Portland Keeps it Weird with Their Life Sized 3D Printed Cow


The unofficial motto of Portland, Oregon proudly states “Keep Portland Weird”, and as someone who visits the city regularly, those are not empty words. Being weird, or alternately different and fun, for many Portland... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed cow keeping it weird large 3d print pdx 3d portland cow urban farmer

Portland Rotary Club Works with e-NABLE to Deliver 3D Printed Prosthetic Limbs to Amputees in the Dominican Republic


3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed prosthetic arm 3d printed prosthetic hands 3d printed prosthetics 3D-printed prosthetic arms amputee delta 3d printer developing countries Dominican Republic e-nable e-NABLE prosthetics e-NABLE volunteer community limb loss LN-4 prosthetic monofilament Portland Rotary Club prosthetic arm prosthetic hands prosthetic limb seemecnc

Portland Community College MakerLab Holds H800 in High Esteem


Ethan Ouimet is the MakerLab Coordinator at Portland Community College MakerLab. He lives half time in Portland and half time in Eugene, where he also works at the University of Oregon MakerSpace and is finishing his degree in product design. I run two makerspaces: one at the University of Oregon and the other at Portland Community College, which is a beautiful shop with a ton of resources.”. Ouimet with the H800 3D Printer at Portland Community College MakerLab.

3D Printing Spotlight On: Mazuir Ross, Artist and 3D Print Shop Owner


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RepRap Child Now At OSCON in Portland

RepRap Blog

The RepRap Child is now in Portland for OSCON 2008 , hopefully not too badly beaten up in transit. Official presentation is on Thursday afternoon (5:20, D137) but I''ll try to set it up in the foyer for folks to come poke at it. Will overcome jetlag before picking up screwdriver. Vik :v). oscon

NW Noggin & PDX3DP Lab: 3D Printing Brain Models for Students in Oregon


3D Printing Education 3d printed brain 3d printed brain model 3D printed educational products 3D printed student projects brain brain model google hangout NIH 3D Print Exchange non-profit NW Noggin oregon PDX3DP Lab Portland 3D Printing Lab3D printing is very helpful when used to make teaching tools and visual aids for the classroom. When I was scrolling through my Twitter feeds recently, I came across a. The post NW Noggin & View the entire article via our website.

3D Printable Self Reinforced Strain Hardening Cement Composite Developed at University of Michigan


3D Printing 3d printed concrete 3d printed construction cement cementitious composite compressive strength concrete ECC engineered cementitious composite portland cement rebar tensile strength University of MichiganConcrete has been in use as far back as 6,500 BCE when the Bedouins in Southern Syria and Northern Jordan used it in construction. More famously, the Romans used concrete to build structures such as. View the entire article via our website.

Syria 66

3D Printed Coffee Cup Helps Astronauts on the ISS Enjoy Freshly Brewed Coffee


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed coffee cup 3d printed espresso cup 3d printing zero gravity astronauts Drew Wollman international space station iss Kjell Lindgren liquid management in zero gravity nasa Portland State University professor Mark WeislogelCoffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and enjoyed in virtually every country on the planet. Just in the United States more than 80% of adults drink at least one cup a day, while. View the entire article via our website.

e-NABLE and 3D Printing Featured Among Prosthetic Case Studies in Bespoke Bodies Gallery Exhibit


3D Design 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed prosthetics 3D printing exhibition 3d systems bespoke bodies derby the dog design museum portland e-nable exhibit gallery game of thrones Grecia the toucan limb loss pacific northwest college of art PNCA prostheses prostheticsWhile Game of Thrones’ Jamie Lannister may wear a prosthetic hand made of solid gold, most prostheses are made from far more common materials, but not all are any more practical. Instead, the.

i.materialise 3D Printing Roundup: Week of Sept 15


Portland Firm Draws Huge Crowd with City Bike 3D Printed in Titanium. A Portland design firm by the name of Industry , know for their work with Nike, teamed up with Ti Cycles to create a concept bicycle out of 3D Printed titanium. Read more about how this Portland Firm Draws Huge Crowd with City Bike 3D Printed in Titanium. Welcome to the i.materialise 3D Printing Roundup, where we highlight the stories most clicked, shared, and reweeted by our community!

