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I know – what could be more exciting than a blog post about an update to Terms & Conditions and Content Policies? That means that we might use your model to test new processes and train our production staff. Content Policy Changes.

EPDM – What Makes a Good EPDM Admin

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A solid understanding of the company’s policies and processes : In order to ensure that EPDM reflects important company policies and processes, a good EPDM Admin should have a good understanding of these policies and processes and/or be able to easily access information on these policies and processes. Tech Tips Training EPDM SolidWorks EPDM SolidWorks Training

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Still Waiting to Re-take Your Certification Exam? Wait No Longer

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As of January 1, 2019, we have changed our re-take policy on all our customer-facing and academic certification exams. All other exams that had a 30-day waiting policy, such as the CSWA , has been changed to 14 days and now coincides with the same retake policy as the CSWP exam segments.

Retrain Or Retreat: The Next Battlefield For U.S. …

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If you were starting a career 40 years ago, you probably believed—correctly, in many cases—that you’d be able to do whatever you were trained to do for your entire life. In fact, as Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives , has noted , employers have been cutting back in this area at a time when there’s more need than ever for on-the-job training. Manufacturing News innovation Jobs training

New skills needed for new manufacturing technology

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In order to fulfill this promise, the American workforce needs technical training in new manufacturing technologies. Filling these jobs requires new mechanisms for training workers in advanced manufacturing technologies. few parents want their children to train for manufacturing jobs.

Trump upgraded Chinese Manufacturing

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In a sense, I appreciate his policy. Perhaps counterintuitively, I think Trump’s trade policy may actually help to improve Chinese manufacturing. Besides, it is not difficult to train people to do those sorts of jobs — jobs that simply involve following a procedure.

Part 107 Changes Will Relax Commercial Drone Flight Restrictions

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Another part of this proposal that has more far-reaching consequences is the stipulation that commercial drone pilots need to either undergo training or take an updated knowledge test that will affirm their knowledge related to flying at night. Can the trainings be done online?

On Post-HQ2 despair…

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But if a city does manage to strike the right policy and planning balance, those 50,000 Amazon jobs (or 25,000 because it was split into two cities. non-partisan Tax Policy Center backs up the idea of fostering organic, local growth, concluding, “efforts to win over businesses with tax exemptions and subsidies may not be fiscally fruitful for overall job generation for regional economies.” The blog is back! Yes, I’ve said this before.)

Canada Makes announces new partnership with Javelin Technologies

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We are pleased to welcome Javelin into the Canada Makes network,” said Martin Lavoie, CME’s director of policy for manufacturing innovation and competitiveness.

UMass Amherst Library Opens 3D Printing Innovation Center

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During a training session held prior to the grand opening of the center, 20 faculty from 16 different disciplines attended to learn about using the new center, Connare said. The W.E.B.

CAD Jobs: Engineering SysAdmin in Goshen, IN


Coordinate and produce training material for Solidworks and EPDM usage. Our customer Supreme Corporation in Goshen, Indiana is looking for a new Engineering Systems Administrator. Are you their candidate? Check out the job description below and then contact them at the details listed below. Engineering Systems Administrator DETAILS: Responsible for design and maintenance of Solidworks CAD and EPDM systems at Supreme.

Ingersoll Rand Has Openings For MFG Jobs That Pay…

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manufacturing in the next decade is the “skills gap,” the lack of qualified, trained workers to fill new positions. Our Creators Wanted campaign, launched earlier this year, is a manufacturing-backed initiative to educate policy makers about the issues facing manufacturing, change public perceptions about the industry, share stories, and encourage students to consider careers in modern manufacturing. “Ingersoll Rand Has Openings For MFG Jobs That Pay Over $100K.

UK Among World’s Top Five Economies for 3D Printing

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Policy recommendations. George commented: “The UK must invest in educational programmes to train the new digital workforce, and in university research to advance 3D technology.”.

Healthcare Robotics Market – Exploring the Untapped Opportunities for Key Players in the Market

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On the other hand, few factors that are restraining the growth of the market including lack of skilled workforce, a high cost of robotics platform, and uncertain reimbursement and regulatory policies. Incidences of adverse effects of medical treatment are on the rise globally.

