List of the best 3D modeling software programs

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3D modeling is the representation of an object in software form. 3D modeling software is used in a variety of fields such as 3D printing, architecture, animation, gaming, and industrial design. A good 3D modeling software is very important in a graphic designer’s toolkit because it allows the designer to create rich and detail oriented illustrations for his/her client. TinkerCAD is probably not the software that a designer will use on a long term basis.

Chicken VR at the Maker Faire

Tales of a 3D Printer

It's a first person chicken simulator in virtual reality. We searched the Internet and was momentarily crushed to discover that a Oculus Rift Chicken Simulator already existed! We used TinkerCAD to create the wings out of simple shapes.

Designer Spotlight: Latte A.L.

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Starting with no 3D modeling experience, Evelyn taught herself Fusion 360 and Sculptris to craft the jewelry of her dreams. My background is in financial services and financial technology, so I had no clue about 3D modeling when I first started. Evelyn of Latte A.L.,