Roboze Makes Its Move into the United States, Bringing Industrial 3D Printers to New York City

Italian industrial 3D printer manufacturer Roboze, which just last month introduced its new and improved Roboze One 3D printer and announced that the CTC would evaluate its materials and provide. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Metal 3D Printing 3D printing expansion industrial 3d printers industrial 3d printing metal 3d printing new york roboze roboze one roboze one 3d printer roboze one+ 400 united states

ACEO Expands to United States with New Silicone 3D Printing Lab in Ann Arbor

WACKER, a global materials and technology manufacturer based in Munich, announced in 2016 that it had developed the first-ever industrial 3D printer for silicone materials. Around the same time, the. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d printing lab ACEO ACEO Campus Michigan silicone 3d printing WACKER

Nano Dimension Marks First Delivery of DragonFly 2020 3D Printer to the United States

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This marks the company’s first delivery of the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer to the United States. “Last month, we announced the supply of our 3D printer to a leading Israeli defense company, and we are continuing to expand our go-to-market infrastructure to distribute the company’s products in the United States,” said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension.

US Army Scientists Showcase Multi-Material 3D Printing and Other Technological Advancements

When it comes to advancing the state of our 3D printing technology, one of the primary sectors that prompt this innovation is the military sector, particularly that of the United States. Equipped. View the entire article via our website.

US Army Files Patent for New 3D Printable Concrete Composition

The United States military has been systematically adopting 3D printing in multiple areas and agencies over the years, as the flexible technology is useful for multiple applications, ranging from. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: November 8, 2019

We’ve got plenty of business news for you in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with 3devo’s upcoming expansion to the United States. united states Xjet XJet NanoParticle Jetting XJet NanoParticle Jetting technologyOptomec just shipped its 500th 3D. View the entire article via our website.

US Army Demonstrates Latest 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Drone Technologies

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D Scanning 3D image 3D laser scanners 3D printed barracks 3d printing army 3d printing concrete 3d printing in the military 3d scanners ACES army army 3d printing Automated Construction of Expeditionary Structures C-SIRP concrete 3d printer concrete 3d printing FARO FARO Technologies field testing LIDAR military 3d printing military drones quadcopters sensors United States Army US army us army 3d printing

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ITAMCO Wins Phase II Funding for 3D-Printed Runway Mat Development

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ITAMCO ( Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies ) is part of a team developing a new runway mat for the United States Air Force. Dan Zimmerman (back) and Senior Airman Thet Tun (front) carry a piece of AM2 matting material in Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, July 12, 2016.

Ramaco Carbon and ORNL Explore Coal-Based Materials

Once common in the industrial, transportation, residential, and commercial sectors, coal in the United States has mainly been used to generate electricity for the last forty years. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D Printing Research 3d print carbon fiber 3d printed carbon Carbon carbon products coal-to-products Cooperative Research and Development Agreement Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Office of Fossil Energy partnership Ramaco Carbon us department of energy Wyoming

The best materials for food-safe prototypes

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Some materials are toxic or degradable and are therefore unsuitable for close contact with food as they could end up causing serious harm to a consumer. This article discusses the material options (and restrictions) when making prototypes of food products like containers and kitchenware.

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3D Printing News Briefs: October 3, 2017

It’s the first 3D Printing News Briefs of the month, and today we’ll be starting off with a little 3D printing material news, followed by a 3D printed military project, 3D printed. View the entire article via our website.

Materials – Turning Down the Heat

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By Karen Dunlap ( ) | ORNL Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee designed and demonstrated a method to make carbon-based materials that can be used as electrodes compatible with a specific semiconductor circuitry.

ITAMCO Wins Contract with US Air Force to Develop 3D-Printed Runway Mat

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ITAMCO ( Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies ) is part of a team developing a new runway mat for the United States Air Force. AM-2 matting has served the United States military well since the Vietnam War, but the materials and technology in the ITAMCO-led research project will offer many benefits over AM-2 matting. Additional benefits of the new runway material include: The PXCM solution is targeted to weigh 3.5 By Kathy Levy.