The Lasergirls Cosplay Tips: How To Choose The Right 3D Printing Material For Your Costume

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Convention’s are always in season, and with New York Comic Con just around the corner, you may have been inspired to hop on the cosplay train. Make sure to review the MSDS, Food Safe policies, and other disclaimers on materials you plan to use.

SME’s EASTEC 2017 Goes to Mars with Opening Day Keynote

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president comes with the expectation of a shift in policies. According to Patricia Buckley, managing director for Economic Policy and Analysis at Deloitte, these possible policy shifts will shape the U.S.

Largescale adoption of metal 3D printing by US military could take >10 years, experts say

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Those designs could be manipulated’ said Jennifer McArdle from the Center for Revolutionary Thought at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. This means training the users in safety, as well as in 3D printing, requiring countless specialists.

3D Printing Fuels the Rise of Point-of-Care Medical Manufacturing

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Healthcare providers operate in an evolving environment influenced by policy, regulations and changing technology can affect the patient experience. DEARBORN, Mich.,

SOLIDWORKS PDM STANDARD: Configuring the Vault

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Microsoft Group Policies editor, can be launched from Local Settings. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation Guide, provides information about the available policies. In this article, we will review the main components, of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool.

Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam for Subscription Customers

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It is highly recommended to take advantage of this resource because it gives you access to the knowledge base, forums, training files, downloads, SPRs, etc. If you have an active subscription with SOLIDWORKS you and your team can write a Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam.

Megacities minus mega-traffic

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A better way to discourage car use is by charging for driving on congested roads and through stricter parking policies. Written by Catherine Bolgar. Two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, according to the United Nations Population Fund. The number of megacities—i.e.,

China 111

Sustainable urban environments are built on a collaborative approach

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This data needs to be presented to decision makers in an intelligible manner that does not require advanced degrees or training. He agreed that integrating data, and the policies surrounding the governance of data, will make or break any smart city aspirations.

How ‘Made in the USA’ can see a renaissance, and…

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“We’re going to see an American manufacturing renaissance” Greenblatt, chair of the National Association of Manufacturers and president of Baltimore-based Marlin Steel Wire Products, pointed to policies that Trump wants to enact as a potential catalyst to new hiring. Given the entrenched economic realities, others are skeptical that any government policy can spark a manufacturing rebound.

Can You Fly a Drone in Parks, National Forests, and Wilderness Areas?

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Jon Jarvis, the NPS Director, issued a no-drones policy quoting safety and noise issues. This is the reason for the differences in policies. Train and learn to operate your drone safely. Drones, also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), are pilotless aircrafts with the capability to fly either by remote control or through the use of onboard computers. They are progressively becoming red-hot gadgets and many people are now proud owners.

Drone Pilot Jobs – In-depth guide on how to get one

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The growth of the industry will continue to face challenges, particularly the lack of skilled or formally trained drone operators. After all, institutions that offer formal drone training courses are still quite rare and taking a course will require significant investment. On the side of the drone pilots, training courses have started to become more common and more accessible, hopefully resulting in a generation of drone pilots that are more responsible and accountable.

Manufacturing jobs booming, but may be harder to fill

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Yes,” former White House director of economic policy under George H.W. You’ve got to have folks who are trained to do those jobs” Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, told FOX Business. By Suzanne O’Halloran, Fox Business.

SOUTH-TEC Brings Manufacturing Experts and Advanced Technology to South Carolina

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Deloitte Services’ Patricia Buckley, managing director of Economic Policy and Analysis, will open the show on Tuesday with a keynote exploring economic trends impacting manufacturers in Southeastern U.S.

3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss at AeroDef Manufacturing 2018

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With more than 85 years of experience and expertise in events, media, membership, training and development, and also through an education foundation, SME is committed to promoting manufacturing technology, developing a skilled workforce and attracting future generations to advance manufacturing.

Where is the U.S. Automotive Industry Headed?

