All About Acrylic Plastic

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Plasticizers are used as additives to improve impact resistance, lower glass transition temperature, or enhance processing properties. Electrical : Plastic optical fiber used for short-range communication is made from PMMA or Acrylic plastic. Hence, CNC machines are a good fit with acrylic plastics. Polishing and sanding may be necessary to remove any cuts marks or scuffs along the edges. Acrylic is not the strongest plastic and is actually quite brittle.

Make a DIY Waterjet Cutter From a Cheap Pressure Cleaner

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Ben Krasnow used a very cheap pressure washer and attached a DIY abrasive sand container combined with AccuStream professional cutter head to make a low-cost DIY waterjet cutter. It can cut thin aluminum, wood, and plastics. cnc cutting diy off topic sand sander water

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3D Printing News Briefs: February 20, 2018

We’ve got a lot of business news to catch you up on in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with an acquisition and a new agreement. 3D printing software provider Beamler has. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing With Potato Power — Do Potato Based Plastics Work Well As Filament?

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This bioplastic is made in the northwest of Ireland by Biome Plastics and they sell it through the website, 3DomFilaments. It can also be sanded and has a high enough Glass Transition temperature to allow it to be normally sanded and even tumbled in various mediums.

ColorFabb LW-PLA Expanding Foaming Plastic Filament for 3D Printing - Part 1 Testing and experimentation


In it's foamed state it can be sanded, painted and sealed, very easy to post-process. After printing it was cut in half and the cut edge sanded so you can see the expansion above.

3D Printed Shoes: Combining 3D Printing in Plastics & Steel with Traditional Craftsmanship


His innovative approach: combining 3D printed plastics, 3D printed steel and traditional craftsmanship for creating one-of-a-kind high heels. I did the following four post-processing steps: - Sanding the shoes with 3M flexible diamond pads.

How to Paint 3D Printed Eyeglass Frames Your Favorite Color

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In this tutorial, Steven and Jeremy Gonzalez of The Super Maker Bros demonstrate how to paint eyeglass frames printed in Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12 in multiple colors, a process that can be applied to many other projects of the same 3D printed material.

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3D Printed Shoes: Combining 3D Printing in Plastics & Steel with Traditional Craftsmanship


His innovative approach: combining 3D printed plastics, 3D printed steel and traditional craftsmanship for creating one-of-a-kind high heels. I did the following four post-processing steps: - Sanding the shoes with 3M flexible diamond pads.

Filament switch: close ups shots that highlights further the complexity of extruding plastics


My only guess for the above picture is that the polycarbonate in contact with the metal may flow better than the one which is surrounded by molten plastic (in the middle). For some reason it reminds me how the heaviest grains of sand accumulate on the surface of a bucket when it gets shaken.

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DC SIGGRAPH Looking forward to 3D Printing

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While I''m showing the dome as they saw it, let me show you the SAME DOME that has been lightly sanded and painted with a silver metal flake paint used by plastic model makers. Here is BEFORE sanding and painting. and here AFTER light sanding and painting.

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It’s clear – you can 3D print transparent parts on a desktop FFF machine

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A challenging project, due to the inhomogenity of melted plastic, Glick’s experimentation successfully creates focusing lenses, and clear blocks that replicate the effect of etched glass. Sanding out the grooves Glick’s 3D printed […]. In a new project from Fenneclabs, self-professed maker Tomer Glick has demonstrated how to make transparent parts on a desktop FFF 3D printer.

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Researchers Combine Carbon Nanotubes and Nanocellulose to 3D Print Conductive Microfibers

3D printing technology can only go as far as the different materials that are able to be printed…but from metal and plastic to sand and even food, I don’t think we have to worry about. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology biomaterials Carbon Nanotube 3d printing carbon nanotubes cnt journal article nanocellulose 3d printing material nanofiber research paper University of Maryland wearable technology

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The Most Important 3D Printing Technologies & Materials You Need to Know


Home printers typically work with plastic filament. In an FDM printer, a long plastic filament is fed by a spool to a nozzle where the material is liquefied and ‘drawn’ on the platform, where it immediately hardens again. Finally, your model is filed and sanded to get rid of the sprues.