9 New 3D Printing Materials for Use in Space and on Earth

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3D printing (3DP) materials for desktops and some other machine types are getting far more specialized. In this crop of new materials there’s a space-qualified ABS filament, a PLA filament containing 30% aluminum powder, and a stereolithography (SLA) resin that rivals ABS for making load-bearing parts. Last but not least, materials suppliers are making their packaging more useful, such as extended-life canisters and larger spools made of bio-based materials.

DoD Awards $1M to 6K to Recycle Scrap for Metal 3D Printing

The United States Department of Defense (DoD)’s combat logistics support, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), has awarded a Phase two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to 6K, a.

$148M materials manufacturing institute run by OSU, EWI…

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“$148M materials manufacturing institute run by OSU, EWI, University of Michigan opens Thursday” By Tom Knox, Biz Journal. The American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute, announced last February by President Barack Obama , debuts Thursday in Corktown, a Detroit neighborhood near its downtown. It’s been working since spring to develop state work force teams and establish priorities, spokeswoman Kimberly Gibson said.

Manufacturers expanding at fastest pace in three years…

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At the same time, the survey showed the cost of raw or partly finished materials increased at the fastest pace in almost five years. Companies also acted more aggressively to secure materials from suppliers because they are taking longer to deliver them. Manufacturing News Economy Jobs Manufacturing United States“Manufacturers expanding at fastest pace in three years, flash PMI data show” By Jeffry Bartash, MarketWatch.

3D Printing in Space: Florida Institutes to Research Advanced Materials and Manufacturing for Space Exploration

In an effort to strengthen the United States through manufacturing, the government established the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, better known as Manufacturing USA, in 2014. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3d printing in space FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Florida A&M University florida state university High-Performance Materials Institute HPMI nasa Space Technology Research Institutes

Reshoring Exceeded Offshoring in 2016: Policy Changes Needed…

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May 15, 2017 — For the first time in decades, more manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States than are going offshore. In comparison to 2000-2003, when the United States lost, net, about 220,000 manufacturing jobs per year to offshoring, 2016 achieved a net gain of 27,000. We call on the administration and Congress to enact policy changes to make the United States competitive again. Reshoring Initiative 2016 Data Report.

Nano Dimension Becomes Certified U.S. Department of Defense Vendor and Sells 3D Printer to One of the Top 10 Largest Defense Companies in the World

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subsidiary has achieved United States Government Certified Vendor status, having received a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code from the United States Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency. federal government and its many agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and other United States Department of Defense entities. Receiving a CAGE code is a critical step in affirming Nano Dimension’s position in the United States.

Why it’s now cheaper to produce some goods in the South…

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Before World War II, red-brick textile mills that processed cotton and wove it into cloth were all over the southern United States, dotting the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. As The New York Times reported Sunday, some Chinese manufacturers are setting up shop in the United States, after finding it cheaper to produce their goods in the American South than in China. Another Chinese manufacturer, JN Fiber , is investing $45 million in the state.

The State Of Manufacturing Reshoring Today

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manufacturers have moved operations offshore in order to reduce labor costs and bring jobs closer to their raw material sources. Plastic and rubber products, fabricated metal products, computer and electronic products, apparel and textiles, chemicals, and machinery sectors have also brought jobs back to the United States, with each sector accounting for thousands of new positions. Manufacturing News Made in America Manufacturing reshoring United States

FATHOM – Making MLV // Modular Logistics Vehicle

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Oakland, California — January 7, 2018 — The FATHOM team is excited to share a collaborative project for the United States Marine Corps ( USMC ), a modular vehicle system that meets a wide range of logistical missions. 88 Additive Parts Manufactured in Engineering-Grade Materials ( Multi Jet Fusion , Selective Laser Sintering , Fused Deposition Modeling ).

