RMRD Tech. & MatterHackers Partner to Provide 50 3D Printed Wind Turbines to Nicaragua


3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed alternative energy 3d printed devices 3d printed turbine blades 3d printed wind turbine Central America kickstarter Kyle Bassett Matterhackers Nicaragua RMRD Technologies RMRDTECH sustainable energy Venecia wind turbineTo combat the rising heat of summer–and escalating power bills–I decided to splurge on a new fan for my desk area this past weekend.

RMRD Tech Brings Low-Cost Wind Turbine to Kickstarter with 3D Printing

3D Printing Industry

Not only do they want to bring portable wind turbines to techno-campers and the open source community, but they also want to launch a pilot project to bring 3D printed wind turbines to Nicaragua.… By Andrew Wheeler. We wrote about RMRD Tech’s mission to bring clean wind energy to remote communities using a portable micro wind turbine with 3D printed parts back in February. Now, they’ve launched their Kickstarter campaign with an ambitious to do list.

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I ended up not only buying several flutes from Erik; but, a bamboo saxophone for a friend of my granddaughter since the first grade to benefit Erik's ministry to special needs kids in Nicaragua. I was first an inquiring potential customer, looking to buy a bamboo Irish Flute.

Michigan Tech and Eric Friesen help bring RepRap open source 3D printing to Nicaragua


One such country is Nicaragua, where the kinds of materials taken for granted in the US are extremely difficult to obtain, slowing the nation’s progress in terms of digital manufacturing at all levels, and particularly for the individual workers and families who could stand to benefit the most.

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We have used the software for technical communication – sharing renderings of the device and 3D-printed mock-ups made from SOLIDWORKS models during user research in Nicaragua.

Getting Technical: Students Study Up and Choose Afinia for 3D Printing


We build technology labs in places like South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua. John Richardson and Claire Luikart are the IT Implementation Director and Special Projects Manager (respectively) at St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, LA.

Paso Pacifico 3D printed sea turtle eggs to help track and deter poachers


In Nicaragua, for instance, hundreds of sea turtle eggs are dug up by poachers who then sell the precious eggs to international markets for more than $150 a piece, and discard of the extras in local bars for mere cents. The world’s sea turtle population is dwindling. As the ancient creatures’ environments are infringed upon and their eggs are stolen by poachers looking to make a pretty penny, the future is not looking so bright for the aquatic and increasingly endangered species.