SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a new rendering tool for SOLIDWORKS 2016

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium 2016 bundles. Who can benefit from SOLIDWORKS Visualize? You can show your product in multiple visual configurations with different scenes, lighting, and artistic filters. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Packages.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Peter Hildebrandt

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The Visualize Featured User spotlight has now launched! Join us here for a Q&A highlighting how one of your peers uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize in their daily workflow. This month’s featured Visualize user is Peter Hildebrandt from Working Image , located in Germany.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Matt Russel

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The Visualize Featured User spotlight has now launched! Join us here for a Q&A highlighting how one of your peers uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize in their daily workflow. This month’s featured Visualize user is Matt Russel from BendPak ’s Marketing Team.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard vs Professional

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In a previous post we talked about SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard which is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium software with an active SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service. But what about SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional? SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

How Pixel Density works in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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By now you have probably heard of the brand new product from DS SOLIDWORKS called SOLIDWORKS Visualize. One thing I have noticed is the SOLIDWORKS Visualize pixel density settings do not perform the way you might expect. DPI is how many dots live in a square inch of printed paper.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Animations for Sales & Marketing

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. In a previous post we presented SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard which is included with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium bundles. But what about SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional?

Quickly and Easily Create Photo-quality Content with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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Are you tired of painstakingly creating renders that take forever to set up and even longer to render, producing results that are barely adequate? Enter SOLIDWORKS® Visualize. So why SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you ask? SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Software lets you do more with your CAD files!

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Staying current and having access to Javelin’s best in class tech support are valuable assets to any company, but let’s take a look at the additional SOLIDWORKS Subscription Software tools that are included with your subscription: SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard. If a picture says a thousand words, what does a photo-realistic rendering say? SOLIDWORKS Visualize Examples. Today is a big day!

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Tour an (Unbuilt) Dream Home: 3D Visualization in Architecture and Interior Design

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However, technology has dramatically changed customer expectations, and over the past two decades glossy, photorealistic renderings have supplanted drawings. The post Tour an (Unbuilt) Dream Home: 3D Visualization in Architecture and Interior Design appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.


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Thinking about the future of your design process with the new technologies available today, we have greatly enhanced our software since SOLIDWORKS 2014 to allow you to complete your entire ideation, product development, manufacturing and visualization workflow all in one integrated platform.

How Technology Continues to Revolutionise the Film Industry

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Long before screenings are booked and popcorn prepped, filmmakers are turning to another type of 3D to get their product made: 3D printing. Small wonder then that filmmakers are increasingly turning to 3D printing to carve out centrepieces for director’s visions.

The Top 10 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 [VIDEO]

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Renderings and Animations get a boost from Visualize. Dramatic improvement in rendering speed and improved workflow between modeling, rendering, and viewing. New “Visualize Boost”: Network rendering made simple for blazing fast render speeds.

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Calling all 3D Designers: Do You Have What it Takes to Join the i.materialise 3D Modeling Service?


This growing list is the largest offered by any 3D printing service, and allows clients to find and commission a 3D designer to make ideas into 3D-printed-reality! The real life 3D print of Katrien Herdewyn.’s Are you a talented designer, or know someone who is?

SOLIDWORKS Meets Star Wars

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Originally, I wanted to model the newer version of helmet but couldn’t find suitable prints. I finally chose to model the older version as good prints were available. Rendered in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, it’s sure to get you pumped for the big weekend!

How 3D Printing Is Making Better Movie Monsters

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But Luma Pictures, an animation studio responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster movie effects of the last decade, has come full circle and incorporated 3D printed analog modeling into its design process. Our render farm is all open source and is quite substantial.

How to create model for 3d printing from CT data with open source 3D Slicer

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It describes, step-by-step how to extract specific data form CT scan and convert them into format from which it can be 3d printed. v=MKLWzD0PiIc BTW: yes, you can 3d print your own skull if you have a CT scan of it.

