MakeVR’s virtual workshop lets you get hands-on with 3D modeling

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HTC VIVE and Sixense yesterday launched MakeVR: a brand new VR-CAD tool to give designers an immersive 3D modeling experience. If you’re not quite ready, the files are also easily exportable — enabling you to tweak the files in other 3D modeling programs.

Google releases virtual reality 3D modelling software: Google Blocks

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Google has launched a new virtual reality (VR) 3D modelling application; Google Blocks. Design 3D Design 3D designing virtual reality 3d modelling Blocks google Google Blocks Gravity Sketch HTC Vive MakeVR Oculus Oculus Medium Virtual Reality vr VR designThe free application has been released on both Oculus Rift and HTC.

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New MakeVR Pro app integrates precision tools for 3D modeling in VR with HTC Vive


HTC VIVE’s virtual reality content developer Vive Studios has just released its latest app: MakeVR Pro. Developed in collaboration with motion tracking and VR company Sixense, MakeVR Pro enables users to create 3D content, including 3D printable models, within a virtual reality environment.