SOLIDWORKS’ New Subscription Policy

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Effective January 1, 2016, the current subscription policy will change for SolidWorks customers. From the TPM blog: What is the new Subscription late policy? The post SOLIDWORKS’ New Subscription Policy appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. Rant SolidWorks Community SolidWorks SolidWorks Subscription PolicyThis seems to be flying under the radar a bit, but I’m not sure why.

Reshoring Exceeded Offshoring in 2016: Policy Changes Needed…

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Reshoring Exceeded Offshoring in 2016: Policy Changes Needed to Maintain Momentum. Clearly, government policy changes and expectations of those changes are key to accelerating the trend. Reshoring Initiative 2016 Data Report.

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Shapeways Announces Major Changes to Terms & Conditions, Content Policy

3D Printing Business 3d printable content 3d printing service bureaus content policy dmca shapeways terms and conditions terms of serviceShapeways, the 3D printing service based in New York City, has just raised $30.5 million in Series D funding from heavy-hitting investors such as Hewlett Packard Ventures, Presidio Ventures, Sumitomo Corporation, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square... View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing & Policy: Public Knowledge Announces 4th Annual 3D/DC Event

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Policymakers, members of the public, and 3D printing companies from across the country will connect to discuss legislative regulations and policies surrounding 3D printing. If you go, you’ll get a chance to see 3D printing-oriented policy panels in action, as well as open up some conversations with participants. … The original post 3D Printing & Policy: Public Knowledge Announces 4th Annual 3D/DC Event appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

Shapeways Updates their Terms and Conditions and Content Policy

It is a pretty universally accepted fact that most people don’t actually read the terms and conditions and policies for the products and services that they use, they generally just click accept and. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing Business Michael Weinberg Payment conditions Policy updates shapeways Shapeways Content Policy Shapeways Terms and Conditions terms and conditions

Government policies working against U.S. manufacturing?

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By Fox Business. Humanscale CEO Bob King on what is needed to boost job growth in America. Manufacturing News

Foreign Policy Magazine Names Jennifer Lewis 2014 Global Thinker for 3D Bioprinting Research

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a key member of the Wyss Institute Core Faculty has been selected as one of Foreign Policy‘s 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2014 for her disruptive research into 3D bioprinting. … The original post Foreign Policy Magazine Names Jennifer Lewis 2014 Global Thinker for 3D Bioprinting Research appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Rachel Park. Jennifer Lewis, Sc.D.,

Mature Content Tagging (and more policy updates)

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Today, we’re rolling out a series of updates to the policies that govern what happens here at Shapeways. There are some smaller, incremental changes discussed towards the bottom of this post, but the biggest update is to our content policy. Other Policy Updates.

Risk-Takers Can Use Sculpteo’s Tools and “Print it Anyway” Policy for 3D Printable Models

So your 3D design is done and you are ready to have Sculpteo 3D print it. But the design does not pass Sculpteo’s immediate solidity check process, which means that the company. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3D model thickening tool 3d printable content 3d printable designs 3d printable files Immediate solidity check process sculpteo thickening thickening tool

CEO of GE Addresses Additive Manufacturing and Globalization in Letter to Shareholders

3D Printing Business Editorials / Opinions economic policy Economics economy employment export-import bank ge global nationalism globalization government industrial internet Jeff Immelt jobs creation outsourcing politics shareholdersFor its 2016 Annual Report, GE‘s CEO Jeff Immelt wrote a letter to shareholders that attempts to weave together the core philosophy of GE, its vision for the future, and the way in which both. View the entire article via our website.

Spring Policy Updates

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Spring is in the air, and that means that it is time for a few policy updates here at Shapeways. As a reminder, if you want to go deeper you can always check out the archived versions of specific policies in order to compare them to the current one. In addition to the Shop Terms update, this update includes much smaller fixes to the general Terms and Conditions, the API Terms and Conditions, and the Content Policy. Content Policy.

Policy Updates from Shapeways

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Today we’re excited to roll out a batch of updates to our policies. As a reminder, you can always find links to archived versions of policies on that policy’s page. For those of you looking for a quick summary of the changes, here it is: - We’ve revised our content policy. The result is increased transparency around what we will and will not print, opening up a number of new possibilities for models. - We’ve updated our privacy policy.

South Korean government to invest further in 3D printing, AI, 5G service, and more


Within the medical sector, for instance, it has explored fast-track approval for 3D printed devices, and the South Korean government has also forged ahead with tax exemption policies for companies pursuing research and development for 3D printing technologies.

Donald Trump Also Thinks 3D Printing is Important

3D Printing Robotics 3d printing in the military 3d printing politics artificial intelligence donald trump foreign policyThis week, something happened that may very well have been a historic moment: President Obama and Donald Trump agreed on something. In fairness, they may have agreed on other things in the past. View the entire article via our website.

Bungled U.S. Energy Policy

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A lot needs to be fixed in the U.S. at the moment. At the risk of being the bearer of more bad news, here goes. Jonathan Gourlay, features editor of Desktop Engineering , wrote an interesting editorial in the August 2008 issue. He stated the following.  In the last fiscal year, the Energy Department had planned to spend.  $159 million on solar research and development.

Updating Our Terms & Conditions and Content Policy

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I know – what could be more exciting than a blog post about an update to Terms & Conditions and Content Policies? Content Policy Changes. The changes to the content policy are less dramatic.

3D printing could reduce global oil consumption, says top Nordea analyst


The IEA, a Paris-based intergovernmental organization that acts as an energy policy adviser to members states and other countries, recently predicted the continued growth of global oil consumption due to increased demand for aircraft, shipping, trucks, and petrochemical products.