Designer Spotlight on Josh Azevedo: From Humble Beginnings to Running a Top 3D Design Business


Based in Portland, Oregons foremost creative hub, Josh and his team now create custom figurines, corporate awards, custom jewelry, and just about anything clients can think of. And the Portland community has noticed! One of the largest 3D prints Oregon is Josh’s 6 Foot Long children’s mobile, which hangs from the ceiling of a Portland Children’s Hospital.

Chantelle Sims – “Look! I’m 3D Printing men!”


Chantelle Sims came to engineering late in life, enrolling in Portland Community. Chantelle Sims. Read the whole entry. » » interview

College Student's First 3D Printer Purchase Leads to a New Business


Today, he’s in business as the co-founder of Hydra Research, LLC, a 3D printing startup in Portland, Oregon. In 2016, John Kray bought his first 3D printer, a. Kray is a little bit surprised. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3d hubs 3D printed coffee accessories 3D printed handles 3D printing case study case study Hydra Research LM Nano lulzbot lulzbot mini woodfill

AtlanticProCare Tries Out 3D Printed Prosthetics Through Partnerships with Three 3D Printing Companies


Portland, Maine is home to AtlanticProCare, which specializes in personalized prosthetics for people who have lost either upper or lower limbs, as well as in scoliosis treatment. Founded in 1993, the. View the entire article via our website.

Laika Used 3D Printing to Create a 16-Foot-Tall Skeleton Puppet for Stop Motion Film ‘Kubo and The Two Strings’


Portland, Oregon-based animation studio Laika has made some of the most critically acclaimed stop motion animated films in the last few years. Their first film, Coraline, was one of the first. View the entire article via our website.

Solid: the highly innovative 3D printed titanium bike

Top 4 3D Printing

Solid is an innovative bicycle from the Portland-based team of design firm Industry and handmade bike maker Ti Cycles. It can also be matched to two Smartphone apps  My Bike, which makes bike maintenance easy with timely alerts whenever you need to repair breaks or replace lights, and Discover My City, in which 8 of Portlands coolest residents take you on curated rides through the town they love, complete with recommendations for where to eat, ride and shop along the way.

3D-Printed Buildings

Wohlers Talk

The print material is said to be made from construction waste, including concrete, fiberglass, sand, and a special hardening agent (probably Portland cement and water). Earlier this year, 3DPrint.com reported on Shanghai-based WinSun and its 3D printing of buildings. Stories of the Chinese printing entire homes and other structures have been reported in the past, although most have been met with uncertainty.

Cre8tor Industries Inventor's Positioning Axis

DIY 3D Printing

Price: current pricing options on Kickstarter range from $150 for the 13” and $205 for the 21” version It is on Kickstarter now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/721103934/inventors-positioning-axis-8-micron-accuracy Company homepage (they are based in Portland, Oregon): [link] This powered linear rail axis can be used in all dimensional configurations: Schematics of the Inventor''s Axis: kickstarter rail USA

All Aboard: 3DS and The Millennial Train Project

3D Systems

My name is David Melo, and I am privileged to represent 3D Systems as we join the Millennial Train Project , the first ever mobile hacker space traveling cross-country by train from Portland to New York City over the next 10 days. Right now I’m on the train heading north towards Portland from Los Angeles. All Aboard: 3DS and The Millennial Train Project Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 16:33 David Melo, 3DS Intern.

LAIKA is Animating Life with the Help of 3D Printing Technology

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

A scene from Kubo and the Two Strings, and a 3D printed Giant Undersea Eyeball character on display at the Portland Art Museum. The team at LAIKA offers visionary thinking and innovative creativity in the art of animation, and will be displaying a look inside their unique and wonderfully crafted world at the Portland Art Museum with “Animating Life: The Art, Science and Magic of LAIKA”.

RepRap At OSCON 2008

RepRap Blog

The RepRap Child is heading for OSCON in Portland, Oregon (yes, I''m off to the US of A again). I''m presenting in the last session on Thursday afternoon and will probably set up an impromptu display in the foyer if I can get away with it, so pop in and say "Hi" if you''re in the neighbourhood. Vik :v). oscon reprap

Biking the STP using a 3D Printed Shifter

Nothing Labs

About a week ago I finished my first major organized bike ride - the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic - or STP. What concerned me was that my bus from Portland back to Seattle left at 7pm the next day. If I repeated Day 1''s performance - I might be stuck in Portland without a hotel room. I had always associated Oregon border with being a few miles from Portland - and via I-5 it is.

