Materialise Uses Advanced Visualization and 3D Printed Surgical Guides in Successful Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

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Materialise Around the World: Materialise Colombia


We are pleased to introduce you to Materialise Colombia. The Colombian office has a passion for medical visualization software and 3D printing applications. Also, quite a few members of the team work on cranio-maxillofacial applications through Materialise’s brand OBL.

Materialise, Siemens, Philips, Stratasys, 3D Systems: Medical 3D Printing Partnerships and Products Introduced at 2017 RSNA Annual Meeting

The 2017 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting is taking place this week in Chicago, and some major 3D printing industry news has already been introduced at the meeting, View the entire article via our website.

Revealing Updated Laser Sintering Features of Materialise Magics 21


At formnext on November 15, we are launching Materialise Magics 21, the latest version of our industry-leading data preparation software. Today, we will reveal some updated Laser Sintering features in Materialise Magics 21: the slice distribution graph and nesting at different angles!

Around the World: Materialise Poland


This month, our “Materialise Around the World” series stops in Poland. One year ago this month, Materialise acquired e-prototypy, Poland’s leading provider of rapid prototypes and 3D Printing, thus making this office one of the newest Materialise locations.

Materialise at AAOS 2015!


Materialise goes to Las Vegas for a second time this year! A large delegation of Materialise’s clinical team travelled to Las Vegas, this year’s destination, to meet with others in the orthopaedic surgery field.

Materialise Delivers Knee Guide Technology in Orthopedics

3D Printing Industry

… The original post Materialise Delivers Knee Guide Technology in Orthopedics appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Tarun Tampi.

What Would Your Career Journey Look Like at Materialise?


At Materialise Malaysia, we actively listen and respond to what people expect most out of their career. Wim Michiels, Managing Director of Materialise Malaysia, describes it best – “Building the right career for you is important. That’s why at Materialise, you co-design your career.

Visualizing Humans as Mini Power Plants


Try to think of each person as a mini power plant, and visualize the energy circulation within the body. Expotec organized all the logistics for the exhibition and they contacted Materialise to 3D print the model. How much energy do you go through?

Stratasys and Materialise Joining Forces to Boost Point-of-Care 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Read on to discover why Point-of-Care 3D Printing is on the cusp of revolutionizing personalized care, and how Stratasys is joining Materialise to help hospitals realize that vision. For Materialise and Stratasys, it’s not just a revolution to watch but a revolution we are proud to enable.

Materialise’s Upper Extremity Osteotomy Guides Aid Surgeons

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Materialise continues to expand treatment options for surgeons to address complex bone deformities. Orthopaedic surgeons trust Materialise’s clinical engineers and their proven solutions to provide support with 3D planning and patient-specific surgical guides in bone deformity corrections.

And the Wedstrijd Materialise Winners Are…


After we tallied up the votes from over 10,000 people and reviewed all 308 submissions from 74 schools, we are happy to announce the winners of the “ Wedstrijd Materialise ” contest. The results are in !

Getting inside the Head of the Tyrannosaurus Rex with Materialise Mimics


Stephen Brusatte doesn’t use Materialise Mimics to study the human body – he uses it to improve his understanding of dinosaur fossils. Dr. Brusatte scans his fossils and then uses Materialise Mimics to make a 3D model of the specimen.

Materialise 3D Printing Solutions Improve Pediatric Care in U.S.

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No longer does that child need to be sidelined, Materialise has clearance for 3D-printed patient-specific radius and ulna osteotomy guides for children as young as seven years to help orthopaedic surgeons understand and execute even the most complex cases. About Materialise.

What Is It Like to Work at Materialise as a Software or Research Engineer?


Materialise is looking for software and research engineers! Materialise prides itself on its products like Magics , Mimics and 3-matic and is always improving on these products. But what do Materialises software and research engineers have to say about working here?

Gripping Developments: Meet YuMi the Robot, ABB’s assembly-line android with Materialise-made grippers!


If you want to visualize the supermarket of the future, you need the tools of the future. And Materialise’s 3D-printed grippers are giving YuMi a hand. Materialise’s automation gripper. Read the full case study on how the Materialise engineering team designed these grippers.

