3DPW Expo Seattle Report

Tales of a 3D Printer

This weekend, I got myself a pass to the 3D Printer World Expo in Seattle, WA. 3D-Events Hardware and Materials We''ve got our eye on this SLA machine, soon to be offered by SeeMeCNC !

Glowforge Launching Specialty Line of Proofgrade Materials at CES 2018


Seattle startup Glowforge, best known for its subtractive laser cutter, View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D laser printer 3d printing materials barcodes CES 2018 Glowforge Glowforge 3D printer laser 3d printer laser 3d printing Proofgrade Seattle startupThe product announcements keep coming as CES 2018 officially opened its doors this morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Additive Manufacturing Takes Center Stage at SAMPE Seattle 2017

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

To punctuate this information, we are excited to be hosting a series of lunch sessions at the upcoming SAMPE 2017 in Seattle on Tuesday May 23, and Wednesday May 24, 2017. The post Additive Manufacturing Takes Center Stage at SAMPE Seattle 2017 appeared first on Stratasys Blog.

Practice Makes Perfect: Researchers Create 3D Printed Silicone Models for Pediatric Ear Reconstruction


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Health 3D Printing 3d printed ear 3d printed medical models 3D printed silicone 3D printed surgical training materials Seattle Children’s University of WashingtonMost of us take for granted the ability to hear, to be able to hear ourselves speak and to do so clearly, and even more aesthetic concerns like being able to wear earrings normally,... View the entire article via our website.

SABIC Features Solutions for Light-Weighting and Design Customization at Aircraft Interiors EXPO – Seattle; Regulatory Expert is a Featured Panelist

Additive Manufacturing

As airlines seek every opportunity to reduce weight, differentiate their brands, minimize costs and enhance their customers’ flying experiences, they need versatile materials, creative design options and global development support from those with a legacy of expertise in achieving these objectives.

3D-Printed Mechanochromic Materials

Open 3DP

3D-Printed Mechanochromic Materials. Department of Chemistry and ‡ Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington , Seattle, Washington 98195 United States.

3D-Printed Mechanochromic Materials

Open 3DP

3D-Printed Mechanochromic Materials. Department of Chemistry and ‡ Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington , Seattle, Washington 98195 United States. **. {Prequel update: the UW press team produced a nice version of this story that is a little less technical}.

‘Custom Control Concepts’ Will Jazz Up Your Custom VIP Aircraft With 3D Printing


In Seattle, WA, Custom Control Concepts practices their specialty of designing and building in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printing aerospace parts Custom Control Concepts customization luxury PEEK PEI UltemThey’ve been at the trade for more than a decade, and they’ve installed their systems... View the entire article via our website.

Crowds Roar as 3D Printing Filament Goes Electric!

3D Printing Industry

This new functional 3D printing filament is courtesy of Seattle-based Functionalize and the vision of its creator, Mike Toutonghi. 3D Printing Materials News Robotics By Andrew Wheeler. F-Electric, a highly-conductive plastic 3D printing filament, has just hit the market.

Pembient to 3D Print Rhino Horns in Laissez-Faire Conservation Attempt

3D Printing Industry

To combat the problem from the market side, Pemiopibient, a bioengineering start-up based in Seattle, is planning on flooding the market with synthetic 3D printed rhino horns at a cheaper cost than the real thing.… 3D Printing Animals Environment Materials NewsBy Andrew Wheeler.

3D Printed Flashlight Kit Shines a Light on Functionalize’s Conductive Filament

3D Printing Industry

Seattle-based Functionalize is a company specializing in 3D printing materials production, including the highly conductive F-Electric filament. 3D Printing Electronics FDM/FFF Materials NewsBy Davide Sher. To better show off the capabilities of this product, Functionalize released the Flashlight LetterKit, an accessible DIY kit to 3D print fully functional flashlights on a single-head 3D printer.

Who Needs a Sleigh? Decorate Your Tree with Functionalize’s Light-Up Spaceship Ornament

3D Printing Industry

Functionalize, which is based out of Seattle, has even released creative little DIY kits and projects for their customers, helping them to unlock the full potential of their F-Electric material. 3D Modeling 3D Printing Design DIY Projects Electronics Makers Materials News

Engineering the First Nationwide 3D Printing Network for the Veterans Health Administration – Part 2

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

As part of this effort, five Stratasys 3D printers were installed in VA hospitals across the country- Seattle, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Boston and Orlando – building upon the incredible work of existing 3D printers across the VA.

Building the DropLit

Tales of a 3D Printer

Last August, out teacher was introduced to SeeMeCNC at the 3D Printer World Expo in Seattle, WA. Hardware and Materials Our BPC Story 3DPrint.com got the scoop early. By now, the DropLit is available for $399 on the SeeMeCNC website.

Carnegie Mellon University: 3-DIY – Printing Your Own Bioprinter

Additive Manufacturing

Usually there’s a trade-off,” explains Feinberg, “because when the systems dispense smaller amounts of material, we have more control and can print small items with high resolution, but as systems get bigger, various challenges arise.

