GE Power opens Factory of the future in South Carolina

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The original post GE Power opens Factory of the future in South Carolina appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. 3D Printing 3DP Applications Business Featured Makers News GE PowerBy 3D Printing Industry. A giant facility full of machinery capable of producing almost anything a creator dreams up, with a personalized robot to boot; GE’s new Advanced Manufacturing Works sounds rather like a futuristic Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

SOLIDWORKS Skills: The Difference Between Educated and Hirable

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Engineering students at the University of South Carolina (USC) feel so strongly about the value of SOLIDWORKS that they showed up in droves on the Saturday before finals to gain exposure to the most popular CAD tool in the industry.

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A Third-Generation Bike Business Is Trying To…

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Bike makers, including Kent, one of the nation’s largest with revenues of more than $200 million, fled this country for Asia in the 1980s and 1990s. For now, Kent’s Bicycle Corporation of America division is assembling the bikes in South Carolina, but Kamler hopes long-term to manufacture the frames, forks and handlebars in the U.S. Then I got an email from the bicycle buyer, and he said, “Arnold would you like to meet the governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley?”

The History of the Main 3D Printing Companies in America

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It was MakerBot’s collaboration with freelance 3D makers and software engineers that allowed them to create the home printer, and gave them a loyal following within the 3D Print community. It’s official. 3D printing is no longer an obscure branch of engineering.

Volvo to add North American manufacturing plant by 2018

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Volvo also evaluated building the plant in the Mexico, where BMW, the world’s biggest maker of luxury vehicles, announced a $1 billion production facility, joining German competitors Audi and Mercedes-Benz. By Elisabeth Behrmann, Bloomberg,

10 States Where Manufacturing Still Matters

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South Carolina. > of South Carolinas state GDP last year. Nicknamed Pittsburgh of the South, Alabamas largest city, Birmingham, is known for its steel industry. North Carolina. > By Alexander E.M. Hess, Thomas C.

Wal-Mart’s pledge bolsters US manufacturing

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So as a maker of nothing, as a manufacturer of nothing, if Wal-Mart can accelerate this resurgence and play a role in bringing any American jobs back, we’re going to do that.” Giti Tire is building a $560 million plant in South Carolina that will produce tires for Wal-Mart. has begun assembling television sets in a South Carolina factory that, according to the state commerce department, is expected to create 500 jobs. By

How AI & Robots Will Bring Manufacturing Home to the U.S.

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Car manufacturing is an interesting signal: while parts are made worldwide, Hondas are built in Ohio and Alabama, BMW and Mercedes are made in South Carolina, Toyotas are made in Indiana and Volkswagens are built in Tennessee.

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NASA-Students Selected for Winning Designs of 3-D Printed Tools for Astronauts

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Pleasant, South Carolina – Life Infusion (semifinalist). They are conducted by the ASME Foundation in collaboration with NASA and were announced in June as part of the White House Maker Faire to empower America’s students to invent the future by bringing their ideas to life.

Why it’s now cheaper to produce some goods in the South…

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“Why it’s now cheaper to produce some goods in the South than in China” By Ana Swanson, Washington Post. Before World War II, red-brick textile mills that processed cotton and wove it into cloth were all over the southern United States, dotting the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. As The New York Times reported Sunday, some Chinese manufacturers are setting up shop in the United States, after finding it cheaper to produce their goods in the American South than in China.

U.S. Manufacturing is Building up a Head of Steam

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Made in America certainly means quality, reliability, it means jobs in North America,” said Stephen Vairo, president and CEO of Calumet Electronics , a maker of printed circuit boards in Calumet, Michigan, a town of about 3,000 people in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. “It’s

‘Made in China’ Is Increasingly Becoming ‘Made in USA’

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Later this year along the banks of the James River outside Richmond, Virginia, a paper products maker based in northeastern China will begin construction on a new U.S. manufacturing plants include: The Keer Group’s $218 million cotton yarn factory in South Carolina. Lenovo’s computer production plant in North Carolina for an undisclosed investment amount. By Heesun Wee, NBC News.