SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management

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With the release of SOLIDWORKS Manage the SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management process solution is becoming a reality for a long time SOLIDWORKS customer ENVE Composites. See the full Rachel Joyce-Ready video featured at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 here.

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SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials – Link vs Break cells

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The SOLIDWORKS BOM typically includes columns linked to Custom Properties in the models. SOLIDWORKS BOM Cell Link Options. SOLIDWORKS BOM Cell: Keep Link. SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials Keep Link for Cells. SOLIDWORKS BOM Cell: Break Link.

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How to Configure a SOLIDWORKS Material

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Long-time users of SOLIDWORKS and long-time followers of our blog are no doubt aware that you can configure SOLIDWORKS Dimensions, Features, Custom Properties, and Components in a handy table. However, another advantage with this function is you can also configure SOLIDWORKS material.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Missing material data? No problem!

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Absent or unreliable … Continue reading → Tips & Tricks material database material properties missing material properties solidworks simulation[insert image] Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer When setting up a Simulation study, it never seems like you have ALL the information you need. Without exception, you’ll have to be content with making approximations and assumptions.

How to combine multiple Custom Properties in a SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials

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When going through the process of creating an assembly drawing, it is beneficial in most cases to make use of Custom Properties listed in individual Bill of Materials (BOM) columns. When we make a BOM with these column headings, it appears as shown below: SOLIDWORKS BOM.

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Formlabs at SWW18: New Engineering Materials, SLS 3D Printing, and the Future of Production

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The Formlabs booth (#806) at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 will highlight both of these innovations, with parts 3D printed in Formlabs’ newest engineering materials, and the Fuse 1 SLS printer live printing batches of lightweight, robust nylon parts.

Linking Toolbox Custom Property to SolidWorks Materials

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A Toolbox custom property can be linked to SolidWorks materials library using the list option. The material selected in the Toolbox configurator gets applied to the Toolbox part and the custom property can be displayed in the BOM. Material).

SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management is here!

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DS SolidWorks’ new Distributed Data Management process solution is now a reality with the upcoming release of Service Pack 1 that is scheduled for early December. One of the most beneficial capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Manage is its Dashboard and Reporting capabilities.

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Showcasing Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Workflows at SOLIDWORKS World 2018

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To empower your similar smart manufacturing strategies, SOLIDWORKS 2018 released a portfolio of new enhancements. First, we will start off with a SOLIDWORKS model, a shifter assembly commonly seen in transmission boxes. Please join us at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 to find out yourself.

Return of Ctopher’s Custom Material Database

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Custom materials in SOLIDWORKS are important if you are using materials not included in the default set. Around a decade ago, Chris Saller compiled a bunch of such custom materials from varies sources based on requests and submissions from many different people. This list is informally known as Ctopher’s Custom Material Database, “ctopher” being Chris’ more ».

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes new features and enhancements that respond directly to user requests and the needs of 21 st century product development. These capabilities are just some examples of how SOLIDWORKS is changing the way design and manufacturing is done.

Simplify the Material Selection Process When 3D Printing Plastic Parts

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3D printing materials are often referred to by their traditional names like ABS, nylon, polypropolene, etc., but be aware that many 3D-printed materials only mimic true thermoplastics. Stereolithography machines can build parts from a number of thermoplastic-like materials.

SOLIDWORKS Xtended Reality (XR) Toolkit BETA is Announced

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— Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Xtended Reality – a method to transform your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually – opening the future of design and engineering. Improov for Solidworks 3.5. Collaboration Design New Features News Partners SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS World 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Launch Event Recap

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 was introduced earlier this month, and today at SOLIDWORKS HQ, customers, user advocates, and SWUGN members met in-person and online to get a first-hand look at what’s new in #SW2018. The event kicked off with an introduction from SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi.

Autodesk releasing HSMWorks 2016 for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS 2016 is here for the design. Adaptive clearing is so much more than just toolpaths that remove a lot of material quick. The new setup control “ Z-Axis and X-Axis” within the Job Setup has replaced the need for using the SOLIDWORKS coordinate system to set directions.

How to learn SolidWorks 2014

As a certified SolidWorks instructor I do believe classroom training is the most effective. Infinite Skills: Learning SolidWorks 2014. Dean Kerste is a Certified SolidWorks Expert who in the daytime is a college instructor with a Ph.D Check out Learning SolidWorks 2014.

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Extensive Materials Library: AKA Golden Nuggets for Product Engineers

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Then this question often arises; “ where can I find the material properties for my virtual simulations” ? Good news: SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation provide every user with an extensive list of pre-defined materials properties.

Unveiling the SOLIDWORKS Path to the Future of Design

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In 2016, SOLIDWORKS delivered 12 percent revenue growth, well above the PLM industry average. In the same year, SOLIDWORKS represented around 20 percent of Dassault Systèmes’ total revenues. Author information Gian Paolo Bassi Gian Paolo is CEO of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS.

