Interview with Framlab creatives behind 3D printed Homed shelters for NYC

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3D printing has become a buzzword within construction for its potential to automate what is, traditionally, a labor-intensive process. Moreover, additive manufacturing provides architects with new possibilities in materials and design, encouraging structures built with little environmental impact, and low material cost. Recently, Homed, a project seeking to provide shelter for New York’s growing homeless population, […].

Paula Radcliffe Makes a Comeback with the Help of RS Print’s 3D Printed Insoles


One of the biggest city marathons in the world, the 44 th annual New York City Marathon took place yesterday, November 2. miles through the streets of New York. Paula Radcliffe made a comeback with a strong run in the Worcester City 10km race.

‘Cumulus’ Makes Lightning With 3D Printing, Programming and Sound

SOFTlab is a New York City design studio created by Michael Szivos, and it’s been involved in the design and production of projects across mediums such as digital fabrication. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d printed art 3d printed lighting Michael Szivos Processing software RAB Gallery SOFTLab

2 New 3D Printed Products for Feet on Market

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Last week saw official launch announcements from both Sols and United Nude for new 3D Printed products designed especially for the footwear market. Partnering with 3D Systems, the designers of ultra cool footwear are 3D Printing products on the new Cube3 3D Printer.

Kinematic Dress 4D printed clothing made by Nervous System

DIY 3D Printing

Composed of thousands of interlocking components, the dress was 3D printed as a single folded piece at the Shapeways factory in New York City and required no assembly.

Ultimaker Teams with 3DPrinterOS to Offer Free 3D Printing Classes in the US

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The Dutch 3D printer manufacturer, that has recently expanded its reach into the US, has teamed up with 3DprinterOS to offer free 3D printing classes in New York City and San Francisco. By Davide Sher.

Designer 3D Puzzles LockNesters Set to Un-Lock 3D Printing Potential Through 3D Hubs

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It will be a gradual process and it begins with initiatives such as MakerBot’s online store recent “History Initiative” and 3D Hubs new partnership with New York City based designer Fleet Hower to create a range of 3D printable 3D puzzles called Lock Nesters.

Reason TV report on 3d printing: From Guns to Pastries

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From video description: On April 4, 2014, Reason TV attended the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, a three-day event held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. How 3D Printing Will Change the Way We Make Practically Everything.

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Meet the Zahner Team at Facades+

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Zahner Company is participating in the 2016 Façades+ Conference this week to promote the team’s system for creating unique façades and for improving design throughout the construction process. Register now for Façades+ in New York City on April 21-22, 2016.

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Wohlers Talk

The new technology uses HP thermal inkjet arrays to print fusing and detailing agents onto thin layers of thermoplastic powder. Left: HP senior vice president Stephen Nigro and USA Today reporter on October 29, 2014 in New York City.

Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Monaghan

Shapeways Blog

Each morning, he awoke to a distant view of the New York City skyline, reduced to a circuit board of activity. I make 3D animated films using essentially the same processes and techniques used in a lot of mass-media entertainment.

Zahner Works – Emerson College at Los Angeles

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The new Emerson College campus in Los Angeles provides a landmark for film and performing arts students of the Boston-based college to study in an immersive environment. The curving form at the building’s center was made using this process. Guest post by A.


3D Printing Review

MecklerMedia will host its first 3D Print Fashion Show in the United States in New York April 16, showcasing the latest items from the top designers across the world. Bitonti also holds webinars on the 3D print process in fashion and is holding his next one on June 10 at 1 p.m.

It is Wonderful When a Vision Becomes a Reality

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

And, that is because printing the part is simply one step in the process of turning a creative idea into a stunning piece of art. And, that process is already familiar to clay artisans. But, Kwambio's international headquarters is in New York City.

How I Made the Ring That Made Her Say Yes

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I liked his aesthetic, that he’s based in New York, and is super chill. He made the process easy. Jen made the design process easy too. Every wedding starts with a proposal, and mine is no different. My story starts with an engagement ring.

Designer Spotlight: Latte A.L.

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At the time, I just wanted to make jewelry pieces that celebrate my love for New York City and Chinese calligraphy. The process of wax carving is beautiful, but for the untrained it is really unforgiving and quite discouraging. Evelyn of Latte A.L.,

How I Created The Perfect Engagement Ring

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I liked his aesthetic, that he’s based in New York, and is super chill. He made the process easy. Jen made the design process easy too. I’m Dan, and I designed and 3D printed several things for my wedding back in March of 2016.


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C0DE DENS1TY is a collaborative, multi-media show presented by Lightbox , a gallery Space in New York City from July 23- 26. Her work explores the process by which the objects are transformed from numerical data into physical objects through digital fabrication.

3D printing and Game Design Collide at GameSmash

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Last week I had at the awesome opportunity to participate in the first GameSmash Tabletop Game Design and Fabrication Challenge at the Fat Cat Fab Lab in New York City.