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Folium: the 3D printed book that houses some of the history’s most famous artwork

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Folium is a profoundly impressive 3D printed project from the innovative artist Tom Burtonwood. It’s a twelve page book, entirely 3D printed, collecting nine of history’s most significant works of art. 3D Printing News

Great Software for 3D Printers

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But the real power of Inkscape as a 3D drawing tool comes when you install the support plug-in for 3D extrusion to an OpenSCAD file (described later) that can be rendered and exported as an STL file for the printer to use. The STL (Stereolithography) files are the format your printer expects to see when it starts the process of getting your model ready to print. You may be wondering why I would mention a (primarily) two-dimensional drawing tool in the context of 3D printing. The

How to Get Started with 3D Printing on Modo


Modo is a 3D modeling , animation and rendering program which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computer systems. This software by Foundry is a 3D printing design tool suitable for every field: games design, arts or science, but it is designed for 3D artists in particular. Visualization.

The 3D Print Dossier & FinalProof


This past CES we released one of our most innovative tools to date – 3D Print Dossier & FinalProof. Well to name a few – hollowing, thickening, cutaway view, batch control, scaling, high definition rendering, wireframe view (I could go on), but for now we’re focused on FinalProof. FinalProof is a high definition rendering of your 3D object. That render provides a lot of key information when it comes to the final version of your object.

Mecuris Improves Orthopedic Care with SOLIDWORKS and Additive Manufacturing

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No one has seen the advantages of this growing industry more clearly than Mecuris, which strives every day to break the paradigm of expensive orthopedic prosthetics or orthotics by utilizing 3D printing and SOLIDWORKS.

Generative 3d modeling for 3d printing workshop by parametric | art at Budapest 3D Printing Days

Algorithmic Art

If you are interested in generative geometries and digital fabrication methods, come and join us from June 5-7 at the Budapest 3D Printing Days organized by Design Terminal in Budapest. Slic3r is the tool you need to convert a digital 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer.

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Jorge Rojas’ New Jewelry Collection is Meant To Be Gifted

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Now, with 4 years of 3D design experience under his belt, Rojas is utilizing the state-of-the-art 3D printing services offered by Shapeways to create a new, ultramodern collection which marries organic forms, shapes and elements with cutting-edge technologies to create unique, evocative pieces of wearable art. According to Rojas, when a jewel is gifted, it then takes on an emotion, which becomes a memory, and is rendered an intrinsic part of the jewel. Why Rojas Uses 3D Printing.

3D Printing Digital Data with ‘MeliesArt’


Can you tell us about where you developed the idea for ‘MeliesArt’ and a little about your journey into 3D modeling/ 3D printing? Presentations, visualizations and consultations I’ve done them all, but in my time doing that I realized how low the retention rate is.

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Danny van Ryswyk’s Dark Wonderland: Master Artist Shares How He Hand-Paints Polyamide 3D Prints


His sculptures and two-dimensional render-based paintings join childlike fantasy with the macabre and fantastical world of nightmares. “The Untitled Figure” is a polyamide print hand-painted with acrylic paints by Danny Van Ryswyk.

How to Make Money with 3D Printing: 5 Easy Tips That Will Boost Your Sales and Won’t Cost a Dime!


Got a great 3D printed product? Then why not start selling it and making money from 3D printing? In this tutorial, we aim to help designers, makers, and entrepreneurs get their products online, learn how to present their prints properly, and build their own brand.

Product Photography that Pops!

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Without question, these platforms do one thing best: they enable people to share lots and lots of beautiful visuals quickly and easily. Photographing your 3D print is to breath life into your idea once again; and to give your design an opportunity to flourish on the internet.

3D Printing for Out of This World Designs, and Daily Fixes


Stuart Ferguson is the Head of Technology at The Foundry, a global developer of software for use in the design, visualization, and entertainment industries. Ferguson has been creating 3D graphics for 30 years, and recently began 3D printing with the Afinia H479 3D Printer.

Prototype your next board game with 3D printing


Mirror Box Games decided that 3D printing was the best means to prototype those miniatures. Many other 3D printing services rejected Chaosmos’ files as a result, but fortunately they found Sculpteo. Those types of simple details can have an effect on the final print of the object.