10 Resources for American Made Holiday Gifts

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manufacturing jobs by providing American consumers a brick & mortar store and e-commerce site that guarantees that each product sold is entirely American in materials and labor. Manufacturing News Jobs Made in America reshoring United StatesBy Jill Worth, The Rodon Group. Last week we featured a blog post by guest author Benn Lamm focusing on how to look for American made products.

Survey: US August factory activity at 6-plus year high

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” Refining capacity, raw materials and the ability to deliver products all have been drastically affected by the storm that lashed Houston and nearby areas and shut down oil refineries, plastics plants and the Houston port — the second-busiest in the nation. Chemical products refining in the state accounts for 20 percent of the U.S. The component of prices for raw materials was unchanged at 62 percent. Manufacturing News Economy Manufacturing United States

Other Voices: Is the time right for reshoring?

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By Harry Moser, Modern Materials Handling. Gray, one of the co-authors and a professor at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, have discussed the reshoring phenomenon for years. Focused on finding the lowest per-unit landed cost, these decisions were often made using overly simplistic heuristics, or shortcuts, to enable decision-making. SMEs stated that changes offshore could take as many as 16 weeks as compared to a couple of days locally. .

US Manufacturing still No. 1 in a competitive market

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By Modern Materials Handling Staff, The report makes these additional points: Since 2003, productivity growth in the United States has outpaced most of its peers, with manufacturing output per employee rising about 40% (2.5% Most advanced economies have seen similar compensation growth over the past 13 years, but stronger productivity in the United States has allowed it to maintain generally lower unit labor costs.

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The Future Of Plastics Manufacturing In The U.S.

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The future of plastic manufacturing in the United States is far from certain, but many trends are beginning to take shape. Economists and analysts are watching trends in manufacturing closely, as it’s an industry that is in part driving the economic recovery in the United States. 3D printers aren’t necessarily new technology in the United States, but the practice of using 3D printing in plastics manufacturing is becoming more and more common.

Why American Manufacturing Is More Competitive

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By the year 2020, the United States is projected to take the top spot in the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI), a multi-year research platform from Deloitte and the Council on Competitiveness. For manufacturers in New York State, funding opportunities such as Global NY and START-UP NY can also promote innovation, expansion, and increased profitability. In New York State, funding opportunities such as Global NY and START-UP NY are helping, too.

What Does ‘American Made’ Mean to You?

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With that in mind, D2P reached out to manufacturing leaders—executives, entrepreneurs, and advocates—to hear their insights on the current state of U.S. What’s the State of American Manufacturing Today? Most of the suppliers that we use are in the United States. a casting foundry in Middletown, New Jersey, said he likes the fact that the dollars stay in the United States and don’t go overseas. By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine.

Made in America – JWP Manufacturing (CA)

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We work with aluminum, brass, steel and other metals, plastic and composite materials. Manufacturing News Made in America Manufacturing United States JWP Manufacturing is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at [link]. JWP Manufacturing is Bay Area’s premier provider of complete manufacturing solutions.

Reshoring Initiative 2014 Data Report Emphasizes Positive…

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More than 60,000 manufacturing jobs were brought to the United States by reshoring and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) combined in 2014, representing a 400 percent increase since 2003. By comparison in 2003, the United States lost net about 140,000 manufacturing jobs per year to offshoring. Much of this is attributed to the trend for companies to build “green-field” factories in states with lower wages, lower taxes and right-to-work laws. “We

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U.S. Reshoring: A Collaborative Challenge

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In comparison to 2000-2003, when the United States lost about 220,000 manufacturing jobs per year (net) to offshoring, 2016 achieved a net gain of 27,000. The following Q&A explores factors that are key to the collective goal of gaining momentum in successfully returning the manufacturing of parts and products to the United States from offshore. Manufacturing News Made in America reshoring Reshoring Initiative United States

