Polylactic Acid (PLA): The Environment-friendly Plastic

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One of the major advantages of PLA is its biodegradable nature and the sustainable process by which it is made, making it the environmentally friendly choice of plastic. Under the right circumstances, PLA can break down into its natural elements in less than a month in contrast to the centuries it will take for traditional plastics to decompose. It is typically available in the market as thin films for thermoforming, plastic pellets for injection molding, or 3D printable filaments.

What are the obstacles to greater adoption of 3D printing?

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More than half, 55%, said metals, with 35% choosing plastics, and 3% choosing ceramics. Polls are fun if for no other reason than they confirm what you suspect or maybe even know.

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Prent Corporation Advances Industry Standards with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

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Prent Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom, plastic thermoform packaging and related systems for the medical device, electronics, and consumer products industries. Is your company always striving to be at the top of its industry?

Mobile Robots Market to Grow at a CAGR of 19.67% from 2018-2023

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On the basis of the report by BIS Research , the other application industries of the global mobile robot market in addition to the defense sector include automotive, electrical and electronics, logistics and distribution, pharmaceuticals, plastics and polymer, food and beverage, and healthcare.

Soon, artificial human organs may be used to personalize drug prescriptions

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Stimulated human organs, such as a machine-based human gut, offer the opportunity to run predictive pharmaceutical tests on the efficacy and safety of various drug compounds. It’s hard to build a machine from plastic and simulated mucous that can do the same thing.

BioBots Is A 3D Printer For Living Cells

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But Cabrera and his co-founders believe they have spotted an opportunity to overhaul expensive (circa $100,000+), large, complex legacy devices — taking inspiration from the small, low-cost desktop 3D printers being used by the maker movement to extrude plastic.

Electronic senses to touch us all

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The food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, plastics, packaging and environmental industries have clear uses for electronic senses. They can detect when flavors or odors in food are “off,” and if there has been contamination or migration of compounds from plastic packaging into content.

When a Medical Part Requires a New Process

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At Putnam Plastics , engineers led the 33-year-old medical extrusions firm, based in Putnam, Connecticut, into new manufacturing techniques and materials to meet the demands of OEMs that asked for smaller parts and higher quality. By Mark Langlois, Design-2-Part magazine.

Opinion: Think nothing is made in America? Output has…

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America’s other top manufactured products are pharmaceuticals, airplanes and automobiles. Rounding out the top 10 are iron and steel, animal slaughtering, plastics, organic chemicals and petrochemicals. “Opinion: Think nothing is made in America?

The Advancement Of 3D Printing And Its Impact On…

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Preliminary results include: 3D-printed livers (Organovofor, for use in pharmaceutical testing); 3D-printed skin (Wake Forest University, for use in burn treatments); 3D-printed retinal cells (University of Cambridge, as a cure for eyes damaged by glaucoma or other retinal diseases); and 3D-printed vascular system (Harvard University, as a support for artificial organs or replacement parts).

Globalization isn’t killing factory jobs. Trade is actually why…

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Instead, America’s 21st century manufacturing sector is dominated by petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fabricated metals, machinery, computers and other electronics, motor vehicles and other transportation equipment, and aircraft and aerospace equipment. “Globalization isn’t killing factory jobs. Trade is actually why manufacturing is up 40%.” ” By Daniel Griswold, LA Times.

GPI Prototype-SEDS@UCSD Conducts Hot-Fire Test of Their Second Metal 3D Printed Rocket Engine

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GPI Prototype is a division of Galloway Plastics, Inc. Galloway Plastics was founded in 1980 by Scott Galloway as a custom manufacturer of promotional products.

Types of Lubricants (Liquid, Solid, Gas, and Semi-Solid)

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PTFE also happens to be non-toxic and hence is suitable for use in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. Grease is a type of pseudo-plastic fluid. What are lubricants? Lubricants are substances which reduce friction and wear between two surfaces. It is applied at the interface of the two surfaces. Lubricants also help reduce the heat that is generated at the interface of the two surfaces that are in contact with each other and moving.

Why Infrared Heating Stands Apart

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They also encompass preheating plastics; thermoforming plastics; finishing and repairing aircraft parts; annealing metal and plastic products to increase their ductility; potting (encapsulating) electronic components; and preheating corrugated metal.

U.S. Manufacturing is Building up a Head of Steam

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Building products, of course, span a wide array of parts, from small metal stampings for door hardware to castings for plumbing components and larger metal and plastic fabrications for structural uses. “It’s and Vanguard Plastics, in Southington, Conn.,

Companies Tiptoe Back Toward ‘Made in the U.S.A.’

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several years ago returned most production of its plastic building toys to the U.S. Mr. Shih said, “we’re going to have to focus on next-generation technologies” in, for example, advanced pharmaceuticals. By James R. Hagerty and Mark Magnier, Wall Street Journal. For years, the U.S.

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Will 3D Printing Change The World?

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A plastic or metal part might work on a temporary basis, or not. What about the ability to replace large parts or ones built of a mix of materials? Plastic and PVC all the way up to Aluminum and Titanium parts can be printed, and printers can even print themselves.

Personalized Care Drives Innovation in Medical Product…

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Pia Kumar, director of corporate development for Mayfield Plastics, a custom thermoforming company based in Sutton, Massachusetts, can vouch for medical device OEMs’ reliance on suppliers that have experience in medical manufacturing.