Customize your SOLIDWORKS model background!

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Ever wanted a SOLIDWORKS model background that’s more pleasing to the eye? There is a collection of.png image files of such backgrounds that gets installed with SOLIDWORKS. The post Customize your SOLIDWORKS model background!

Sub-D Modeling for SOLIDWORKS Users

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If you’re a SOLIDWORKS® user looking to quickly create smooth, organic shapes, 3D Sculptor may be a good fit for you. After all the upfront thought and work of determining how you want the model to look, you create a framework of curves, and then loft surfaces through these curves.

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Attention Modeling Maniacs: Don’t Miss Model Mania at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

The Solidworks Blog

Back for its 20th year Model Mania® will once again be the place to be to prove you have the SOLIDWORKS modeling skills to top them all. Here’s how it works: First, go the Model Mania booth in the back of the Partner Pavilion, where you are first given a 2D drawing of a part.

What is the best method to open a SOLIDWORKS model in Revit?

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SOLIDWORKS models can be quickly opened up in Autodesk Revit. Here are the steps to do so: Step 1 – Export from SOLIDWORKS: Open the 3d model in SolidWorks. Now save the model as either IFC 4 (.*ifc) Export IFC file from SOLIDWORKS.

Save time detailing bodies in SOLIDWORKS with Relative To Model view!

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So you’ve got a multibody part, such as a weldment or other non-welded design (doesn’t even need to use Weldment tools) in SOLIDWORKS, and it’s time to detail each body as it would appear before being welded or assembled.

SOLIDWORKS Next Top Modeler Previews SOLIDWORKS 2018

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For the final act of SOLIDWORKS World 2017 General Session, the Product Introduction Team delivered the highly anticipated Technology Preview to show off some of the new functionality our developers are working hard to deliver in the SOLIDWORKS 2018 release.

Organic Modeling with SolidWorks

Wohlers Talk

Many people have asked me how I use SolidWorks, a popular CAD software product, to create these objects. If one looks at a honey bee, for example, its body is a very complex shape that could be a serious challenge to model as a single feature. When breaking the bees body into the head, neck, waist, and main body, each individual part is much less complex than the whole, making the object simpler to model.

Dassault Systèmes Introduces SOLIDWORKS 2020 Release at Modeling & Simulation Conference

At SOLIDWORKS 2019 in Dallas, Dassault Systèmes revealed a lot of features the company was working on for its upcoming SOLIDWORKS 2020 release. 3D Printing 3D Printing Events 3D Software.3mf 3d simulation 3d slicing 3dexperience 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Software Platform 3DExperience platform 3DEXPERIENCE.WORKS 3mf file format Dassault Systèmes Enovia geometry new software release SIMULIA solidworks SOLIDWORKS 2020 SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Services SOLIDWORKS PDM

Model Mania Returns to 3DEXPERIENCE World

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One of our community’s favorite parts of our annual user conference is undoubtedly the Model Mania challenge. Model Mania 3DEXPERIENCE Challenge: Model Mania will also be the place to show off your modeling skills in the cloud.

Adding Color to PolyJet Printed Models Using SOLIDWORKS

Modern Tech

Using SOLIDWORKS, we can apply a label to our part with color and finish, then transfer those settings directly to our printer software for 3D printing on our Stratasys PolyJet machine. When creating multiple iterations of a part, it can be helpful to apply a label for identification purposes.

Why does my SOLIDWORKS Model appear Black?

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When a SOLIDWORKS model changes appearance and becomes black, the cause of the change may not be found in the display-state pane… . Red appearance, black model. This is how the same model looks with a directional light enabled: Directional Light applied.

How to change the SOLIDWORKS PDM Database Recovery Model

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With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional , SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard , and SQL Management Studio by default within Microsoft SQL, the recovery model option for any new databases is set to full. How to verify and change the Recovery Model option of the DB.

How to Reverse Engineer / 3D Scan a Model into SOLIDWORKS

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Recently we have been receiving questions about how to 3D scan parts into SOLIDWORKS… “How do I convert a physical part into SOLIDWORKS?” ” or “we’ve lost the model file but I’ve got a physical part, how can I get it into SOLIDWORKS?”

