SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a new rendering tool for SOLIDWORKS 2016

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SOLIDWORKS® Visualize (formerly known as Bunkspeed) is a new product for SOLIDWORKS 2016 which provides a suite of standalone software tools that combine industry-leading rendering capabilities with design-oriented features and workflows that enable easy and fast creation of visual content for designers, engineers, marketing, and other content creators. High-resolution images ready for print and the web.

3D Systems Partnering with Luxion to Include KeyShot Rendering Solution with Geomagic Software

3D Printing 3d rendering software 3d systems 3ds luxion Design is all about using the mind to create a concept, and then using your hands and the correct tools to express it and bring the idea to fruition. These days, once you have the... View the entire article via our website.

Antialiased openscad rendering

Talpadk's Blog

OpenSCAD rendering. 512×512 OpenSCAD rendering. Recent versions of OpenSCAD is capable of rendering objects/assemblies to images. If you update your project renderings using a makefile/script I don’t consider it much of a hassle considering the improvement in image quality. Also at least on my laptop with the currently relativity simple scad file rendering is still fast. 2048×2048 OpenSCAD render downscaled to 512×512.

Renderings & Details Unveiled for Extraordinary 3D Printed Home in New York

3D Design 3D Printing 3d print week ny 3d printed buildings 3d printed concrete 3d printed construction 3d printed estate 3d printed home 3d printed house 3d printing a house 3d printing rebar adam kushner d-shape dshape enrico dini inside 3d printing conference james wolff meckler media mecklermedia winsun

New Collaborative Features, Real-Time Rendering and More Introduced with Vectary 2.0

3D Printing 3D Software 3d design software design software Vectary Vectary 2.0In 2016, a new 3D modeling tool called Vectary launched, intended to make 3D modeling easier for quicker for both new and experienced designers. Now, Vectary has announced the release of Vectary 2.0, View the entire article via our website.

Made In Space Releases Video Renderings of Archinaut 3D Printer; CEO Andrew Rush Tells Us More About the Project

3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing Exclusive Interviews Robotics 3d printing in space 3d printing interviews 3d printing robot A Few Questions For Andrew Rush Archinaut made in space nasaLast year, NASA began the Archinaut project, or, as it’s formally titled, Versatile In-Space Robotic Precision Manufacturing and Assembly System. To describe the project, undertaken in. View the entire article via our website.

Brett Turnage’s Latest 3D-Printed RC Car: The Delorean Time Machine

3D Printing 3D cad models 3d printed back to the future 3d printed car models 3d printed rc car 3d printing project back to the future Brett Turnage car models delorean instructables rc car rendering“Roads?

Wondering What Apple’s 3D Printer Might Look Like? Check Out Martin Hajek’s iPrinter Concept

While some wonder skeptically why Apple would want to make an entry into the 3D printing market and how they would pull it off full-force, we’ve just been waiting patiently, assuming they have. 3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D printed rendering 3D printer Apple rendering apple apple 3d printer apple 3d printing iPrinter Martin Hajek

Duke Researchers Use Metamaterials to 3D Print Acoustic Holograms

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D acoustic holograms 3D imaging 3D printed fields of sound 3D printed modular acoustic cells Acoustic Holographic rendering Duke UniversityTechnology futurists have been talking about holography for decades now and while we would have thought it would be front and center for image display by now, that hasn’t exactly been the case. We’ve. View the entire article via our website.

Formlabs Technology Used to Make 3D Printed Anatomic Models of Young Patient’s Palate and Nasal Cavity

3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d print mouth 3d printed anatomical models 3d printed medical model 3d printed surgical guides 3d printed surgical models 3D printing in healthcare 3D rendering automated 3D printing Form Cell formlabs northwell patient-specific printing tumorLast summer, Formlabs introduced the Form Cell, an automated production solution that leverages its Form 2 3D printer.

