Farmers in Myanmar are using 3D printing to improve farming production

3D Printing Industry

Embracing 3D printing techniques is improving farming efficiency in rural areas of Myanmar. Food 3D Printing Asia 3D printing betal leaf Debbie Aung Din Myanmar Myanmar 3D printing Myanmar agriculture Proximity Designs Proximity Designs MyanmarThe areas which heavily rely on their work on the land, have been.

Myanmar Farmers Utilize MakerBot 3D Printers to Create Their Own Tools

3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printed farming tools 3D printed rapid prototyping 3d printed tools 3d printing agricultural uses 3D printing farming 3d printing for agriculture Asia 3D printing makerbot Myanmar Myanmar 3D printng Proximity Designs southeast AsiaOftentimes, when we talk about 3D printing and its many potential uses, our conversation is generally framed in the future, a newfound emerging technology that will impact our lives in unimaginable.

Farmers in Myanmar benefit from new 3D printed tools


Impoverished farmers in Myanmar (Burma), a country long held under military rule and which has seen much civil war and devastation, could soon benefit from 3D printing technologies.