UNYQ Collaborates with Studio Bitonti for 3D Printed Align Scoliosis Brace—Attractive, Lightweight & Smart

3D Design 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed orthotics 3D printed prosthetic covers 3D printed scoliosis brace Francis Bitonti Office of Science and Technology Policy Studio Bitonti The White House unyq UNYQ Align scoliosis brace UNYQ Peformance White House Office of Public EngagementWhen I hear the name Bitonti, I immediately see 3D printing and high fashion intersecting. A name that continues to grow in terms of fashion and materials innovation, we’ve long been.

Can you copyright a 3D scan? New Whitepaper explains why creativity is key


In order to explain why 3D scans are—for the most part—non-copyrightable, Weinberg separates them into two categories, representational and expressive, and presents a compelling case for why avoiding broad copyright protection is the best option for public policy.

SPAM and Comment Policy Explanation

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I have been blogging long enough to spot a comment pretending to praise the writing; but, is actually nothing more than a ploy designed to cover the real goal of dropping a SPAM link having nothing to do with 3D printing. I have deleted hundreds of them, if not thousands. I''ve lost count. Spammers, I moderate theses forums as closely and as timely as I can and delete those comments that contain links.

China to invest $313 million in 3D Printing R&D


According to Chinese insiders, with the support of a number of favorable state policies, 3D printing market growth within China is expected to remain around 40%, with production expected to exceed 20 billion RMB (3 billion USD) between 2016-2020.

Thomas Sanladerer reviews Markforged Mark Two carbon fiber 3D printer: great prints, hefty price


3D printing expert Thomas Sanladerer has reviewed the Markforged Mark Two 3D printer, reporting quality prints and minimal errors, but expressing reservations about Markforged’s patenting policy and the price of the 3D printer.

UK publishes Digital Strategy outlining plans for Makerspaces, IP protection for 3D printing, and internationally connected Tech Hubs

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The policy follows a. The UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport has released a Digital Strategy for economic, educational and infrastructural growth of the nation. Business digital strategy Fab Labs Fablabs IP makerspaces manufacturing Northern Powerhouse Smart Factories Tech City Tech hubs

3D software pioneer Autodesk announces resignations of CEO Carl Bass and two board members


'' These views towards Trump's policies and character might be representative of many Americans, but Bass went further on the record than others in his position have tended to do.

Libraries harness power of 3D printing, ALA urges policymakers to take note


Washington-based Printabowl 3D prints elegant elevation instruments for legal marijuana consumption


In places like The Netherlands, smoking marijuana legally is nothing to write home about, as the recreational drug was legalized under a “policy of tolerance” decades ago in 1976.

Rebranding Manufacturing in America

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must include a similar rebranding in the eyes of the public, politicians, and policy makers. Note: The following was authored by Tim Caffrey, senior consultant at Wohlers Associates. For many, the word manufacturing conjures images of antiquated factories belching black smoke into our air and chemical-tainted liquids into our waterways. Buildings are cavernous and dangerous, filled with old, energy-guzzling machines.

Dutch political party D66 calls for multi-million investment in 3D printing, Fablabs and Smart Industry


While the amount of startups in the 3D printing community is skyrocketing, success isn’t just created through hard work. A healthy economic climate also plays a huge role, as many entrepreneurs will agree upon.

Cheap, efficient 3D printed micro turbines could bring energy to remote locations


Countless specialists and politicians are gathered in Paris until Friday, all with the goal of agreeing on sensible policies to reduce global warming – something that isn’t very easy, with industrial interests and science being politicized. Could 3D printing save the world?

Donald Trump calls for integration of 3D printing, AI and cyberwarfare into US military


And he did so yesterday, during a long-awaited foreign policy speech for The Center for the National Interest in Washington, D.C.

Welcome Michael Weinberg: Shapeways General Counsel and IP Expert

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For the past few years, I’ve been working on public interest technology policy at Public Knowledge. I also helped to organize 3D/DC , an annual 3D printing policy conference in Washington, DC. Hi Shapeways!

How to Avoid Locking Out the Microsoft SQL sa Account [VIDEO]

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Starting with Microsoft SQL 2005, the Password Policy and Password Lockout settings from your Windows OS (Found by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Account Policies) are automatically inherited by the MSQL sa account used by Enterprise PDM.

Gigabot Prepares for Third Generation Launch with Second Great Big Giveaway

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By Davide Sher. After the Gigabit and Gigabit XL systems, the makers of the largest open source, “human size”, low cost 3D printer, re:3D, are getting ready for the GB3, the third generation of their Gigabot system.

EPDM – What Makes a Good EPDM Admin

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A solid understanding of the company’s policies and processes : In order to ensure that EPDM reflects important company policies and processes, a good EPDM Admin should have a good understanding of these policies and processes and/or be able to easily access information on these policies and processes. The successful implementation, use and growth of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, is largely dependent on the skill of the administrator(s).

Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: A feasibility study of mass customisation governance

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This feasibility study will be conducted by fieldwork and documents and regulatory policy analysis. Following the recent feasibility study competition, the 3DP-RDM network is funding four projects in 2016. In this series of blog posts we introduce the four studies.

Developing a UK Strategy for Additive Manufacturing: Help needed

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Drawing upon lessons captured by colleagues from the Centre for Science Technology and Innovation Policy on the development of public technology strategies in other countries, the development of the UK national strategy for AM will be developed using a combination of techniques. On March 10th, the first workshop to be run as part of the process to develop a UK Strategy for Additive Manufacturing (AM) was held at the MTC in Coventry.

New fab-spaces paper accepted for publication

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This study has practical consequences for entrepreneurs, in the better identification of the appropriate fab-spaces for their needs, and for policy makers, to help position the different types of fab-spaces as elements for national systems of innovation and production.