The DOOBLICATOR Scanning System


Software processes the captured images into a usable color 3D model, suitable for 3D printing. Currently the DOOB site offers appointments at two locations, Berlin and Dusseldorf in Germany, but their website suggests they will also accept appointments in New York City, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

3D Printed Dress Oscillates with Energy at NY Fashion Week

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

At a gallery near Bleecker Street in New York City, one of the top names in fashion recently took center stage for a milestone runway event – largely made possible through the power of 3D printing.

The luxury 3D printed estate set to be made from sand, dust and gravel

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Now, a 3D printed estate featuring a swimming pool, jacuzzi, car port and 2,400 square foot house could be coming to a sleepy plot of land in upstate New York. A Dini 3D printer like this one will be used to construct Adam Kushner’s 3D printed estate in upstate New York.

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From Earphones to Jet Engines, 3D Printing Takes Off

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At Normal, consumers can use a mobile app to photograph their ear, transmit the shots to the New York startup’s 3D printing facility and then receive customized earphones within 48 hours. 30 crores) from investors and opened her combined factory/store in New York City in August.

Zac Posen x GE Additive x Protolabs Unveil Breathtaking 3D Printing Collaboration at the Met Gala

Additive Manufacturing

New York City – 6 May 2019 – Zac Posen , GE Additive and Protolabs unveiled a collaboration featuring a range of innovative, sculptural 3D printed garments and accessories – inspired by the concept of freezing natural objects in motion.

Link3D Releases Link3D PPS To Further Optimize Additive Manufacturing Workflows (TCT)

Additive Manufacturing

September 2018 – New York, NY - Link3D , provides a centralized software platform for your Industrial 3D Printing workflow across internal or external additive manufacturing ecosystems. Link3D introduces a suite of solutions designed to streamline your end-to-end processes with blockchain security, connecting the Digital Thread and maximizing the efficiency of your 3D Printing production. LINK3D is based in New York City.

Revolutionizing Supply Chains With 3D Printing

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The result is an innovative and thought-provoking paper that sheds new light on the future of 3D printing and supply chains. BTM represents a brand new B2B model with the potential to revolutionize supply chains and completely change how we approach 3D printing.

DSM, Royal HaskoningDHV and CEAD Design First Lightweight 3D Printed Bridge Using FRP

Additive Manufacturing

It consists of a glass filled thermoplastic PET (Arnite®) and is combined with continuous glass fibres which are added in the 3D printing process. What’s new here is the use of a new 3D printing technology, enabling us to print large scale continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic parts.

HP’s bold plan to become the first mainstream 3D printing company

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It’s a problem faced by every market leader: What do you do when your core products are showing signs of being disrupted by new technologies and nimbler competitors? Blended Reality” describes the new ecosystem that HP is creating to blend together the physical and digital worlds.

5 Ways 3D Printing Could Change the World

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As Forensics Magazine notes, “Creating replicas of pieces of evidence is certainly not a new practice in forensics. In April of this year, MecklerMedia hosted the first 3D Print Fashion Show in the world in New York City.

The Ocean Cleanup Project is a go!

The Solidworks Blog

Many people have come up with ideas to clean up these gyres, but they often rely on unrealistic plans for fleets of boatsand netsthat wouldcreate new kinds of pollution and kill millions of fish. The team learned many things during the process of finishing it.

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Offsite Construction and Prefabrication in Civil Engineering

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The new replacement Goethals Bridge, linking Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Staten Island in New York City, is currently under construction and has a cable-stayed design. The new bridge is scheduled to open in 2017 on time.

How 3D Printed Visualization Helps Architects Improve Design, Creativity and Customer Communication

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They have in common the need for an iterative creative process that enables design visualizations to be shared with colleagues and customers – and allows for design changes to be incorporated at early stages while it is still practical and feasible.

Prefabrication Productivity for AEC

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From a residential high-rise in New York City to low-cost hotels in Europe, the application of prefabricated and modular objects and systems continues to capture the interest of owners, architects, contractors, fabricators and product manufacturers in the building industry.

Stratasys 3D Printing Allows Normal to Design, 3D Print and Deliver Customized Earphones in 2 Days!

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Ten Stratasys Fortus 250mc 3D Printers producing customized earphones at the Normal store in New York City. Her search ultimately led her to a process offered by audiologists in which silicone is poured into each ear to make individual molds.

The Hottest Trend in 3D Printing Could Change the Way You Buy Running Shoes

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Other smaller companies, such as Vancouver-based Wiivv and New York City-based SOLS, have tapped into the orthotics market, working with doctors to provide insoles customized to patients’ feet.

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Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award Winner Joe Doucet Always Places Sustainability at the Forefront

Shapeways Blog

I’ve always been interested in new technologies, particularly ones that have the ability to be transformative in terms of manufacturing,” Doucet told Shapeways. “If He adds, “It was a very hands-on process and Shapeways was closely involved.