How to enable BOM Model Highlighting in SOLIDWORKS Composer

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When we publish images from SOLIDWORKS Composer specifically Technical Illustrations, it allows us to save.SVG type images and upon opening the images in a web browser we can easily identify corresponding parts in the model by hovering the mouse pointer over line items in the BOM.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 A First Look – Parts & Features – Model Display #SOLIDWORKS

Michael Lord

SOLIDWORKS 2017 is out of Beta and Pre-release PR1 is now available to download, The SOLIDWORKS 2017 website is live with information and videos of the highlighted features. SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS 2017 Beta Review SOLIDWORKS 2017. SOLIDWORKSThe […].

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How to dimension a spline in SOLIDWORKS

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What if in SOLIDWORKS you need to model a wire, tube, or other path that has a predetermined length but you’re not sure exactly what shape it will take? The post How to dimension a spline in SOLIDWORKS appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

SOLIDWORKS for Newbies – Modeling

Jeff's Tool Shed

As with so many aspects of SOLIDWORKS, there is no one way to go from a blank screen to having a designed solid in it. The post SOLIDWORKS for Newbies – Modeling appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. Instructional SolidWorks Community models SolidWorks

How SOLIDWORKS 2018 is Empowering Model-Based Enterprises (MBE)

The Solidworks Blog

As manufacturers across the globe implement Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) processes, a key question is how to measure progress and gauge success. SOLIDWORKS is here to help. The Model-Based Enterprise Vision Powered by SOLIDWORKS 2018. SOLIDWORKS Manage.

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Free SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition Learning Resources

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Model-based definition (MBD) is a process shift. Therefore, besides the SOLIDWORKS MBD product, you are also assisted at MySolidWorks with 12 free* SOLIDWORKS MBD product learning modules including videos, click simulations, quizzes and sample datasets. using SOLIDWORKS MBD.

Understanding Complex Material Behavior – Plasticity Models

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There are geometric, material, and contact nonlinearities that can result from modeling with complex materials. As I mentioned in my previous blog , the Structural Performance Engineer role in SIMULIAworks was developed with SOLIDWORKS users in mind.

Showcasing Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Workflows at SOLIDWORKS World 2018

The Solidworks Blog

Model-based manufacturing with embedded annotations on 3D models. To empower your similar smart manufacturing strategies, SOLIDWORKS 2018 released a portfolio of new enhancements. Let’s see how we can set up an even more awesome work cell at SOLIDWORKS World next year.

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CAD Tip: Model with All Features!

Great tip from @robcohee from twitter: Model the same part using different techniques. Design and Manufacturing 3D Autodesk CAD CATIA PTC Siemens Solidworks TipsExtrude, Revolve, Sweep and Loft. Let me know what you think. Love your feedback!

Perform Static Analysis on your models with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation static analysis includes many amazing capabilities and there are always questions about what types of simulation and elements can SOLIDWORKS Simulation handle? If you’re working with solid models there are a vast list of tools that make validating a breeze!

Editing STL Mesh Files in SOLIDWORKS

Modern Tech

Using SOLIDWORKS 2020, you can now directly add or remove features just as you would on a solid body model. In this article, we go over how to remove the slot feature from a bracket model and re-export the file as a mesh STL.

SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) 2015 arrived!

The Solidworks Blog

I’m pleased to announce that SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) 2015 was released this week! Figure 2: Model based definition in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2015. Source: Chad Jackson, The 2014 State Of Model Based Enterprise Report, 2014). SOLIDWORKS MBD 3D PDF.

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SOLIDWORKS 2020 Hardware Recommendations

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Here is an overview of our current recommended SOLIDWORKS 2020 hardware. SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020: NVIDIA Quadro P4000/5000 or AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200/9100. File Storage : SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. support ended with SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP5.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 – The Preview – SOLIDWORKS NEXT top modeler #SOLIDWORKS #SWW17

Michael Lord

The most highly anticipated segment of the General Session at SOLIDWORKS World would have to be the teasers of the next years SOLIDWORKS release! SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017Always entertaining and fast moving! The […].

Interact with SOLIDWORKS models using Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality?

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This means you need a big clear space to, for example, examine a scale model of a car. Mixed Reality on the other hand, will overlay the car model in your real life room, keeping you aware of what is going on around you. Hololens with SOLIDWORKS model hologram.

You “Heart” 3D Models. Dr. Mac Quantz 3D Models Hearts.