Materialise Launches AnatomyPrint, Delivering 3D Printed Models Directly to Medical Professionals

Additive Manufacturing

New easy-to-use 3D printing service to complete Materialise offering of anatomical model 3D printing solutions. AnatomyPrint users simply upload an STL file and choose their preferred material, and Materialise will deliver a high-quality, 3D printed anatomical model. About Materialise.

We’re on TV! French TV Program M6 Turbo Showcases Materialise Bringing PEUGEOT FRACTAL Concept Car to Life


So they decided to come over, and we were happy to show M6 Turbo around the 3D Printing production floor at Materialise HQ: Europe’s largest single-site factory for Additive Manufacturing. Keep an eye out for a trip to Materialise at 41:20 onwards.

The Materialise World Conference Team Goes to Brussels!


We’re gearing up for the Materialise World Conference (MWC) in April at the SQUARE in Brussels! On them you’ll see the visual for our conference. Therefore, when brainstorming the logo for the World Conference, we found that these visuals embodied the look we are going for.

Materialise Announces Start of Pre-Market Phase for Mitral Valve Planning

Additive Manufacturing

Entering their pre-market phase of development, Materialise is working with select U.S. Materialise has partnered with Henry Ford Health Systems to bring Henry Ford’s validated, patented, mitral planning workflow, developed in Materialise’s Mimics Innovation Suite to a broader TMVR Market.

Materialise World Conference Speaker Spotlight: Cindy Clague on Transcatheter Heart Valve Design


No less than 45 biomedical experts will be presenting in 5 tracks, covering the latest advancements in 3D visualization and printing for research and hospital communities. The next stop of our speaker spotlight series brings us to the Mimics® Innovation Summit.

Ackuretta Technologies Launches Ackuray A135 DLP 3D Printer and Eight Engineering-Grade 3D Printing Resins

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Materialise-Saving a Newborn with the Support of 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Having already diagnosed the condition in the womb, the doctors at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital had time to plan how they would save the baby’s life before it even began with the support of 3D printing and Materialise’s Mimics Innovation Suite of software.

DIMENSIONEXT: Free 3D File Programs & Materialise Magic


Free 3D File Programs & Materialise Magic. Free 3D File Programs & Materialise Magic. Materialise, a great, cutting-edge company behind many forward thinking apps of additive manufacturing technology, recently released their new Magics18 software. What is important is that it simply means its like what a.jpeg is to 2D visual files, or indeed.png or.psd, this last one is a photoshop file. Regarding what Magics does, Materialise describe it very articulately as: 1.

3D Printed Lithophane Tutorial from Stratasys Shows How to Turn Multiple Images into One Luminous Work of Art

There’s so much that can be done to manipulate images these days; with the amount and variety of digital technology out there, there’s practically no visual effect that can’t be. View the entire article via our website.

Art 79

This Eyewear Is Set to Change How You See: Yuniku


The style and fit of your frames determine the angle and size of your lenses and the distance they are set from your eyes, all of which could affect the visual performance of your glasses. If you wear glasses, you know that finding the right frames can be a challenge, to say the least.

Felix 87

Change the Focus with Panasonic’s 3D Printed Camera Covers


The team here at Materialise cooperated with design studio WertelOberfell , who have already worked with Materialise for the.MGX collection and have a special interest in design for 3D Printing. Like any other art form, photography is a way to express yourself.

3D Printed Shoes, Inside and Out


3D modeler Frederik Bussels from Belgian design studio 3D Printed Insoles by a new Joint Venture RSPrint Powered by Materialise. Based on the specialists analysis, a design is generated, which is sent to Materialise.

A challenge that could stop the use of 3D printing in medical

Leslie's Blog

That is one of the main reasons Wilfried Vancraen, CEO at Materialise, is calling for the 3D printing / additive manufacturing to develop a systematic approach to gathering and organizing these data. Without the aid of 3D printing , five-year old Mia Gonzalez might not be alive today.

We Introduced Our Software Suite at RAPID!