How to Finish Your PLA Prints – Easy Techniques

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PLA is made from corn starch, a fully renewable source, and is manufactured using less energy compared to petroleum-based plastics. Sanding. Any decent PLA finishing job starts with sanding. Sanding removes the outermost layer of PLA material, greatly reducing the number of visible ridges on the surface of the print. When sanding, it is important to maintain a circular motion so that the finish does not come out with a visible direction bias.

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CES 2015: This 3D printer can print individual cells

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Rather than extruding molten plastic like the other 3D printers at CES, OWL’s machines use tightly focused laser beams to draw on the surface of some liquid resin. The OWL MC-1 is accurate to 0.1 microns, or one-thousandth of the width of a human hair. “We

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Sentrol’s New SLS/SLM 3D Printer Series is Unveiled in Seoul

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At a conference of about 100 people, Sentrol introduced their new SS600, a large SLS/SLM machine, which is capable of fusing plastic, metal, or sand into 3D objects.… By Mark Lee.

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Where’s the real benefit of 3D printing for manufacturers?

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Sand casting. Sand casting is the most widely used casting method in North America. The pattern is then used to produce disposable sand molds. Like investment casting, sand casting offers exceptional freedom in designing products.

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Where’s the real benefit of 3D printing for manufacturers?

Leslie's Blog

Sand casting. Sand casting is the most widely used casting method in North America. The pattern is then used to produce disposable sand molds. Like investment casting, sand casting offers exceptional freedom in designing products.

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How to improve Aesthetic and Mechanical Properties of FDM 3D Printed Parts

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Sanding. Plastic parts made with FDM can be sanded by hand or with orbital sanders to remove the stair-stepping effect that is inherent to the process. Hand Sanding and Orbital Sanding FDM parts. Sand blasting a PC-ISO part.

How to Smooth PETG Prints

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PETG is a variant of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is one of the most common plastics in the world. Since PETG is more flexible than brittle, sanding down the imperfections in its surface is not as easily done as with PLA. Sanding. Sanding with polishing compound.

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Can you get injection molded quality parts without post processing from 3D printers?

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Since about 80% of the 3D printing market involves the use of plastic material, anything that reduces or eliminates post-processing time and cost is beneficial. Post processing can include support removal, sanding, filling, priming and painting, and machining and plating.

Amsterdam’s Space Junk 3D Prints “Marble” for Custom Designs

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Many times, artists and designers have asked me if I know ways to create custom objects using materials more “noble” than plastics. Amsterdam-based designers Space Junk do it by strengthening, sanding, and polishing 3D System’s gypsum material for binder jetting technology. By Davide Sher. One of the most requested is marble. There are a few ways to go about it: one is by using TreeD’s Monumental filament, another is by simulating it with zirconia ceramics, like Prodways.

Aztech Scenic Design: Taking 3D Printing To The Limit

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We would lay the pieces out on thin PVC plastic sheets and trace the edges out with a pen. The seams were then filled with Apoxie Sculpt and we used water to slick the seams as smooth as we could, before giving them another hand sanding.” Do you sand your prints?

3D-Printed Wonder Ceramics Are Flawless And Super-Strong

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They can withstand an absurd amount of heat and pressure without warping or breaking, all while brushing off many of the physical and chemical assaults that would rust metals and wear away plastics. Imagine sand particles suspended in glue and you’ve got the idea).

3D Printer Manufacturers ExOne, voxeljet Disappoint with Q3 Financial Results

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Even with the large format machine out of commission, the company still managed to ship a record number of sand and plastic 3D printed parts.… By Michael Molitch-Hou.

The ultimate finish: From 3D printed to final product look


It won’t be a surprise to find out that at some point, if the quality is high enough, we may as well skip the hideous and time-consuming sanding step, that would be cool right? ABS plastic using a professional FDM printer, 178 μm layers.

Ways to Create Colorful Prototypes

3E Rapid Prototyping

With some processes and materials — usually plastics — it is possible to use colored raw material, allowing parts to be colored without necessarily carrying out coloration at the post-processing stage.