The Solidworks Blog

Think back to the first time you used SOLIDWORKS. Mechanical designers and engineers love SOLIDWORKS. This is true – and it has been true for many years, but as time has gone on, the bucket of ‘SOLIDWORKS users’ has both filled and widened. Dr. Mac Quantz 3D Models Hearts.


CATI Tech Notes

One of the coolest features of SOLIDWORKS has to be its ability to re-use sketch and feature dimensions in the drawing or detailing environment of the software. Drawings General Info Maximizing SolidWorks Performance SolidWorks

SOLIDWORKS Section View makes my model appear hollow?

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If you’ve used the SOLIDWORKS Section View tool and noticed that your model appears hollow, similar to a surface body, this has to do with the Section Cap options. With this deselected, the cut “surface” is not shown so you can see inside your model.

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Model Based Definition is Beyond 3D Drawings

The Solidworks Blog

A year ago, I wrote an article about How to Dimension Silhouette Edges Using SOLIDWORKS MBD. That post led to an interesting discussion about what is a 3D drawing and what is a model-based definition (MBD). It simply converts 2D annotations onto a 3D model as shown in Figure 1 (above).

Be careful using SOLIDWORKS Convert to Bodies on models with referenced drawings

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In an earlier article, I introduced the New Convert to Bodies functionality available in SOLIDWORKS 2017. If you are considering the use of the “Convert to Bodies” functionality be cautious of models that have drawings referenced to them. SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources.

Complete 3D Modeling Solution in the Cloud

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3D Creator includes the xDesign app, which is a 3D parametric modeler that complements SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with flexible design workflows and a seamless interchange of design data. You don’t need to close one app, open another app, open the 3D model, and then do the work.

Technology Preview: SOLIDWORKS 2021

The Solidworks Blog

One of the longstanding traditions at WORLD is to deliver a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW to show off some of the new functionality that is under development for SOLIDWORKS Desktop products. Each session was recorded and is available for you to watch on SOLIDWORKS LIVE.

Surface Modeling on the Cloud: Lessons from #3DXW20 and Beyond

The Solidworks Blog

At times, utilization of surfacing tools in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD has proved to be the most straight-forward way to make swoopy, organically-shaped geometry. With xShape, you’re practicing a type of modeling called subdivision surface modeling.

Retain PMI and Design Intent when you translate CAD Models into SOLIDWORKS with ELYSIUM

Javelin Tech Tips

Got a lot of CAD models and drawings to translate into SOLIDWORKS format? At SOLIDWORKS World 2018, a Dassault Systèmes team [who brought us SOLIDWORKS as we know it] out of Germany presented an impressively powerful CAD translation solution called ELYSIUM !

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SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Model Visualization - Part 3: Camera


Part 1: Orientation Part 2: Perspective Now that we know the camera, and not the model, moves around for our orientation, and the illusion of depth we create with perspective, let's dive even deeper to combine these with cameras and camera views. If you missed parts 1 or 2.

SOLIDWORKS X-ray Vision with transparency

SolidWorks Legion

SOLIDWORKS that allows you to quickly view your entire model as transparent mode, like an X-ray of your assembly. The post SOLIDWORKS X-ray Vision with transparency appeared first on SolidWorks Legion.

Creating a Model for Water Ripple Effect with SOLIDWORKS xDesign

The Solidworks Blog

As a graduate student at the Purdue School of Engineering, I was looking for an opportunity to get more hands-on industry experience and started an internship at SOLIDWORKS. Here’s my model of water ripple! Let me walk you through the design process I used in SOLIDWORKS xDesign.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Beta Version now available

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Help impact the quality, performance and usability of SOLIDWORKS products by trying the SOLIDWORKS 2021 Beta Version. DS SOLIDWORKS have just announced that SOLIDWORKS ® 2021 Beta is live, ready for your feedback, and we invite you to join SOLIDWORKS 2021 Beta testing now.

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017 for Large Assembly Modeling [WEBINAR]

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New SOLIDWORKS 2017 Large Assembly Modeling functionality allows you to do more while you wait for components to fully resolve when loading. In previous releases, while waiting for components to load and fully resolve, you could only pan, zoom, and rotate the model.

SOLIDWORKS Christmas Tree Topper

Javelin Tech Tips

This year I wanted to give the old angel a refresh, so I got to work in SOLIDWORKS to come up with something that is let’s say… nicer on the eyes. Drawing inspiration from the stars, I modeled a tree topper that is much more contemporary.