3D Printing in Dangerous Places: Would You Go?


A 3D print related conference in Venezuela. We received a note from a company promoting a. Read the whole entry. » » event

Materialise Around the World: Materialise Colombia


The Colombian office has a passion for medical visualization software and 3D printing applications. Prior to this, the office was based in Venezuela, one of Colombia’s neighboring countries. 3D Printing Materialise Around the World Medical

Using PET 3D Printer Filament - Cheaply


In recent years it’s been repurposed for personal 3D printing by providing the plastic in filament form. The results are quite striking, if you’ve ever seen or held a PET print in your hands. In the other hand the cost of electricity here in Venezuela is the lowest in the continent.

The Week in 3D Printing: Printing Disaster Relief, Giving Sight to Blind Parents, Growing New Bones, and Beautiful, Edible Geometry

Shapeways Blog

We were blown away by some disaster-relief ingenuity, melted at the sight of blind parents “seeing” their unborn child, were awed by a man’s tibia replacement, and craved, once again, the luscious cakes of Dinaro Kasko, all this week in 3D printing. To wit: physicians in Gaza have recently banded together to manufacture low-cost stethoscopes using 3D printing. Parametric design is at the root of a lot of our favorite 3D printed things.