New Company, Normal, Uses Stratasys 3D Printing Technology to Mass Produce Custom Earphones

Additive Manufacturing

Ordered through a free mobile app or from Normal’s flagship in New York City, Normal earphones are customized to fit each user’s ear, 3D printed, and typically shipped and delivered anywhere in the U.S.

MecklerMedia’s Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in Shanghai Announces Keynote Speaker Terry Wohlers, Founder, Principal Consultant and President, Wohlers Associates, Inc.

Additive Manufacturing

(New York, NY – November 17, 2015) – MecklerMedia Corporation (OTCQX: MECK) announced that Terry Wohlers, Founder, Principal Consultant and President, Wohlers Associates, Inc. Novel Materials: Production, Processing & Performance. Launched in May 2015 in New York City, RoboUniverse is the first global tradeshow series dedicated to the service robotics industry.

Millennial Train Project Recap: A Journey for a Lifetime

3D Systems

Over these busy days and the experiences I gathered, I’ve come to see the true significance of this trip and have come away with the sense that I am a New Age pioneer, seeking and assisting progress and change along our route.

EOS and IESE Business School Prepare Decision-Makers for the Challenges of Industry 4.0

Additive Manufacturing

Executive Education Program: how companies transform their business and benefit from new manufacturing models. The manufacturing sector is currently facing a significant transition, with senior management facing new challenges.

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Why the Maker Movement is Meaningful in Education

Thornburg Thoughts

In the last few years, we’ve visited flagship Maker Faires in San Mateo, California and New York City where we got to hang out with over 100,000 kindred spirits for whom tinkering is a critical component of life.

Nanoscribe is Winner of World Technology Award 2015

Additive Manufacturing

January 21, 2016 – Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Nanoscribe is very honored to have been named a World Technology Award recipient by the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) in New York (NY, USA) at the end of 2015.

MecklerMedia’s Inside 3D Printing in Association with KINTEX in Seoul, South Korea Announces Agenda; June 24-26, 2015

Additive Manufacturing

(New York, NY – June 2, 2015) – MecklerMedia Corporation (OTCQX: MECK ) announced the final list of confirmed speakers and sessions for its second Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Seoul , South Korea , taking place at the Korea International Exhibition Center ( KINTEX ) on June 24-26, 2015. Inside 3D Printing Seoul is co-produced by MecklerMedia and the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX). “Inside 3D Printing Seoul brings together top industry leaders and practitioners to provide a real-life glimpse into the future of 3D Printing in Asia and beyond. Our expert-led panels, case studies, and keynotes cover a diverse range of topics including 3D Printing with Metals, 3D Printing in Life Sciences and Biomedicine, New Models for Design and Consumerism in the Postindustrial Era, 3D Printing and Toy Design, 3D Printing Business and Policy Issues, and the Impact of 3D Printing on the Industrial Manufacturing Process,” says Stewart Quealy, Director of Content for MecklerMedia. “By attending Inside 3D Printing Seoul, attendees will gain exclusive access to the next-generation of innovative tools, techniques, and solutions impacting the additive manufacturing ecosystem.”. Keynote Speakers Include: Bryan Ferrand, Vice President, Global Sales and Services, Mcor Technologies. Daniel Thomsen, General Manager, Stratasys Korea. Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President, Wohlers Associates, Inc. Seok Hwan You, CEO, Rokit. To register for the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Seoul, please visit If your company is interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at an upcoming Inside 3D Printing event, please contact MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Conference and Expo also takes place at KINTEX on June 24-26, 2015. RoboUniverse, the first global tradeshow series dedicated to the service robotics industry, launched its inaugural event at the Javits Convention Center in New York City on May 11-13, 2015 with an impressive list of speakers that included Colin Angle, CEO, iRobot; Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman and CTO, Rethink Robotics; Dan Kara, Practice Director, Robotics, ABI Research; and Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO, Wolfram Research. RoboUniverse Seoul promises an equally impressive program, with sessions confirmed from Robert Axtman, CEO, Visual Components; Bruce Buscher, Vice President of Sales, Daifuku North America; Moon Hee-Chang, PhD, CEO, Unmanned Solution; Dan Kara, Practice Director, Robotics, ABI Research; and more. RoboUniverse Seoul is co-produced by MecklerMedia and the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX). To register for RoboUniverse Conference and Expo in Seoul, please visit If your company is interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at an upcoming RoboUniverse event, please contact All current MecklerMedia press releases can be found online at About MecklerMedia: MecklerMedia (OTCQX: MECK) is the leading producer of global trade shows, conferences, and digital publications covering 3D printing, robotics, and bitcoin/blockchain. MecklerMedia produces more than 25 conferences annually, including Inside 3D Printing, Inside Bitcoins, RoboUniverse, and the 3D Print Design Show. MecklerMedia’s news sites include Inside Bitcoins News and 3D Printing Industry, which provide up-to-date coverage to help drive business forward. For press inquiries, please contact Featured News Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Seoul Korea International Exhibition Center MECK MecklerMedia Corporation South Korea