Understanding Shapeways materials for Scale Models

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Strong and flexible plastic – this plastic comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The finish does show print lines or ‘stepping’ although this can generally be taken care of with some post-production light sanding and painting.

Another Method to Smooth 3D Prints


Tired of endless hours of sanding your rough 3D prints? The company behind XTC-3D, Smooth-On, says the resulting painted prints can be “sanded, primed and painted”, or even apply metal paint effects. There is a better way to make your 3D prints smooth: XTC-3D. What is it?

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Taking Your Product to the Finishing Line


The SL pieces were sanded to ensure an even surface and provide the desired surface smoothness for the application. The part was smoothed by sanding and given a cosmetic clear top coat for a clean surface. Additive manufacturing can make materials come to life in a single print.

3D printing with various materials

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It is a very smooth birch saw dust which is bonded with plastic polymers and is extruded to a filament. Dear Visitor, welcome on my blog! It is the first post on this new blog of mine, it will be about my newest 3D printing experiences and experiments with new materials.

RC Customization Series: Lap 3 – Finalizing The Parts

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Lisa explains the process that we normally use at Shapeways when you order colored Strong & Flexible plastic. Tijs first uses two types of sandpaper and then applies a primer for plastics. By doing so, he removes the layer of primer and smoothens the nylon plastic.

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Material for artists: 3D printing wood, chalk, and eventually metal with bronze


Indeed, the printer immediate results still feel like crappy plastics, badly molded like those of the eighties or so. But the process is both tricky and dangerous, and the object will nonetheless always look like shiny lightweight plastic in the end.

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Formlabs’ new 3D printer uses a Blu-ray laser to cut objects out of resin

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Whereas most 3D printers mold filament layer by layer, building from the ground up to produce a plastic object, the Form 2 operates on a different 3D-printing process called stereolithography that uses an ultraviolet laser to harden layers of sticky resin until the object is fully built.

How to Make Scary glow-in-the-dark Ghost Fridge Magnets for Halloween

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Optional: Fine sanding paper (80 – 240 grain will all do the job). To learn the differences between these two plastic types, please read our filament primer article.

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NASA’s Dr. Jess Waller Receives ASTM/SES Painter Award for Work on Nondestructive Testing Standards

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polymer scientist at the NASA Johnson Space Center White Sands Testing Facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He joined the staff at the NASA Johnson Space Center White Sands Testing Facility in 1995 upon completing his graduate studies. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.,

Guide to Unusual 3D Printing Materials


It is a mixture of plastic and 40-50% recycled wood chips. Field of Use: Sand Sculpture, Mold creation. Printing Method: The 5-Max sand printer uses conventional 3D printing methods. The sand is mainly used to make molds thanks to its high heat resistance.

Printing in PolyProlylene

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I recently purchased a small sample of white polypropylene (PP) plastic from a shop in China. While it was relatively expensive at ~$11 for 200g worth of plastic it allowed me to try out printing in PP without buying an entire spool of filament.

Made in America – Graphicast (NH)

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It is an economical alternative to sand, die, and investment casting; machining; and, in some cases, plastic injection molding for production quantities of 300 to 20,000 parts per year.

Creating the Dreamer Regalia Armor: Finishing the Armor!

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Because it was printed in our White Strong & Flexible Nylon Plastic, the armor was a great base for the extra detail. Melissa did all of these final details by hand, including painting, varnishing and sanding.

2017 Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Speaker Preview


For more than a decade, plastics additive manufacturing has been utilized by leading manufacturers for low volume, non-critical component production, yet the adoption of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) has been limited. Transitioning from a Plastics Job Shop to a Metals Production Shop.

King of Your Own Sandcastle: Making 3D printing history on the east end of Long Island

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No worries’, I thought, ‘those things are just simple geometric shapes made of plastic. I fill the mold with damp sand, run to the drier sand and flip it upside-down. My guess is the castle tapered too sharply and had small nooks and crannies that kept the sand stuck.

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The Materia 3D Printer


Embedded computer board manufacturer Arduino announced a partnership with Sharebot to produce the Materia 101, a personal 3D printer.

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