3D printed modifications ​for Phantom 4 drones to ​aid first responders in search and rescue efforts.

Onshape and Shapeways in a city near you

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Starting today, Shapeways will be doing a series of meetups and presentations in New York, Boston and Chicago. To join, you can follow the following links and RSVP: Onshape + Shapeways New York - November 11 @ 6PM. Shapeways + Onshape Chicago – November 18 @ 6PM. Shapeways + Onshape Boston – November 18 @ 6PM. Join us for evenings of learning, connecting, and idea sharing with fellow makers!

Digitally Handmade gifts that keep giving. Thank you Shapeways!

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For Christmas I wanted to share Shapeways 3D printed gifts with my whole family, so I searched the marketplace for digitally handmade gifts from our community that were perfect for everyone. Thank you Lucas for sharing your gift of creativity with us here at Shapeways.

3D Printing Spotlight On: Vicky Somma, Maker and Software Developer

Featured Stories 3d hubs 3D printed drawer pulls 3d printed ornaments 3d printed wine rack 3D Printing Spotlight blender colorfabb Design Make Teach etsy OpenSCAD shapeways Spotlight on Women Tinkercad vicky somma women in business women in techIf you’re inexperienced with 3D printing but want to learn, there are plenty of courses, both online and in-person, that you can take – or, if you’re anything like Vicky Somma, you. View the entire article via our website.

Instructables' and Shapeways' New Drone Contest is Giving Away iPads, GoPros and Bionic Birds. Oh My.

Online educational maker project repository Instructables is teaming up with 3D printing service provider Shapeways for yet another design contest. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printable drones 3d printed drone design 3d printing contest Bionic Bird drone design contest drones GoPro instructables instructables 3d printing contest instructables contest iPad Pro shapeways