Virginia Tech Researchers Take to reddit for AMA on 3D Printing Materials

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As scientists work towards pushing the range of materials available for 3D printing further outside of plastics and metals, we can anticipate new 3D printing applications blossom at a slow but increasingly predictable manner. By Andrew Wheeler.

Virginia Tech Students to Launch Experimental 3-D Printer on NASA Rocket Ship from Wallops Island

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A group of Virginia Tech College of Engineering students hope to have an answer next week after a launch at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. Ever the Hokies , the student designed, built and tested machine will 3-D print a plastic Virginia Tech “ VT ” logo. BLACKSBURG, Va.,

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University of Virginia Creates a 3D Printed UAV Drone for the Department of Defense

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by Fariss Samarrai, University of Virginia (U.Va.). engineers and engineering students are using sophisticated 3-D printing technology to make an array of objects, including a plastic airplane for a Department of the Army project. About the University of Virginia.

Shapeways receives the first HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer!

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Seen here with Virginia Palacio from HP with Stefan Rink, our VP of Manufacturing). Yes, full-color plastic, at a cost potentially lower than current dyed nylons.

What I learned from exhibiting at my first Maker Faire

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The Nova Mini Maker Faire in Reston, Virginia. I also had on hand a variety of prints I had done through Shapeways : Library of Congress Ornament (in Gold Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, and White Strong & Flexible Plastics).

Out of Shape 4: Oh No, Car 4 Ants

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Because real-world measurements of the existing sticker seemed like a good place to start, I whipped out a little plastic caliper I’d been given here on my first day. Luckily my colleague Virginia quickly taught me to use a digital caliper for the sake of better accuracy.

Medical engineering’s future frontiers

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of McLean, Virginia—the leading supplier of military night-vision goggles—will have NIRF-LI on the market as soon as next year. The robot is made of plastic so that it can be deployed in the brain while the patient is in a working MRI machine. By Catherine Bolgar*.

NASA-Students Selected for Winning Designs of 3-D Printed Tools for Astronauts

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William Johnson, Littleton, Colorado – Plastic Replaceable Astronomical Screwdriver (finalist). Nate Shue, Fairfax, Virginia – Water Catcher (finalist). Nagasai Sreyash Sola, Ashburn, Virginia – Astro Multi-Tool (semifinalist). NASA Release.

Is U.S. Manufacturing Really in Decline?

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By Daniel Gross, strategy+business. Did you hear that U.S. manufacturing just had another big month? That output has risen about 20 percent in the past six years? That industrial capacity is actually expanding? Probably not. At most times, and especially in election season, the talk surrounding U.S.

Growing the Brain in 3D!

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At present, all any personal 3D printer can do toward the goal of replicating itself is to print out a few plastic parts. Before launching into the real meat of this post, permit me a moment to rant about one of the claims often made by personal 3D printer manufacturers.

The Significance of the Cube to 3D Printing

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As I have repeatedly said , for me, 3D printing is NOT about printing cheap plastic objects. It is no accident that Virginia Tech named their 3D printing center the Dreams Lab and that the DreamVendor , a 3D printing kiosk is in non-stop demand. One of the things that''s nice about being a bit older is that you have some history to look back on to help put things into perspective.