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Skills availability, tax and incentive policy, real estate availability, and other location selection factors also come into play. . Future topics include Labor Costs, Infrastructure, Global Market Considerations, and Workforce Training/Skills. [1]

EXCLUSIVE: SOUTH-TEC® – Showcasing Smart Manufacturing, Advanced Technologies, Workforce Development and More to Address Industry Challenges

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They have a highly skilled workforce being trained on emerging advanced technologies at a faster pace than average. Schools and universities support the advanced manufacturing industry by providing education, training and visionary leadership. SOUTH-TEC ®, a Southeastern U.S.

California Manufacturing Task Force Urges…

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A Task Force was created to deliver the group’s consensus to policy makers and to work for implementation. Policy makers and the public often underestimate the high-powered job growth benefit of a vital manufacturing industry. A national goal of balanced trade trade policy is necessary to grow jobs and the economy. Instead, federal policies incentivize offshoring and unfairly subsidize imports thereby rewarding foreign mercantilism.

Making Manufacturing Great Again Would Add $530 Billion…

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economy would boom under the right policy and private sector decisions. Providing more resources to smaller manufacturers and implementing nationwide advanced manufacturing skills training programs were also cited as necessary for propelling industrial production forward. “Manufacturing needs supportive government programs and policies with long-term certainty and funding.

How to Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing

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Nine policies that could spark new growth in factory jobs and the economic benefits they bring. policy makers to give it an extra boost. So companies must put new hires through on-the-job training and aren’t able to quickly increase production through additional hiring.

Smart Manufacturing Experience Will Highlight Advanced Technologies That Are Revolutionizing The Manufacturing Landscape

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Through its strategic areas of events, media, membership, training and development, and the SME Education Foundation, SME is uniquely dedicated to the advancement of manufacturing by addressing both knowledge and skills needed for the industry. Why attend Smart Manufacturing Experience?

Autodesk Join Hands to Advance Digital Manufacturing in Thailand

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This will provide up to 100,000 engineers and vocational professionals from companies of all sizes with subscription – based access to Autodesk’s 3D design, manufacturing, simulation, and collaboration tools, services and training for three years.

America Makes Commemorates 7th Anniversary

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Youngstown, Ohio — August 30, 2019. America Makes proudly commemorates its seventh anniversary this month since its founding by looking ahead to the future.

Why Universities are Important to Rebuilding US…

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They urged the White House to support vocational training for the high-tech skills that today’s manufacturers increasingly require…The jobs are there, but the skills are not,” one executive said during meetings with White House officials that preceded a session with the president.” ” Dean Williams said, “Ohio State University is a manufacturing R&D and training powerhouse.

Ohio 50

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more…

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That’s in part because so much effort has been put into encouraging high school graduates to go to college for academic degrees rather than for training in industrial and other trades that many fields like his face worker shortages. In California’s community colleges, for instance, it’s dropped to 28 percent from 31 percent since 2000, contributing to a shortage of trained workers with more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree.

WESTEC Returns to Los Angeles with a Focus on the Future of Manufacturing Technology and the Workforce

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The State of California recently released new funding for manufacturing training and workforce development. Los Angeles, Aug.

EXCLUSIVE – Dave Morton of SME Highlights AeroDef Manufacturing

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Dave Morton : As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies come of age, manufacturers are finding easier ways to adopt these technologies on many fronts—from product development, to training, to maintenance and repair, to worker safety.

ITS America 2016 San Jose To Open With The Next Generation Workforce Student-Led V2X Lab

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The Mobile Comply-Square One Education Network partnership brings together industry and education to develop a connected vehicle certification for teachers and students through classroom training, materials, and lessons.

Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL) Partners with Brightlands Materials Center to Strengthen the Footprint of Experimental Facilities

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CHILL is part of the ‘top sector policy’ and fulfils a leading role by offering an innovative learning, working and research environment, where education (at various levels) and businesses (from SMEs to multinationals) work together on knowledge development and on new products.

TNO 56

Microsoft Surface Black Friday Deals

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The Surface Book 2 has a customary 30-day return policy when purchased from Microsoft, free training, in-store help, and technical phone-in support. Microsoft is back and they’re making a big splash this Black Friday. This page lists five of the best Black Friday offers from their Surface family that they recently announced. Let’s take a look at these Black Friday savings available while there are still supplies left.