NYC Designer Presents Wearables and Fashion Collection that Features 3D Printed Faces

The fashion industry has been a big proponent of using 3D printing technology to design and manufacture clothing for several years now, as it allows for the use of new and complex design paths that. View the entire article via our website.

Startup Uses GPS Data to 3D Print Colorful Models of Running and Cycling Routes

3D Design 3D Printing 3D maps 3D printed cycling accessories 3d printed maps 3d printed model 3d printing startup bikes biodegradable cycling fitness garmin GPS tracking device maps pla 3d printing PrintMyRoute rendering startup StravaI learned in college that I was not a runner when my then-boyfriend, now husband, invited me to join him once (and once only) on his typical route. Wanting only to spend time together, I agreed to a.

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3D Printing News Briefs: August 15, 2017

For today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, we’re putting our best fashion foot forward as we bring you stories of 3D printed wearables, clothing, and insoles, then move into some software and. View the entire article via our website.

Physicist Sees Laser Beamlet 3D Metal Printer Transforming Speed & Affordability

With the issue of speed being so prevalent a topic in 3D printing, you can put your money on that being something that changes — and soon. 3D Printing 3d metal printers 3d metal printing 3d printing manufacturing cnc manufacturing laser beamlet Mark Wendman rendering As the honeymoon stage fades with 3D... View the entire article via our website.

Metal 87

French Artist César Vonc Designs a 3D Printed Sex Robot: Meet the Soubrobotte

Those familiar with 3D printing are well aware that we pretty much live in the future, where this technology can create almost anything we can imagine. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed sex toys art César Vonc CGSociety cinema 4d france Octane Render sex robot Soubrobotte Sometimes, admittedly, the human imagination doesn’t, well, leave... View the entire article via our website.

2015 Siggraph: Workshop, ‘Freezing Time,’ to Turn Animation into 3D Printed Sculptures

While the intent behind many 3D printing endeavors is... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 2015 Siggraph 3d modeling software 3d printed sculpture 3d printing workshop autodesk imaginary institute Real Time Rendering T2ZWhat’s the biggest reason today we are all so bent, across the globe, on putting nearly everything we can into 3D form? Because we can!

Fraunhofer IGD Develops Real-Time Autonomous 3D Scanning System

3D Printing 3D Scanning Science & Technology 3d scanner 3d scanning autonomous autonomous 3D scanner Fraunhofer IGD Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research Hannover Messe 2018 Real Time Rendering robotic armVintage cars are cool, but they can also be troublesome, particularly when one of their parts breaks. When a car is no longer being manufactured, that means its parts are no longer being. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys Teams Up with Dassault Systèmes and Innodesign for Design 2020, to Prepare Korean Design Students for Future Careers

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software Education 3D printing exhibition 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 3DExperience platform CAD rendering CATIA dassault Dassault Systèmes Design 2020 Innodesign Korea post processing south korea stratasys stratasys 3D printing Stratasys J750 3D printer

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Software lets you do more with your CAD files!

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If a picture says a thousand words, what does a photo-realistic rendering say? With this powerful tool, designers and non-SOLIDWORKS users alike can import CAD data and produce high quality renderings within minutes. With simple single click exporting directly into the new tool, users can easily work directly from their CAD data to ensure their 3D print turns out perfectly. Today is a big day!

ShapeJS 2.0 Real Time Development Just Got Easier

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The combination enables control of 3D printed objects down to printer resolution levels and makes it easy to create web deployable creators. and can be rendered in real time. The new renderer is server-based to protect the author’s content from being borrowed and reduce the client side requirements. Image-based rendering. These cover the major capabilities of ShapeJS and provide some ready to print examples to get you inspired. Shapeways releases version 2.0

3D Printing With SketchUp: An Easy Introduction


SketchUp also has useful 2D capabilities, such as creating blueprints from multiple angles and creating photo-realistic preview renders of your designs. Houses made by Sergey Vasenkov on Google Sketchup, printed in multicolor by i.materialise. The print comes out in full color, it is not hand-painted. 2D logo design or 3D printed logos.). Rendering (via add-ons) and creating designs that render well. Populate your 3D printed house with matching furniture!

