The Reshoring Challenge: Why and How CEOs are Moving…

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In 2011, Impact Innovations acquired a gift-wrap competitor, Cleo, in Memphis, Tennessee. The retailer made the commitment and Impact Innovations invested $7 million in two presses, installing one in Memphis in June 2014 and then a second in January 2016. It shifted half of its paper sales to Walmart to Memphis-based production in 2015; and this year, more than half of all the gift wrap it sells to Walmart will be made in Tennessee, not just converted.

Wal-Mart’s pledge bolsters US manufacturing

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bought a shuttered Memphis, Tenn., By MILWAUKEE — You won’t hear anti-Wal-Mart talk from Wisconsin manufacturers Tailor Made Products and Rockline Industries. Both are among companies enjoying increased business as a result of a public pledge by the world’s largest retailer to step up purchases of U.S.-made made goods by $250 billion over 10 years.

Injection molding helps make healing fun

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Shane Luttrell, founder of Memphis-based Compliant Games, said developers are using the Cool Idea! As most health care practitioners know, getting a patient to follow directions is often the hardest task, especially when you are working with such age groups as the elderly and children.

One of These is Not Like the Other

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and Memphis, Tenn., By Rebecca Carnes, Design-2-Part Magazine. Patient-specific medical products stand out amongst the crowd. Mass customization” is a term that is an obvious contradiction — like saying a soldier was killed in “friendly fire.”