This Little Bowl Makes a Big Impact

Shapeways Blog

From NYC to Pittsburgh to Portland, the South Bowl is an American endeavor that does good for the entire world. Shapeways shop owner Jeremy Burnich has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a stunning bowl in the shape of Antarctica, with the proceeds going to offset carbon (via Carbonfund.org ) and help fight climate change. Jeremy used Shapeways’ Porcelain and Strong and Flexible (Nylon) Plastic to prototype and fine-tune his design.

Artist Uses 3D Printing To Combine Love Of Printmaking and Beer

Shapeways Blog

Graham Stephens is a Maker and Artist based out of Portland, OR. Graham has a passion for Printmaking and focuses on print making projects that range from engraving, woodcutting, and sketching. He recently opened a Shapeways store and launched his first product in the marketplace, the Ink Brayer Bottle Opener. Graham’s Bottle Opener combines his love of printmaking and everything print related with his love of delicious craft beer.

Stratasys Delivers the “Missing Link” for LAIKA Studios

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Based in Portland, Oregon, LAIKA is an award-winning production company behind such Hollywood films as “Coraline”, “Kubo and the Two Strings”, and “Paranorman”. We like saying our customers can “Make it with Stratasys” – tapping into the power of 3D printing to turn great ideas into innovation and success.

adidas Makes First 3D Shoe Available for Purchase with Exclusive Drop

Additive Manufacturing

Portland, Ore. Limited number of 3D Runner pairs to go on sale on December 15 via Confirmed in New York. December 12, 2016 – adidas today announced that it will be making its 3D technology shoes available to purchase for the first time with a limited edition release. The 3D Runner will be available for $333 via adidas Confirmed ​​ in New York with sign ups starting today and reservations opening tomorrow, Dec. Pairs can be picked up on Dec.

New Travelling Exhibit Featuring 3D Printing in Space Brings the Experience to Millions

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The uPrint SE Plus will join the traveling exhibition, which includes destinations to LA, Portland, Philadelphia, and Boston through spring 2018. Stratasys is pleased to partner with the Science Museum of Minnesota for its new exhibition, Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience.

3D Printed Bike Shifter

Nothing Labs

I''m doing my first big organized bike ride in a couple weeks - the STP (Seattle to Portland). I was thinking it might be fun to do a 3D printed part or two for my bike. I had originally considered a 3D printed belt-drive - but the more I looked at it - the less realistic it seemed. A more realistic idea was a shifter. Specifically - a friction shifter. The first version took an afternoon to design / print - and surprisingly worked pretty well.

How a 3D-printed titanium bike points the way to products custom-fit for you

3D Printing Review

But the Solid, designed by a Portland, Ore.-based Design firm Industry has developed a bike that demonstrates how the lines are blurring in design, engineering and manufacturing. This shift will ultimately allow companies to tailor products to individuals. The Solid bike has a clean look because gearshift and brake cables are routed inside the frame.

Don’t Miss the SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever 2017

The Solidworks Blog

Portland, OR. Last year Todd Blacksher proposed something unusual for the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network: The SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever, or SLUGME. The idea was to bring together hundreds of SOLIDWORKS User Group members to live, local meetings around the world, and at a pre-designated time, each group will tune in to a broadcasted technical presentation. The event was a big hit for the 33 SOLIDWORKS User Groups that participated, and SLUGME is now an annual event.

Palatov Motorsports Revs Up High-Performance Auto Design with SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

The Portland, OR-based manufacturer has built a business around not only designing cars but also designing and supplying components, such as suspension parts, for custom car applications, ranging from individual builds to low- and medium-volume specialty vehicles. Palatov Motorports is a specialty car manufacturer that designs and produces high-performance cars that are primarily used on recreational tracks across the country.

6 Times 3D Printing Made It to the Silver Screen


Portland-based LAIKA studio used 3D printing in its first feature film using stop motion – a technique that traditionally uses puppet or clay figurines, photographing them one frame at a time as they are slowly moved into position to show tiny movements. With the hype around the Golden Globes earlier this month and the excitement in the air around today’s Oscar nomination announcement, we thought we would take a look back to see when 3D printing was used in some of our favorite films.

