Summer Might Be Ending, But 3D Hubs’ Nozzles are Getting Hotter: This Week’s Events

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d hubs AutoDesk Fusion 360 mUVe3D Proto-pasta3D Hubs does not need any proof that it is an international company with locations around the world. It also doesn’t need much proof that the company is positioned to have a great impact... View the entire article via our website.

mUVe open source low cost stereolithography 3d printer

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Kit includes everything, the printer, 1 gallon of resin, laser cut case and tools mUVe had a successful Indiegogo campaign: [link] Project homepage: [link] GitHub repository: Update (20.3.2014.): mUVe epecifications: Designed by Dean Piper The mUVe 1 is an open-source, low-cost stereo-lithographic 3D printer which uses 405nm UV laser to build parts'' layers one at a time.

mUVe developed improved Marlin firmware

DIY 3D Printing

Source and download links: [link] mUVe 3D creators in cooperation with Tim Schmidt and the Lansing Makers Network developed improved Marlin firmware version that can also work with with laser cutters, UV laser printers and has some more advanced options. From source article: This is a huge addition to the functionality of the Marlin firmware and it will allow a huge array of hardware to be run.

Muve3d 129

DIMENSIONEXT: New Stereolithographic Resin


For other SLA Printers such as the B9Creator and Muve3D , MadeSolid offer a choice of blue, black, magenta, and white. Labels: B9Creator , Formlabs , Material , Muve3D , Stereolithography. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT. New Stereolithographic Resin. New Stereolithographic Resin. Stereolithographic (SLA) home 3D printer users: do you feel frustrated with failed prints? Feel limited by slim colour selection?