Millennial Train Project Recap: A Journey for a Lifetime

3D Systems

We began our journey in Seattle, where we met Matt, founder and owner of Metrix Create Space. Seattle influenced Matt through its concentration of technology, and as a way of giving back, he has dedicated his time and effort to creating a concentrated space for others to get involved.

New Electrically Conductive 3D Printer Filament Option


Project founder Michael Toutonghi of Seattle was helping his son with a science project and realized they required conductive filament - but found there were no options. materials A new project promises to deliver “ultra conductive” 3D printer filament.

CoVent-19 Challenge Attracts More Than 200 Ventilator Design Submissions as 7 Teams Build Working Prototypes in Finalist Round

Additive Manufacturing

InVent Pneumatic Ventilator , submitted by fuseproject, a design and innovation firm (San Francisco), Cionic, a medical device technology company (San Francisco), and a mechanical engineering team from Accenture (Seattle).

Recreating a Virtual City with Multicolor 3D Printing


We attended PAX West , a big video game exhibition in Seattle, where we were showing a demo of our game for the first time. Once you have a 3D file of your model, upload it to our online 3D printing platform and choose from 100+ materials and finishes.

FATHOM Issued Patent for On Demand Digital Manufacturing Quote and Order Platform

Additive Manufacturing

The patent relates to FATHOM’s internal and external platforms used to create price quotes for 3D objects with checkout option, including selection of units, materials, finish, and quantity of parts to be made. FATHOM’s Seattle-based production center opened the following year.

Brooks Running Brings Prototypes to Life with the Versatility of the Connex3

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The essence of this statement is not lost on the team at Seattle based Brooks Running , who have seen their prototyping dreams come to life after the addition of Connex3 3D printer to their in-house prototyping facility.

3D Printing and the Tiny House Movement in the US


Urban cities like: San Francisco , Portland and Seattle have all been featured for their tiny houses. Reusing materials for customized living spaces. Conversely in traditional construction the price of building is directly tied to the materials and labor.

Engineering the First Nationwide 3D Printing Network for the Veterans Health Administration – Part 1

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

3D printers create objects from digital designs by laying down extremely thin layers of material one at a time on top of each other, eventually building a three-dimensional structure.

Tampa 79

3Diligent Announces Its Manufacturing Network Has Expanded to Nearly 250 Locations Across Six Continents

Additive Manufacturing

This powerful combination of cutting edge equipment, material breadth, geographic coverage, and consistent quality makes 3Diligent a category of one among distributed digital manufacturing companies.”.

FATHOM To Become One of the Largest Privately Held Digital Manufacturing Service Providers in North America Following Acquisition by CORE Industrial Partners and Merger with Midwest Composite Technologies

Additive Manufacturing

Innovatively compressing industry-standard lead-times, FATHOM uniquely blends additive technologies and materials with legacy manufacturing methods to help companies put satellites into orbit, electric cars on freeways, and a variety of devices into people’s hands and homes.

Open-source Thinking is Revolutionizing Medical Device Development

3D Perspectives

a Seattle product and interaction design firm. Mr. Kornfeld’s company helped Intellectual Ventures Lab and the Gates Foundation engineer a cooler whose proprietary materials make it so efficient it can keep vaccines cold for 30 days using just ice. Written by Catherine Bolgar.

Become a Superhero with SOLIDWORKS xDesign

The Solidworks Blog

We engineers balance fit, form & function while choosing materials that will stand up to the environment—all while managing the project data, revisions, and timeline. If the result is that the model will fail, the engineer will tweak a dimension or change the material and try again.

Nano-Manufacturing Makes Steel 10 Times Stronger

Design 2 Part News

The Seattle-based startup that developed the process, Modumetal , is commercializing it in part with collaboration with the oil companies Chevron, Conoco-Philips, and Hess. +. The final coating can be up to a centimeter thick and can greatly change the properties of the original material. +.

GE – Jet Engine With 3D-Printed Parts Powers Next-Gen Boeing 737 MAX For The First Time

Additive Manufacturing

The latest-generation Boeing 737 MAX, powered by a pair of advanced LEAP-1B engines , made its maiden flight today in Seattle. The engine draws heavily on GE’s and Snecma’s experience in advanced aerodynamics, materials science and environmental design.

3D Printing Hospital Network to be Developed by VA

3D Printing Hub

Stratasys will provide the VA with the training, 3D printers, and other material required for the job. As of now, the VA 3D printing network will be used in five hospitals which are in Boston, Albuquerque, Orlando, Seattle, and San Antonio. A 3D printer manufacturer and the Department of Veterans Affairs are working together to create a 3D printing hospital network.

Frank Herzog, Founder of Concept Laser, Wins 2015 Award for Entrepreneur of the Year in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

In 2014, Concept Laser opened a new development center to expand its research and development activities for systems, processes and materials. BABC-PNW 2015 Aerospace Summit, Seattle (USA) – 03 November 2015. After cooling, the material solidifies.

Amazon Customers Become Designers with New 3D Printed Products Store Offering Customizable Fashion Accessories, Toys, Home D??cor and More

Additive Manufacturing

The easy-to-use customization widget allows customers to create and design products by material, size, color and style. SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jul. The new 3D Printed Products store enables customers to customize and personalize items like earrings, pendants, rings, bobble head dolls and more.