3D Printing and the Tiny House Movement in the US


Urban cities like: San Francisco , Portland and Seattle have all been featured for their tiny houses. The Tiny House Movement has been gaining steam in the U.S. & & parts of Europe for the past couple years. And you may not know that it shares a lot of the same principals of the 3D printing movement. If you are not familiar with the Tiny House Movement it is gaining popularity in the US, specifically on the Pacific coast.

Build Your Own 3D Printer with The Inventor’s Positioning Axis


The folks behind the project, Michele and Jim Gray of Portland, explain the reasons behind the project: When we were building our CeramiCast 3D printer, we were disappointed in our options to purchase a pre-made linear axis. Many of our readers enjoy building their own 3D printers. Now there’s a key component with significant benefits. It’s the “Inventor’s Positioning Axis”, a precision linear rail guided positioning axis.

Portland student develops his own 3D printed prosthetic hand, hopes to help amputees around the world


The revolutionary potential of 3D printing is again emphasized by Jordan Nickerson, a computer science student at Portland Community College, Oregon. Nickerson himself was born without a left hand, but has spent most of his life without using a prosthetic, This article Portland student develops his own 3D printed prosthetic hand, hopes to help amputees around the world is first published at 3ders.org.

Repurposing Portland Stone Waste with the Novi 3D Printer


In an effort to sustainably deal with this high amount of valuable limestone waste, Jack Biltcliffe, in collaboration with ASTUDIO and the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust, developed Novi, a 3D printing mechanism that has been designed from the ground up to work with the extrusion of limestone slurry. Dealing with the waste in this world is now, more than ever, of crucial importance.

Building A Hardware Startup Outside of a Major Tech Hub

3D Innovations

If you are in the middle of a tech hub you may not realize that people in, say, Tampa or Portland aren’t as tech-savvy as your neighbors. We are going to start off with the good news, building a hardware startup outside of a major hub (i.e. Silicon Valley, Boston, L.A.) is possible. In fact, in today’s connected world, these major tech hubs are becoming less and less appealing for entrepreneurs just setting out with their startup.

Tampa 52

Designer Spotlight: David Ambrose

Shapeways Blog

I started my little company while living in Portland, Oregon, but am currently living in Orange County, California. I also developed a deep love for Beer while living in Portland and started brewing my own. For this weeks designer spotlight, we are featuring David Ambrose, designer behind Studio Darose.

David 61

CoVent-19 Challenge Attracts More Than 200 Ventilator Design Submissions as 7 Teams Build Working Prototypes in Finalist Round

Additive Manufacturing

Baxter Ventilator , submitted by a team of educators, students, and alumni from Baxter Academy for Technology and Science (Portland, Maine). Stratasys providing pro bono 3D printing services for global, open-innovation initiative led by Boston anesthesiology resident physicians. EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. &

Project Runway designer Seth Aaron to debut 3D printed shoe collection at Portland fashion week


3D printed shoes are set to take Portland’s fashion week by storm this fall, as local designer Seth Aaron is pairing his runway fashion looks with footwear 3D printed in collaboration with Feetz, a San Diego startup that specializes in custom 3D printed shoes.

Designer Spotlight: Chip Van Gilder

Shapeways Blog

Chip is also participating in the National Model Railroad Association Convention this week in Portland, OR until August 30–stop by and say hello if you’re in the area. This week we are highlighting Chip Van Gilder , a model railroader who went from 3D drafting to 3D modeling; his love of technology brought him to 3D printing! Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located? I’m located in Tacoma, WA.

3D Printing & Aerospace: check out our staff picks!


The Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University designed the perfect cup for this situation: the Zero-G espresso cups. Aerospace and 3D Printing are made for each other and NASA and European Space Agencies are demonstrating this almost every week. At Sculpteo we are proud to 3D-print for prestigious project like the Philae mission and produce some satellite parts for CNES. But there is also a lot of lovers of the stars among the Sculpteo folks.

Portland firm points the way for customized products with 3D printed titanium bicycle the Solid


This article Portland firm points the way for customized products with 3D printed titanium bicycle 'the Solid' is first published at 3ders.org. Although it appears that we’ve come a long way with additive manufacturing in the past few years, there is still a long ways to go before the technology can reliably be used to create products that most people today use in their daily lives.