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Peter Hildebrandt

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On my search for a software that is easy to use, shows results immediately and produces photographic renders, I found Bunkspeed in 2011, and used several Bunkspeed products. I don´t create models in CAD, however, I do use Visualize for creating photorealistic renderings for advertising use. Examples are for print, web and even exhibitions. I used to have to manually photograph products in photo studios, but now they are easily rendered in Visualize, saving loads of time.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Matt Russel

The Solidworks Blog

Our products are featured on television, websites, magazines, flyers, brochures, and various other print materials. A: I would recommend Visualize to others based on the simplicity of the software and the quality of render it produces. Anyone can pick up a 3D render engine and learn it, but Visualize allows you to have a final product render the same day you install the software. And last but not least, I use the pivot tool in all most every render.

How Pixel Density works in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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Visualize allows you to Photo-realistically render your SOLIDWORKS models in an intuitive and quick workflow, making the creation of stunning lifelike product images and animations faster and easier than ever before. DPI is how many dots live in a square inch of printed paper. If I am ready to render a Visualize project and I go to my Output Tools I will see a variation of the image below under the Resolution section. Change the Print Size.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard vs Professional

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Instantly boost productivity and performance with integrated Render QUEUE and render farms that easily scale to meet even the most demanding schedules. Accelerated Rendering. Hybrid Render Mode. PowerBoost Real-time Network Rendering. Integrated Render Queue. With the professional version you can create convincing, lifelike movies for product comparisons, print, web, design reviews, sales/marketing, or even interactive experiences.

Solving Problems and Squashing Stereotypes with 3D Printing


Charles is a metal designer and 3D printing enthusiast living in Las Vegas, NV. Although he is a SolidWorks wizard and has produced some amazing prints, he says, “I am honored to be known only as a friend helping Tom and Keith”, two YouTube personalities in the metalworking field. He stays so busy printing on his 3D printer (for both himself and others) that it is hard to find the time to connect.

How to Share And Embed Your 3D Design Using Sketchfab


Alban Denoyel , previously featured in Makezine , launched Sketchfab after noting that many of us share3D designs via grainyscreenshots, largerendered images, or by unsafely sending out our file. Sketchfab provides a neat alternative: it allows you to share an interactive, fast-loading rendered view of your 3D model— without allowing viewers to download or illegally distribute your file. Rendering Your 3D Model.


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Beyond CAD, SOLIDWORKS now offers products to help you with Electrical wiring and machinery (SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Routing), high-end renderings and imagery (SOLIDWORKS Visualize), injection mold design and flow (SOLIDWORKS Plastics), data management (SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management), conceptual design (SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer), quality control (SOLIDWORKS Inspection), and paperless drawings (SOLIDWORKS MBD).

NXT Factory’s Intelligent SLS 3D Printing


A QLS 350 installation rendering [Image: NXT Factory]. SLS 3D printing is. Read the whole entry. » » tour

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Animations for Sales & Marketing

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Instantly boost productivity and performance with integrated Render QUEUE and render farms that easily scale to meet even the most demanding schedules. With the professional version you can create convincing, lifelike movies for product comparisons, print, web, design reviews, sales/marketing, or even interactive experiences. Deliver photo-quality imagery and content to marketing much earlier to help promote the newest products via web and print.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Review

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

If you subscribe to the print version of Develop3D Magazine, you may have already seen the review. Rendering SolidWorks SWW16 What's NewGreetings readers! After SolidWorks World 2016, I partnered with Develop3D to publish an in-depth review of SolidWorks Visualize, which launched that week. However, starting today, you can read my article (as well as dozens of other CAD and tech tidbits) on the Develop3D site: SolidWorks Visualize Review on Develop3D.

