3D Printed Drones at War in Ukraine


For the war in Ukraine. This is happening at the Step IT Academy in Kiev, Ukraine, where the lab is using plastic-based 3D printers to produce drone parts for the Ukrainian armed forces. According to a post on KyivPost, a robotics lab has been 3D printing drones.

The Week in 3D Printing: Printing Disaster Relief, Giving Sight to Blind Parents, Growing New Bones, and Beautiful, Edible Geometry

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But, it’s not actually possible to buy a 3D printer in Gaza — and don’t even think about affording about the fancy plastic it would use. So, as AZO Materials reported , the doctors commissioned a hand-assembled 3D printer from a telecommunications graduate student, who then created plastic filament by combining different types of plastic beads. We’ll be over here booking a flight to Ukraine to try them out first-hand.

U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Fastest Pace in Three Years

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expansion in August, led by a surge in orders for plastics and metals that powered the world’s largest economy past a global slowdown. Seventeen of 18 industries surveyed by the purchasing managers’ group grew last month, led by plastics, furniture and metals.