U.S. Manufacturing Output Rose for a Second Month in October

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Output of construction materials climbed 0.6 Manufacturing News Economy Manufacturing United StatesBy Sho Chandra , Bloomberg. Output at U.S. manufacturers rose for a second month in October, a sign the industry is gradually recovering from a prolonged period of weakness. Production at factories, which make up 75 percent of production, climbed 0.2 percent for a second month, a Federal Reserve report showed Wednesday. The median forecast in a Bloomberg survey called for a 0.3

“Eliminate the Trade Deficit” Resonates in Halls of Congress

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Currency manipulation, value added taxes, state influenced enterprises, and other. ” “The largest loser is the United States, whose trade and current account deficits have been $200 billion to $500 billion per year larger as a result. The United States has thus suffered 1 million to 5 million job losses.” They are usually a tax only on the “value added” to a product, material, or service.

3D printing versus injection molding: balancing quantity…

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A paper presented by David Kazmer, Professor of Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell at the recent ANTEC conference estimates that 3D printing currently makes sense for the most rapid “procurement time to quantity” for a production run of just 50 units, whereas tooling with aluminum inserts is the quickest means of getting to product to market for anything beyond this up to 1 million parts, and Class 101 tool steel takes over for larger production runs.

Manufacturing in the U.S. Gains More Than Forecast in June

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It was the warmest June on record for the 48 contiguous states, with above-average temperatures from coast to coast, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Construction materials dropped 0.8 Manufacturing News Economy Manufacturing United StatesBy Shobhana Chandra, Bloomberg. Manufacturing in the U.S. last month posted the strongest advance since January, helped by automobile production and a sign domestic demand is improving. The 0.4

U.S. Manufacturing Activity Index Rose in May

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The inventories index, which measures whether factories are increasing or drawing down their supplies of raw materials, notched its 11th straight month of contraction in May. That indicates manufacturers were still reluctant to stockpile more materials until firm demand materializes. The prices index, which measures costs of raw materials, rose 4.5 Manufacturing News Economy Manufacturing United StatesBy Anna Louie Sussman, Wall Street Journal.

U.S. energy production could create almost a half-million…

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Energy resources in the United States offer a huge opportunity to send the U.S. What can change this, it adds, is the “global energy advantage” of the United States, with wholesale natural-gas prices averaging about one-third of those in most other industrial countries and industrial electricity prices 30 to 50% lower than in other major export nations. Manufacturing News Jobs Made in America United States“U.S.

How AI & Robots Will Bring Manufacturing Home to the U.S.

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Much of the labor intensive manufacturing moved to areas of the world where cheap labor was abundant and had the raw material or the ability to bring them in and ship the product at a reasonable rate,” said Charles Speelman, Superintendent of the Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion Ohio (below). Speelman added, “The United States had the most efficient workforce, but labor intensive and/or our own clean air and water standards made the cost so much cheaper to outsource and ship.

Idaho 46

3D Metal Printing Improves Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Additive Manufacturing

KLS Martin meets these high requirements with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and perfect collaboration between scientists and users. Due to its excellent biocompatibility and its high resistance to corrosion titanium has gained immense popularity and has successfully established itself as the material of choice in the medical field. In addition, DIN Standard 13485 and the guidelines of the United States Food and Drug Administration have to be complied with.

Metal 48

MAPI Forecast: Construction To Bolster U.S. Manufacturing

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The MAPI Foundation’s latest quarterly analysis expects a stronger housing market and healthy non-residential construction to spur growth in related industrial sectors, including furniture, appliances and non-metallic minerals — a category that comprises glass, drywall, cement and other construction materials. Manufacturing News Jobs Manufacturing United StatesBy Andy Szal, Industrial Distribution .

US group develops 3D-printing technique for optical glass

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The Kiln Cartridge operates at approximately 1900°F (1000°C) and can contain sufficient material to build a single glass architectural component. The molten material gets funneled through an alumina-zircon-silica nozzle.  Professor Oxman’s team concludes, “Preliminary printed material characterization was performed in terms of morphological, mechanical and optical properties. Manufacturing News 3D Printing innovation technology United States

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