SOLIDWORKS in Rwanda – Part Two: Arriving in Rwanda

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As we were taxiing in when our plane arrived, the flight attendant announced that “single use” plastic bags are illegal in Rwanda, and that if anyone had any, to leave them on the airplane to avoid having them confiscated, or being fined or imprisoned. Back to Part 1.

SOLIDWORKS and Rwanda: the Journey Continues

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In the mid 2000’s SOLIDWORKS began working closely with the Ministry of Education in Rwanda and entered into an agreement in which it began supporting the technical secondary schools and colleges in the country. SOLIDWORKS 3D printing Rwanda

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Q&A: CEO Gian Paolo Bassi and Former CEO Bertrand Sicot

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I see an increasing rate of innovation in new 3D printing/manufacturing technologies with the unprecedented capability to create parts with non-homogeneous materials. My visit to Rwanda and seeing in-person what SOLIDWORKS is doing for that country will stay with me forever.

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