CATI Tech Notes: SolidWorks Task Scheduler - Part 4

CATI Tech Notes

In this blog article, we will cover the last four sections: Render and Animation, Convert Workgroup PDM Files, Print Workgroup PDM Files, and Export Workgroup PDM Files.   Render and Animation. Render and Animation manages rendering and animation tasks. In the SolidWorks Task Scheduler dialog box, if you click on Render and Animation , the Help topic pops up. Scheduling PhotoView Renderings. This is also found on Render Tools toolbar).

Continuous Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Gets Massive


A rendering of the CFAM Prime, CEAD’s first continuous fiber 3D printer. Image courtesy of CEADgroup.). Read the whole entry. » » printer

Bioprinter Preps for ISS to 3D Print Beating Heart Tissue


Rendering of Techshot and nScrypt BioFabrication Facility in an EXPRESS rack. Image courtesy of nScrypt.). Read the whole entry. » » usage

Gamifying + 3D Printing = Robodub

Studio Fathom

The team is often bound by strict confidentiality agreements to keep client projects under wraps, rendering … Read More. The post Gamifying + 3D Printing = Robodub appeared first on FATHOM // 3D Printer Sales, Advanced Prototype Fabrication, Bridge-To-Production Low Volume Manufacturing. blog 3d printing customer drones gamifyEvery day, FATHOM collaborates with extraordinarily creative customers to prototype and fabricate innovative new products.

3D Printed Cello, 2-String Violin & Single String Bass Guitar Stun Crowds at 3D Print Week NY

Back in March, broke a story on a 3D printed 2-string piezoelectric violin which MONAD Studio had announced they would be unveiling at MecklerMedia’s 3D Print Week NY event. The renderings of this... View the entire article via our website.

Digital Alloys: New Metal 3D Printing Tech Takes on the Rest


A rendering of the Digital Alloys metal 3D printer. Image courtesy of Digital Alloys.). Read the whole entry. » » printer

3D Printed Dream Home Coming to New York State

3D Printer

Dream 3D printed homes have already been built in China and one is currently under construction in the Netherlands. Now the New York State will soon have a 3D printed dream house too. “If we can build a simple pool house, I can print thousands of refugee housings. If I can build a pool, I can print underwater reefs to repair bridges, piers and infrastructures.” ” Photo Credit: Artist rendering of NY Dream House pool house.

Another Solid 3D Printing Model Repository: Hum3D


Not a picture, but a rendering of a highly detailed automobile 3D model by Hum3D [Source: Hum3D]. Read the whole entry. » » models

Bucktown Polymers Rolls Out 3D Printing Resins Which Cure with Light and Remain Water Soluble

As more and more jewelers and metal workers take up 3D printing, they discover that SLA machines are capable of rendering very high detail and that some resins on the market can be burnt... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 14K gold 3d printing 3d printing resins Bucktown Polymers Carl Wang lost-wax casting water soluble 3d printing resin

Scan-to-CAD-to-3D Print

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Many companies are developing relationships that ultimately streamline the 3D printing process for users. VXmodel features all the tools needed to prepare a scan-based STL file for 3D printing, such as mesh editing, alignment, geometrical entities and cross-sections and NURBS surfaces. SCAN 3D color acquisition and enables users to reapply the texture from a scan acquisition to the clean mesh for original quality rendering.

Design of the Week: 3D Printed Store


A rendering of the 3D printed interior of London's BottleTop shop. This week’s selection. Read the whole entry. » » design

UMBC Students 3D Scan Campus for Micro 3D Printed Map

3D Printer

Students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County have used an octocopter to 3D Scan the school’s campus which was then rendered a digital model by Potomac Photonics via 3D Printing. So The digital model of the map is just 1/4,000th of the size of the actual campus, pushing the limits of 3D Printing resolution! If you’ve ever sat in a plane and looked out your window, you’ll know how interesting it is to try to identify buildings from the air.