What’s New In 3D Printing at SOLIDWORKS World 2018

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The F123 Series of 3D printers features a simple and fast workflow, as well as the ability to print 3D models directly from SOLIDWORKS without the need for file conversion. Explore the convenience of office-friendly F123 Series printers, as well as how GrabCAD Print and SOLIDWORKS work better together for rapid prototyping. . On the show floor, you can view cutting edge solutions in rapid prototyping and design with GrabCAD Voxel Print.

3D printed UFO found by Sculpteo’s office


“But despite bearing a strong resemblance to plastic, it is impossible that the saucer was printed from this material. All of its intricacies have been printed at a resolution of 1 micron. It’s just not possible with our current technology to print an object so complex.

3D Printing With Meshmixer: A Beginner-friendly Introduction to 3D Sculpting and Combining Meshes


It also covers how to prepare your design for 3D printing. Preparing designs for 3D printing (tools to slice, generate supports, and analyze fragility/ability to balance included.). “Shaders” are a rendering option that changes how your model looks as you sculpt it.

These 3D Printed Lamps Will Make You Fall in Love with 3D Printing


3D printed in Transparent resin by i.materialise, the complete designs were printed in one piece, locking the two lamps together in an embrace from the moment of their creation. I chose i.materialise’s Transparent resin because it gave visual lightness to the lamps.

10 Best Multicolor 3D Prints from Our Community


More and more designers are embracing the possibilities that come with 3D printing. One of the most exciting ways to create new 3D prints is by using our multicolor material – the only material that can print several colors at the same time.

10 Best Multicolor 3D Prints from Our Community


More and more designers are embracing the possibilities that come with 3D printing. One of the most exciting ways to create new 3D prints is by using our multicolor material – the only material that can print several colors at the same time.

CES2015 Recap – FinalProof and 3DP Candy!


The innovative tool allows users to graphically simulate a 3D print for free online. FinalProof solves a huge issue during a 3D print – what the print is going to look like. Voxel8 is a 3D printing company that is incorporating electronics into their prints.

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 is a Wrap!

Axis CAD Solutions

SOLIDWORKS Apps For Kids is basically a suite of apps that allows kids to capture data (pictures, sketches, video, etc), use that data to design something in 3D, create a presentation to show their design to others and 3D print their design so they have a real life model.

SOLIDWORKS Packages Comparison

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3D Solid Modeling : Accelerate your design, increase productivity, and reduce cost with 3D solid modeling with lifelike visualization and virtual testing before manufacturing. Large Assembly Design : Simplify design of large assemblies with easy-to-use tools to create, manage, and visualize large and complex designs that can contain more than 100,000 parts. Visualize your product moving as it would in the real world and measure the forces and loads on your design.

Landscape Forms Improves Productivity by Designing Outdoor Products with SOLIDWORKS

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Landscape Forms believes the goal of outdoor lighting is not just to turn night into day but to provide effective, appropriate and beautiful lighting that delivers a great visual experience.

5 Awesome Beginner’s 3D Design Programs

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3D printing your creations with Shapeways is easy, but designing your 3D models can get a little bit tricky. We’ve compiled a list five design software that are used extensively in the 3D printing world which you can start using today, regardless of your skill or budget.

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Holiday Planning Tips: #2 Review and Refresh Your Products This Season

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Have you tried printing your products in all materials offered? It’s good practice to test the printed quality to make sure the product prints as expected. Some customers may not be very familiar with 3D printing, so it’s vital that you communicate the difference in materials and finishes you offer to them. It’s best to use photos of printed products instead of 3D renderings. This will help your customer visualize the product much easier.

3D Printing Meets Japanese Samurai Culture: Developing the Concept of Raijin and Fujin Kabuto


What happens when 3D printing and Japanese samurai culture collide? The “Kabuto Design Challenge” has just been launched by the i.materialise Japan team to rediscover kabuto , traditional Japanese samurai helmets, using 3D Printing technology. Of course, we’re 3D Printing them!

Designed with Designers in Mind – The Power of the New J850 3D Printer

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Designers additionally must navigate design intent across two very different mediums – evaluating geometric shapes with a physical single-color model, and considering color and texture on the screen using rendering software.