How to transfer SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile Material Properties to a Part

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Did you know it is possible to add material properties to custom weldment profiles. This allows you to transfer the SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile Material Properties to the weldment design. The Added Material to the Profile Shows up under the Cut-List Properties.

Microsoft Surface and SOLIDWORKS Transform how Ringbrothers Build Hot Rods

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The Microsoft Surface team is ready to roll on the ground here in Los Angeles for SOLIDWORKS World 2018. The opportunity to listen and learn from the thousands of engineers and designers who live and breathe SOLIDWORKS helps build the type of devices can bring their creations to life.

Measuring Environmental Impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability– Custom Materials

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In this series, we have been covering SOLIDWORKS Sustainability. One of the environmental impact factors is the material used to make your parts. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability comes with numerous materials that you can use. But what if you want to use a different material?

Lightning Strikes Twice with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

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SOLIDWORKS on every desktop. I first saw SOLIDWORKS 95 in late 1995 while I was working at another CAD software company. Simply put, SOLIDWORKS delivered the design power people needed and rapid parametric change management that everyone could learn and afford.

Something New for PhotoView – Materials by PV360X #SOLIDWORKS

Michael Lord

PhotoView 360 Rendering Rendering SolidWorks photorealist rendering Photoview 360 PV360X solidworksIf you are reading this post and have looked across to your right (and slightly down) you would notice that I like to Render. I produce renders professionally for the […].

SOLIDWORKS Plastics At The Beach

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Creating the geometry in SOLIDWORKS is a breeze, a few extrudes, some patterns, fillets, a shell feature and I am good to go. The first set of questions I need answered by SOLIDWORKS Plastics are “Is my part design capable of being injection molded, and where do I place my gate location?”.

My Highlights of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: the New Toplogy Study

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 introduces a new study type, the Topology Study, which enables designers and engineers to develop innovative minimum mass components. Creating a Topology Study is no different than a static study; the materials, loads and restraints are the same.

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Visitech: Making Cricket Safer with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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Visitech stepped up to the crease and knocked the challenge for six – with a little help from SOLIDWORKS Simulation… Say hello to Alan Meeks, product designer extraordinaire. How did SOLIDWORKS help? Author information SOLIDWORKS UK Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.

Preview the Future of SOLIDWORKS

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When SOLIDWORKS ® 95 was introduced it revolutionized the way engineers and designers created products. SOLIDWORKS cut the price from $40,000 to $4,000 and created a powerful program capable of running on a Windows ® operating system. SOLIDWORKS’ goal is not CAD in the cloud.

Use Equations to enhance your SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials

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Columns in your SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials (BOM) can be used for more than reporting model values, quantity counts and custom properties. The post Use Equations to enhance your SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials appeared first on SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Peter Hildebrandt

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Join us here for a Q&A highlighting how one of your peers uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize in their daily workflow. They are images and animations created in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. I’ve since transitioned to using SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

Ultimaker Helps Master New Desktop Roles for 3D Printing at SOLIDWORKS World

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Ultimaker North America President, John Kawola, will takes a look back on 2017 and on the year ahead for professional 3D printing — and how SOLIDWORKS users of all backgrounds can use these new strategies within their own processes. Visit Ultimaker at SOLIDWORKS World Partner Pavilion.

See the Newest SOLIDWORKS-Inspired Products in the SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase

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The SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase is the place to be in L.A. to see and get your hands on the coolest new products that all share one thing in common—they were all designed in SOLIDWORKS. How They Use SOLIDWORKS : VRX simulators are designed, modified, and developed in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Matt Russel

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Join us here for a Q&A highlighting how one of your peers uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize in their daily workflow. They are images and animations created Matt created in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. A: SOLIDWORKS is the CAD software our company uses site-wide.

Video: Verify Products Made of Composite Materials in Minutes

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As a result, engineers are turning to composite materials to minimize weight and tailor stiffness, but how you determine the material’s effect on product behavior? Author information Mike Fearon Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS.

SWOOD, Woodworking and SOLIDWORKS

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This is especially important in the era of custom-made projects, when woodworkers must have strong modeling capabilities mixed with specific tools to address unique material and processing requirements. The post SWOOD, Woodworking and SOLIDWORKS appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Day Three Recap: The Future

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Day three at SOLIDWORKS World focuses on the future. It’s about upcoming features in SOLIDWORKS, but also what’s possible for future of humanity. Here’s how ClearVision uses SOLIDWORKS Make to enable its customers to customize their own eyewear.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017

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Take the guesswork out of designing plastic parts by using SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection-molding simulation software. Many new enhancements have been added to SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017. Lotfi joined DS SolidWorks in 2013 as Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Plastics and Flow Simulation.

Learn How to Get Started with SOLIDWORKS Composer

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5. Making a Bill of Materials (BOM). A Bill of Materials is a useful document for both manufacturers and customers to keep track of the various parts that compose an assembly. We’re very excited to unveil a new video series: The SOLIDWORKS Composer Quick Start Guide.

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