From 16 to 19 May, Materialise was present at RAPID, one of the largest Additive Manufacturing events in North America. Materialise and HP Collaborate. Many significant companies use the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite to enhance their business.

Submit Your Idea for Adding 3D-Printed Items to Your Classroom


Materialise is calling all teachers in the BeNeLux region! Do you ever have trouble finding relevant visual aids to help you teach your students? Like the “Wedstrijd Materialise” page on Facebook to learn more about 3D Printing and enter to win an i.materialise voucher!

Conjoined Twins Can Live Separate Lives Thanks to 3D Printing Technology


To help them visualize this highly-complex procedure, the medical team used 3D visualization and printing based on high-quality CT scans. Disclaimer: Materialise is unfamiliar with the 3D-printed model used in this case.

Texas 110

Chinese Manufacturers Believe Global Adoption of 3D Printing Can Challenge China’s Position as ‘Factory of the World’

Additive Manufacturing

Leuven (Belgium), November 11, 2019 – Materialise , a pioneer and global leader in 3D printing, has conducted a survey among Chinese manufacturing companies to gauge their interest and attitude towards 3D printing. Image courtesy of Materialise. Source: Materialise.

Meet the Newest Version of the Mimics Innovation Suite – the Software Behind Our Most Touching Stories!


As we’ve already announced, this year Materialise is celebrating its 25 th anniversary. Starting from medical imaging data – such as CT or MRI scans – a patient’s anatomy can be visualized and analyzed in 3D, and a patient-specific implant can be designed directly on this anatomy.

HeartPrint® Gives Two Teenagers in India a Chance for Healthy Lives


A medical engineering team at Materialise used the Mimics Innovation Suite software to convert the patients’ medical images into 3D models. After a validation check with Dr. Mahesh, through multiple web-meetings and exchanges of 3D PDFs, the models were printed at Materialise.

India 108

Michigan teen treated for life threatening condition with 3D printed heart model

3D Printing Review

The model was developed at a local Materialise base, pioneers of additive manufacturing in the healthcare sector, in Plymouth, Michigan. ” In this case the 3D printed model was important for more than just diagnosing and visualizing the problem.

Surgery with Some Help from a 3D-Printed Replica


In these pieces, you can see how Dr. Meara visualized his surgical approach by using a replica of the toddler’s skull that was made based on the patient’s medical imaging data. The team at Boston Children’s was able to do this thanks to Materialise’s Mimics Innovation Suite software.

Boston 103

3D-Printed HeartPrint® Model Helps 16 Year-Old Patient with a Heart Tumor


Materialise first learned of Bradley’s case when Dr. Michael Taylor, Director of Advanced Imaging at The Heart Institute, contacted the team to create a 3D-printed HeartPrint ® Flex model of Bradley’s heart and tumor.

Change the Focus with Panasonic


The team here at Materialise cooperated with design studio WertelOberfell , who have already worked with Materialise for the.MGX collection and have a special interest in design for 3D Printing. Like any other art form, photography is a way to express yourself.

Math Problems Get 3D Printed for IMAGINARY Belgium


3D Printing is increasingly migrating into the classroom, providing educators with visual and tactile 3D aids to easier explain abstract concepts, or even internal organs. School is out and the summer season has at last begun.

South Africa‘s First 3D-Printed Jaw Implants


To tackle this issue, the team opted for an innovative approach by using Materialise’s software. To visualize the anatomy in 3D, CRPM’s engineering team, led by Gerrie Booysen, imported the patients’ CT scans in Mimics® to identify anatomical features.

Magics Helps Realize Gaudì’s Sagrada Familia Dream


Since turning to 3D Printing in 2001, the team has relied on Materialise’s Magics software to prepare their designs for the printer. The great architect Antoni Gaudí knew the importance of moving from a 2D plane to a 3D one when he was designing his magnum opus , the Sagrada Familia.

How 3D Printing Won an Oscar


Julia Koerner is a long-term partner of our parent company’s, but when the designer reached out to Materialise again to work together on a 3D-printed design for a movie costume, no one had a clue that the ride would lead all the way to the red carpet.